BM's Heart Is Overflowing

If you have not seen the picture of The King and La Princesa, go. GO NOW. Check out the delight on their faces at seeing each other. I can hardly wait to get my hands on La Princesa.

I made an appointment to start getting my shots with the idea of treking to Guatemala sometime this summer. Oh my.

Thank you for all your shoe suggestions. Zappos should have most of you on retainer because they profited from your advice.

I'm on a leopard sandel kick and I found lots to choose from.

In my SIZE!!! Happy Dance inserted here.

I have talked to J. on the phone EVERYDAY and sometimes twice.

That's like...almost normal.

We have another date scheduled for the weekend and I am beside myself trying to decide what to wear. I know it doesn't really matter, because he just looks me in the eye and smiles. However, being a female, it matters to ME.

I've done my nails, tanned, got my hair colored, plucked and practiced with some new makeup. Is that pitiful or what!!

I admit it. I'm excited.

I've already proved to him I'm a dork and he didn't run away.

We were having one of our crazy conversations, and I said, "J. You are the Smack-Daddy."

Silence on the other end of the phone. A cough. A chuckle. And we hung up for the night.

I'm talking to B a little later and I told her what I'd said to J.


So much for trying to be cool.

I had to call him back and laugh at myself for calling him SMACK-DADDY.

He was very sweet and thought it was cute. Bless him.

Now and forever his name will be SMACK-DADDY. Did I tell you he has a great sense of humor?

The Skunk, Cont.

I guess if you read Queen B's post, you know more than you ever wanted about the skunk.

I am more acquainted with it than I ever wanted to be.

The nasty barn has stirred up skunks, dust, barn droppings, random get the idea.

I really think I scored some Mom points because I hung in there and finished the task.

Nausea doesn't even begin to cover the discomfort.

However, the stove rocks. The King is unaware, but Queen B had me go by Jimmy Joe's Restaurant Supply and preview the stove before the purchase was completed. It had bright blue knobs. Bright. Blue. As in matches or blends with NOTHING, not even another blue. Bad Choice.

Red knobs were an option that could not be ignored. They look great.

Queen B is stressing a bit over the appliance choices. I actually made them for her on Saturday but she doesn't trust me. Imagine that. Not listening to your MOTHER.

So, tell her Kitchenaid is great and she can't go wrong. Bosch dishwashers are great, but out of the budget.

Sub-Zero rules the kitchen, but was 17 gazillion dollars.

The Princess wants shaved ice. Bad. This must be genetic, because Queen B always wanted a Snoopy Snow Cone machine (with shaved ice).

I got her one for Christmas last year.

A 35 year wish finaly came true.

It doesn't work. Imagine that.

Shoe Shopping

It is a well documented fact that Beachy Mimi used to love to shop for shoes. If I found a comfortable pair, I might or might not attempt to acquire them in every color.

I have to confess that I even bought a style once that I adored in seven colors. One color was even faded on the left shoe from sitting in the window. I got it anyway, thinking if I just kept walking no one would notice the shoes were not exactly the same shade.

No one did.

I have matured since then.

A little.

Now, I mostly wear flip-flops. ALL THE TIME. WITH EVERYTHING. It's all about the comfort of my size 5 feet.

No more colored shoes, except for an animal print or something. It's just too much trouble.

If it is too cold for the flip-flops, I usually go with some Sketchers or something similar.

It is very difficult to find size 5 shoes.

Now that I am tentatively dating J (I guess one date really doesn't make a relationship) I must improve my wardrobe and shoe selection.

Last night I wore these really cute black open toed shoes with a three inch heel.
TORTURE!! But, I did look taller, which was the objective.

I couldn't walk in them, I had to shuffle.

Not the best impression to make on a first date.

I think I pulled it off because he didn't seem to notice my shoes.

I just know I can't get away with that twice without a major shoe malfunction which might or might not end up with me flat on my face or in a heap at his feet.

I really am not into the gladiator look that is popular right now. That style makes my feet look...fat.

So, Peeps, what are you wearing on your feet these days when you aren't bumming around in yoga pants? Any suggestions?

I just can't do the three inch heel strappy sandal because it forces me on my tippy-toes which is not a good look for me.

Help!!! I think my dating future depends on it.

The Date Is Over

And all is well. J was a very charming companion with a headful of black hair. I think he might color it.

