A Fun Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend, Peeps!

Saturday, Mr. Wonderful cooked a couple pots of soup and Beachy Mimi made a chocolate gooey cake.


All our children Peeps and my grandchild Peep came over to eat and play games.

We all squished around the table and got to know each other a little better.

Queen B brought some FABULOUS cupcakes from Bliss Cupcake Cafe blisscupcakecafe.com, on Center Street in Fayetteville. If you are in the area.


We played

Battle of the Sexes and of course the females won.

Question? Who knew a 2x4 was not really that size? Sounds like a male thing.

Also, the pitchers mound is 60'6" from Home Plate? Why now 60' or 61'? Only a guy would make things so difficult.

The men got questions like, "where do you wear a barrette?" duh...

We still beat them. Not that I'm gloating or anything...heh heh

Update on packing**** I know that no one cares, but the packing is comsuming what few brain cells I have left after getting my daily Olympic Fix.

Mr. Wonderful has decided that I should take the medium suitcase and he the large one so I will not overpack and we will have room to bring home loot.

When he suggested this option, I got dizzy and may or may not have fallen in a heap in the floor.

In my quest to take as little as possible, I gathered up all my pj's that were mostly black (for washing purposes) and put them aside to stick in (his) the suitcase. Now I can't find them. Anywhere. That is so frustrating.

Anyway, I told Mr. Wonderful since I had to take the smaller suitcase, he would have to pack my bras and bathing suit in HIS suitcase. It's the cups. They take up too much room. I got some t-shirt bras (wonderful purchase) but they don't fold up like my regulars.

Don't you think that is only fair?

I have bigger infrastructure requirements than a guy. He just has underwear...I have TWO pieces of underwear to deal with.

Guys can subsist on so little. He is taking shorts and t-shirts. I can't meet new people in shorts and a t-shirt. What about dinner? What about cute? What about
SHOES? He is taking flip flops.

I gotta go search for the pj's...Love ya, Peeps.

Two Weeks And Counting...

...until we leave for South Africa.

When I was a little girl in Mission Friends or whatever it was called then, I always thought all missionaries went to Africa. NEVER did I think I would be going myself.

Mr. Wonderful says one bag. For three weeks. For three weeks.


I do believe I will take black and tan (khaki) and mix and match. While I am gone I won't be able to post. When I get back...

I'll be keeping a journal and taking pictures (shock) of EVERTHING. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

The Queen B has a great giveaway going on at her place. I'm scanning all the comments for options for the airplane.

I don't think I should take Jason Elam's book, because the title contains the j.i.h.a.d but this series is just great.

My pajamas and underwear can take up a whole suitcase. Especially if I take t-shirt bras (which I now love) because they are hard to pack. Can't have the girls at HIGH BEAM in a foreign country.

March in South Africa is sort of like September here. Going into Fall.

Mr. Wonderful and I just finished a road trip to see the Parental Unit in Florida.

Thirteen hours in the car. I could barely walk. Our flight is 18 hours.

I think it was a test by Mr. Wonderful to see just how much whining he might have to listen to in the later hours of the trip.

I've got news for him. I LOVE FLYING. I have Flying Infrastructure I keep on hand.
It includes earphones, pillow, blanket, eye mask, food, games, cards ,reading material...you get the idea.

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE THOUGHT... I hope Mr. Wonderful is not including my Flying Infrastructure as part of my one suitcase.

Now I'm in a tizz so I've got to go call him and find out. This could be critical, Peeps.

Name Changing Woes...

I whine alot.

Sorry, Peeps.

I recently married Mr. Wonderful and began the arduous process of changing my legal name.

Most of the items, driver's license, passport, social security, etc., were pretty straightforward.

Most other things...banks, credit cards... were a snap.


First of all, it requires a personal appearance. That's not so unusual.
But when the change began...we have lost our phone, cable, internet...over and over for a week.

It still isn't fixed.

Everytime I call tech support they are very sweet and tell me it shouldn't be this difficult...duh? I know that.

My frustration level is in turbo drive.

Then, I had to call the travel people with questions about our tickets to South Africa. They took a message...never called me back. Go to their on-line site and you can get "live support". That is, until they are tired of talking to you and then they just turn you off and ignore you.

Very frustrated, I called the airline. Nope. No help there.

Finally, we just totally changed our flight plans to a more reliable and helpful airline.

Does customer support have to be so difficult? Is most of it from...overseas?
Heaven help you if you push the wrong button on your touch tone phone.

Sorry for venting. I feel much better.

Unplug this post for 15 minutes and perhaps it will reboot and give you a new one.

Good luck with that.