Happy Thanksgiving!!

Hi, Peeps!


I hope you are all stuffed, getting naps, watching ballgames, playing in the snow, playing on the beach, reading or watching movies.

I would add board games to the list but I dislike board games. Alot. I always lose.

I am Thankful for all my bloggy friends. You have really replaced a void that I didn't realize I had.

Right now, I'm with my Queen B, my Princess and the King. Pure heaven on earth.

All that's missing is my bald guy...I'll just keep praying about him.

You might want to help me on that front...I'm just sayin'.

Pass It Forward Stories

Everyone should have their giftcards by now...and hopefully you have made the decision about who to give them to. So... if you have, this would be the perfect post to leave a comment on your pass it forward experience. We all want to know!!

I passed one on to a large family. The Mom homeschools and they have lots of B O Y S, which mean hollow legs. I didn't do it anonymously because I wanted them to know that God had place THEM specificially on my heart. My prayer for them is they fill those kids up with good food for a few extra days.

Now it is your turn:

Be Back Monday

Hi Peeps! On my way home from the beach so I'll be chatting with you on Monday! Have a great weekend.

Pinks Are My Favorite Color

Oh, Peeps!! I got to meet Fuschia and her 5 Pinks the other day!! Yay!

PeepOne and I drove very far away (an hour) to meet Fuschia and the girls at the Pizza Hut and have lunch.
Aren't they just the cutest girls you've ever seen?

And so polite! Wonderful manners. They entertained
themselves while we ate and laughed. Here's a shot of PeepOne, Fuschia and Yours Truly. We are now officially sisters.
That Fuschia is so BEAUTIFUL Gorgeous skin, hair and a beautiful smile. Wow. And, her personality is darling...just like her girls.

We were so lucky to get to meet them. We'll do this again!

I can't tell you even a hint of what we talked about...it is Secrets Ya'll. Secrets.
There may or may not have been the word "bald" mentioned. But I'm Not Sayin'

Thank you so much

Kristen at NO SMALL THING was so sweet to pass this super, but undeserved award for being Kreativ....maybe not so much but I love awards and bling and I thank you so much.

I believe I have to answer some questions...like tell you six things that make me happy.

1. I love being at the beach...it makes me smile. However, there was an OLD man in a...thong out and about yesterday. EWWW. Smile faltered just a little.

2. I love my kids...they crack me up most of the time

3. I would love for Mr. Specific, the future bald guy love of my life, to show up
and make me VERY HAPPY.

4. Bubble baths also get a little grin from me. I've just got to be honest here... any sort of self-pampering makes me want to giggle a little bit.

5. Chocolate and Peppermint Bark at Christmas puts me in a happy mood.

6. A coke does it for me anytime, 24-7.

Pitiful isn't it? I have such a small life. If I had a 7, which I don't, I would have to say sleep, naps, power naps (15 minutes only) and....sleep...make me happy, too.

I desperately need rescuing... I'm tagging Queen B...Heh Heh

More later on my big super-duper palooza face to face meeting with Fuschia and the 5 Pinks today. Pictures and everything!

More From The Beach

The Love Shack has a super-nice caretaker. His name is "Henry" and he has been so helpful to us.

He has carried off all our trash, help up hang new pictures and fixed all sorts of little plug-ins and other things.

A really nice guy.

I have been facinated with his accent. My active imagination had him coming from Australia, New Zealand, or maybe, South Africa. I figured he had this exotic life and lived at the beach here to experience American life and surf or fish. Why not Hawaii? Well, too expensive, I thought.

So I asked him..."Henry, Where are you from?"

Henry's reply..."Misissippi."

So much for my imagination.

Don't Play With Scissors

Have I ever mentioned what a klutz I am? I didn't think so.

I am an accident waiting for a place to happen.

As we have been cleaning and redecorating the Love Shack, I had the occasion to open a box. I used these.

BIG MISTAKE! BIG. HUGE. (sorry for the bad photography...I'm injured)
I KNOW. Terrible isn't it?

Because of the location of the cut and poor first-aid skillz on my part...I had to go to Urgent Care to get it glued/butterflied shut.

After I gave my life history...there were at least 15 different pages to sign and put in my newly made chart.

I thought this was a little over-kill...

I was the only patient in the whole complex. I don't think they were going to lose me. However, I do think they were excellent and very professional.

At least it gets me out of doing the dishes. I get to sit on the balcony and watch this...

The Bald Guy

I was minding my own Beachy Mimi business this morning...PeepOne and PU were downstairs doing who knows what.

I hopped in the shower and as I dried off and was partially dressed...I walked out of the bathroom (the one with the clear glass door) to find a bald guy in my bedroom.