I laughed all through dinner and didn't snort once! Didn't spit on him either.

Yep, he is younger. Looks younger, too.

Very well groomed which is a biggie with me.

Very smart guy. I don't think he likes the beach, though. He likes the lake. And sleeping under the stars. In a tent. Hmmmm.

I think he might be alot of fun, but I may never hear from him again either.

Although he has e-mailed me twice since I got home.

Whew, I'm a wreck. Too much work.

Another Date!! "sigh"

Peeps, I know this is getting old for you.

It's just that I can't help sharing.

This one is a year younger than me, so that makes me....A COUGAR! Heh Heh


This guy is J. J has one of the funniest personalities I have met in a long time.
Not funny weird, funny as in "ha ha".

He is also not bald, but he does have some facial hair so that might be a plus.
Of course, I do too, but I'll take care of that before tonight!!

He has a degree in Criminal Justice (Beachy Mimi biting knuckles). I'll have to remember not to twitch because he probably grills people and watches for clues in their body language.

There are just so many ways I could mess this up.

He makes me laugh so hard I'm afraid I will snort. Loudly. Did I mention we are eating Mexican? I'll probably be the first woman to ever snort rice out the nose while laughing.

Now THAT'S an attractive picture.

Or, I could spit. As in laugh so hard I spit my Coke in his face. Ugh.

J is what people call "a good old boy". I am finding that Very Attractive.

I love to laugh so we'll see.... I'll report tomorrow.

Summer Trip 2009

I guess you know by now that Beachy Mimi loves to travel.

By travel, I mean even short little weekend pops as well as week-long trips.

Now that PU has the Love Shack, most of my traveling has been to Florida and has been wonderful.

But, Beachy Mimi and PeepOne and PeepTwo are headed to the islands!! This is sort of a last minute trip...even though it won't happen for about six more weeks. We are having a ball planning our excursions.

We are going somewhere in the Carib. with only a carry-on bag for eleven days.

Can you say...BATHING SUIT!!!

They have been before, but this will be my first time. Everything is ON SALE right now, so that is our haste to make reservations for this summer.

Insert Happy Dance here.

I am so fortunate to not only have a mom that loves to travel, but travel buddy friends, too.

Now, if I can find a single, traveling bald man....

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

That seems to be my mindset lately.

I need to set the pot on the stove and get cooking, or put it up in the cabinet.

I'll probably cook.

Just because I love my Peeps.

Old G. called me yesterday ( I wouldn't have answered his call, but I had taken him off my call list WEEKS ago and didn't recognize the number)


BM: Hello?

G: Hey, this is G.

BM: G?

G: Yeah. Hey, have you been calling one of my old girlfriends and messing with her?

BM: WHAT? I don't even know your ex-girlfriends

BM: Goodbye

G: Talk to you later. (BM: don't hold your breath, G.)

Okay...are we in Junior High again? G. is old news. Very old. I've had three dates since G.

Enough of that.

If you have been following The Palace, you also know we are going to be blessed with another La Princesa. One Princess was such a gift, two will just bless my socks off!

Speaking of The Princess...I visited the building site of the new Palace, and The Princess casually asked, "Beachy Mimi, have you ever been on a 4 wheeler?"

I've seen that evil look in Queen B's eyes many times through the years.

"Why no, Princess, I've never been on a 4 wheeler."


A bucking bronco would have been an easier ride. Up. Down. Fast. Left. Right.

A loud cackling sound could be heard through the trees and we were ducking limbs, cow patties, and other things I won't even mention (like big, gaping holes in the ground).

I never thought The Princess would abuse her Mimi in such a way...with such enjoyment, too.

I finally told her, "If I go off this thing Sister, YOU will be going with me to cushion my fall."

Of course I would NEVER do that...maybe (insert cackling, evil laugh here)

In Memory...

...of my computer, which is now officially broken and dead.

...of my bottom lip, which is burned beyond recognition and is swollen 3 times the normal size. Think Octo-Mom. Just on the bottom lip.

...of two crowns which occupied my mouth just a few hours ago. Did I mention I have to have a root canal?

...of my camera--which I put up when I was doing crazy Spring cleaning and forgot where I put it

...of the beachy beach, which I left in sunny Florida

...of my sanity, which may or may not have been there at all.

Love ya Peeps!