Sometimes Beachy Mimi is a fashion disaster...but I did NOT have on a skirt with those socks and boots. The Queen B's portrayal of my foot is deceiving. I had on long pants.

Thank you very much.

Updates On Important Things

I'm been having such a good time as the wife of Mr. Wonderful I haven't been posting as I should.

However, I'm going to be more faithful from now on.

First, Mr. Gary PeepOne is still seriously ill. He has been flat of his back for four weeks now. There has been improvement--miracles actually, that have occurred to aid his recovery and we are so thankful for those. Pancreatitis is just a serious illness and it is going to take him a long time to recover.

The PeepOne's still need your prayers. Mrs. PeepOne is now ill herself and is recovering in a hotel room. She hasn't been able to see Mr. Gary PeepOne for a couple of days and I know that is killing her.

This weekend we are having a Wedding Reception!! Yay!! PeepTwo will take pictures, so maybe I'll finally have some to share with you!

Married life is wonderful. Did I mention that Mr. Wonderful cooks? I thought I might have. I'm pretending total ignorance in the kitchen and I will milk that as long as I can. heh heh

Last week, Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a cruise over the Thanksgiving holidays for our delayed honeymoon. Isn't that sweet!! He has never cruised, ahem, so I had to...rearrange some of the accomodations ( like, I NEED A WINDOW). He is so precious to do that. That's one of the reasons he is Mr. Wonderful.

Have a great day, Peeps!!

Update on Mr. Gary PeepOne

Mr. Gary PeepOne's condition has responded to your prayers and he is a bit better.

Well enough, now, they are going to air-evac him to the OKC hospital today at noon.

That is, if they can get it done between major weather events in Chaos, Nowhere, USA, which has the craziest weather. Ever.

Please continue to pray for his health, PeepOne's stamina, their travel to OKC, and the team that will care for them.

Ya'll are the best.

Today is the 12th birthday of MY PRINCESS. Wow.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Pictures have arrived from the wedding. They are being viewed, scanned, turned to see if they look better upside down (you know you've done it), and generally pondered upon to see if they are showable to the Peeps.

It is iffy right now.

Maybe tomorrow!!

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!

Beachy Mimi is not normally shy about spilling her guts about almost anything to all the Peeps.

However, I like to think I protect my loved ones a little bit (just a little) when telling all about THEIR lives (except The Palace--they are fair game)

As I mentioned the other day, PeepOne's husband, Mr. PeepOne, is seriously ill in the hospital. He has been in ICU for two weeks.

They are now considering flying him to Oklahoma City to a hospital that specializes in Pancreatitis (is that the correct spelling?). He is very ill.

I'm asking all the Peeps to pray for Mr. and Mrs. PeepOne. She is exhaused as you might imagine, he is just very ill.

PeepTwo and I can't go with her right now (4-5) hours away from Chaos, Nowhere, USA.

Her son is with her and we will go later.

The MOST important thing we CAN do is pray for them. Please put him on your prayer lists at your church or Bible Study. We'll just call him "Gary", because that is his name!

Thank you, Peeps! We all have to help each other. Please leave a brief note if you are praying.


Mrs. Beachy Mimi-Wonderful

Nothing Much

I had thoughts of giving Mr. Wonderful away, but he cooks so I'll keep him.

Oh the fun of getting even.

We have no pictures yet, at least, ones that are okay to show you. The camera does NOT like me.

This has been a whirlwind week of moving him in and making room for his stuff.

We hope to take a small trip in November but it is okay if we don't.

Queen B is moved in her house and it is precious!! I'm sure she will have pictures soon. Today is The King's BD, plus moving, plus packing, plus cleaning, plus three new kittens...they are busy!!!

Please say a prayer for PeepOne's husband. He is very ill in the hospital with pancreatitis.

Have a good evening, Peeps. Talk to you soon.