Traveling FAQS

When a person travels to another country, all kinds in interesting situations present themselves.


I've missed you bunches.

Tap this on? I'm back to file a few reports of the travels of the Plastic Family.

By the way, Mr. Wonderful has been Mr. Wonderful from the start.

His business name is Mr. Plastic, and therefore, many people think his last name is...Plastic. We get Christmas cards and other objects in the mail addressed to Mr. and Mrs. Plastic. I think it is cute.

So, from now going forward I will refer to Mr. Wonderful as Mr. Plastic and we will be known as the Plastic Family.

Makes perfect sense to me!!!

Plus it is easier to type.

And, he is no less wonderful than before.

Tomorrow we will begin showing some shots of the travels since January. I hope there are a few of you around to read.

Love ya, Peeps. Don't float away.