Peeps, in my  neighborhood NOTHING happens. 

Mr. Wonderful and I sit on the porch a lot (when weather permits) and watch absolutely nothing happening.

Occasionally, my neighbor walks their 2 beautiful standard poodles, and we ooh and ahh and their beauty.

Once, alot of cars were at one house down the street and people were bringing in covered dishes and I was so miffed we weren't invited to the party.

They had died.

I'm a really up to date neighbor.

Apparently there is a grapevine of news but I am out of the loop.   Very frequently I get tidbits of things going on.

The latest is...we are getting a NEW neighbor.   One even surprising for our neighborhood.   She's under 50!

I won't say her name at this point, but she was the winner of Survivor last year.

Can you imagine?

I can't wait to grill her  welcome her to the neighborhood!

PeepOne, PeepTwo and I will be her new BFF's.


A few weeks ago, we began to notice a strange odor every time we open the door of the refrigerator.

So out on the counter went everything, tossing anything "suspicious" and wiping down the inside with vinegar and water.

Next day..still there.  Next I put in a bowl of charcoal.


Next...empty the frig again plus the freezer.  


Next...lots of boxes of soda.


In fact, it was worse.

I told Mr. Wonderful that the frig had to die if I were going to live here.  He agreed.

This weekend, one last attenpt to save the life of the frig.  

Mr. Wonderful took everything out of frig and freezer, piled everything on the counter and started cleaning.

I was on the couch (plucking) when I decided to go online to see if I could find an answer to the problem or someone who needed a frig that didn't care about the odor.

I found a fix it website and typed "help" and behold...someone actually knew what to do.

It required Refrigerator Surgery.

We got out the tool box, and Mr. W  began removing the back panel on the bottom of the frig.  The size is about 12"X24".   It was fastened to the back with seven  SEVEN screws.

Wow.  If we had a burgler he/she would NOT steal the back of that frig!

After removing the panel, out came the tubing (think intestines) that went on and on.   This had to be bleached.  (Frig is three years old)

Bob the builder on the internet typed, "You might want to stick a wooden spoon handle with a paper towel down the tubing."    I asked, "...why?"    He said, "To remove gunk."     I fainted.   Just kidding.  Ick.

One would think if I could handle foot detox residue I could handle frig tubing gunk...but, no.   Whole different level of gunk for me.

Thankfully, no gunk in the tubing. 

It got a thorough bleaching so there will never be gunk in there.  EVER.

We vacuumed, washed, wiped down anything we could find.

I even found green peas Under the frig...we don't even eat green peas.   Go figure.

I wish I had taken pictures.

Love ya, Peeps!


Hey, Peeps!

We're going to be getting some new duds around here.

That is, Beachy Mimi is getting an update. Woo Hoo.

I love updates.

One of my favorite things to do is go to a department store makeup section on Saturday (Neiman Marcus)
and getting a makeover.   They will fix you up even if you aren't going to purchase a thing.  It's a great way to see the new makeup trends on your little 'ole face.

Soon I will have my 300th post.  I'm thinking about a giveaway.   More about that later.

Update on detox:  The water is getting less yucky.   I think it is working.

Question.   Do the Peeps take vitamins and if so what?

Love ya more than Bananas Foster ice cream from Haagan Daz.


This has been a crazy week.

I can't even recall the exact order of events.   I have been so traumatized.

My computer crashed.   It is only 6 months old.  A baby.

When I made the purchase, I got every bit of coverage the store offered.

What wasn't covered?  The one thing that was wrong with the computer.   Several days and $142.00 later...it's baaack!

Then the printer, copier, photo thingy, scanner and fax machine just...died.   No one can fix it.

Mr.  Wonderful so graciously replaced that for me.

I had to change my cell phone.  I loved that phone.  Two years and a few days after I bought it I FINALLY learned how to use it.   It was perfect.

My replacement is a Droid.   I can't seem to get the hang of it.   I had to really cut down my nails to be able to touch the screen.   It won't stay on for more than five minutes.   The Princess has offered to teach me how to use it over the Christmas break.  Beachy Mimi is not happy with the phone.

I lost my keys.  ALL my keys.

I had them.   I put them up somewhere.   I don't remember where.

I went to the dentist today because I had a toothache.   Next week..double root canal.  Yuck.

I had two breakouts on my face this morning.   What's up with that?

Then, if things weren't already going south,  I made the stupid decision to do this:

Those are bruises, Peeps!  I thought I would get injections to remove my elevens and parenthesis.

Busted!  I had those for a week.   So much for trying to sneak that by everyone.

Bad hair day, too.

I hope your week has been much better.

Love ya, Peeps!


If my Peeps notice, I took a picture of the gulf below as we took off from the airport.   If you also notice closely...The wing of the plane looks to be on backward...OR COULD IT BE THEY MADE BEACHY MIMI RIDE ON THE PLANE FACING THE REAR!!!

Double upchuck.

They..THEY thought it was funny.
Me?  Not so much.

Then we got to talking about our pedicures, which we badly needed after the detoxing footbath.

The salon gives you a real...ah..special chair for the pedicure.

You see that seat on/off button?    We didn't.   By the time the pedi was over.   I felt violated and the chair owed me dinner at least.   Or maybe we should have it arrested.   Quite an experience. I've never had south central Beachy Mimi...massaged with such intensity.

It didn't stop us though!   Being so dedicated to our toes, we hung in there.

I had no idea where PeepOne was going with this...

I should have known.   ZEBRA.   Isn't that cute.

Proof they made me ride backwards.   Those are pilots over my shoulder.

So, I decided they had to put up with my feet since I didn't have anyplace to rest them.

Which only started a feet fight.

We have been inspired by Toenailer, whose website is so stinking cute.   We love to copy so we were trying to find the best shot to showcase our feet.

I think I'm going to add toes to all the pictures I take from now on through my travels.

I don't think The Parental was too impressed.   She says we can't ride with her anymore. heh heh


As I mentioned in another post, The Parental had a birthday and PeepOne and I went to Florida to sit on the beach help her celebrate.

This was her birthday present.   Yes, that is Beachy Mimi enjoying the present.

This was at her birthday dinner.   Doesn't she look super for 88!

This is what she chose to eat.  Me?   Not so much.

PeepOne enjoyed the festivities, too.

This is the menu item she chose.  Me?  Not so much.

This was PeepOne's fork after attemping to dig out the meat on the said menu item.   Does anyone know the name of the legs of a fork?    Tines.

These are our friends that celebrated with us.

This is what the man, H., chose to eat.  Me?   Not so much.

This is the incredibly cute son of H. and L.  I know someone who thinks he is REALLY cute and would like to meet him.

He chose this to eat.   Lots and lots of this.   Me?  Not so much.

Then we all went home and lived happily ever after.

Happy Birthday, PU!

Love you more than bananas!

November Is Here!

Can you believe it!

I have traveled so much I am totally unprepared for Fall, Winter and all the festivities involved.  Totally.

My mind is still with this
And this

And I could do with a little more of this

But sadly, it came to an end.   It is cold where I live.   This is only a memory now.

Goodnight Sun.   Goodnight beach.

More later, Peeps.