1. Oh God! Thank you! There is a bald guy in my bedroom!

2. Oh God! There is a bald guy in my bedroom.

3. He was not looking at my eyes.

I might add at this point that the bald guy got a good look at THE GIRLS in all their nudie glory.


Oh God! I am so glad you have the rest of your clothes on.


His poor retinas will be forever seared with the vision of my GIRLS.

How did he get past PeepOne and PU? Good question. I asked it myself.

Long story short...he was the exterminator. No one saw him go up the stairs.

Afterwards, I asked him if I could take his picture and he said okay. I told him he would be on the internet.

He said, "Oh wow! Will I be on Spacebook?" (I don't think there is a Spacebook. I think it is MySpace or Facebook).

I replied "NO...I have a blog and you won't ever see your picture."

He said, "Wow, can I write about this on my Spacebook page?"

I said, "Sure, go for it."

He said, "Can I embellish it?

Go for it, Sonny. Somehow I think this might end up in Penthouse letters.

This is how I ended my day of trauma...

Did I mention he was VERY young?

The Love Shack

Once upon a time, there was a physician in a small town who had a huge practice.
He was single and lived a lifestyle that was colorful to say the least.

As if he didn't have enough $$, he decided to sell drugs on the side and he got BUSTED. While out on bail, he fled to South America where he is in hiding to this day.

PU's new condo is his original "Love Shack". Heh Heh

This is the view I wake up to every morning.
Not a bad way to begin the day.

To protect PU's privacy, I won't show you all the Love Shack, but just show you some of the "features".

This is the former hot tub area
it was closed due to lack of

Actually, "over-crowding" was the issue.
I think the building of this high-rise
across the street put a cramp in the hot-tub

This is the door to the bathroom.
Yes, the glass is clear. Hmmm.
I don't think I can talk about it.

This is the bathtub area surrounded by
mirrors. Ewwww.

This is the view from my bed.
Not bad. It was 78 degrees

Wish you were here, too, Peeps!

Mr. Random Picks Winners

Mr. Random has done his thing and picked winners for the Thanksgiving "Pass It Forward" giveaway.

Congratulations and thanks to everyone who entered.

Tracey@Our Journey

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino

Angela @ Just This Side of Crazy

Jenny's Journal


Ann @ Two Stewart Fan

Other Mother


Tonggu Mama

Kelli @kelcombs

We should be hearing stories by next week. I can hardly wait.

Pay It Forward...Again

I loved the Thanksgiving giveaway so much I decided to do it again.

Here are the rules:

Leave a comment with a way to GET IN TOUCH WITH YOU. Tell me who you would give the extra gift card to. The winner (s) get a $50 Walmart giftcard for themselves and an extra one to give to someone else to buy Thanksgiving groceries.

After you win, come back and leave a comment telling about your experience.

Easy Easy. And, it makes you feel GOOD.

I will close the comments tonight at 6 Central Time.

Happy entering.

Stormy Weather

Sto-my Wea-ther...the ultimate pageant song.

Were you guys ever in any pageants?

Queen B was a pageant girl in high school. Her talent was singing. She entered twice and won first and second runner-up. She didn't sing Stormy Weather, though.

One of the winners did, however, and it was loud! I think she thought if she sang loud enough with her mouth open wide enough the judges couldn't tell she couldn't sing. (sour grapes mama) It worked.

She was so loud and wide I saw her uvula. No, that is not part of the female anatomy. It's the little hangy down thing at the back of your throat. The thing you see when your mouth is open REALLY wide.

Where was I going with this? Beats me.

I think we are about to have some stormy weather here at the beach.

I'm almost ready to post pictures of the Love Shack. I know you can hardly wait!

WINNERS! You are more interested in the winners of the Starbucks giveaway that pageant stories.

Drum roll...

The winners are:

Mari at Mari's Morning Room


Congratulations girls! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I love my Peeps!

New giveaway in the morning!

At The Beach and a Giveaway

Hi Peeps! I've missed you so much.

We arrived at the Love Shack on Friday, and we have been running ever since.

Love Shack has had to be cleaned, stocked and decorated in the space of three days. Wow.

The Gulf is beautiful, the breeze is cool and I saw dolphins this morning. It doesn't get much better than that.

I also may get to meet my precious, pink Fuschia next week!!! Yay! Isn't that cool?

PU forgot the crockpot. Heh Heh . We've been so busy getting the essentials rounded up we haven't had the time for finding a good deal on a crockpot. Heh Heh Heh

I HAVE found time to eat some wonderful shrimp...twice.

A few brave souls are actually sitting in the sand with their bathing suits on...it is very cool outside. No one is in the water.

More reports on the Love Shack as we get the decorating done.

But, because I love my Peeps, I am offering two $50 gift certificates for Starbucks.
Just leave me a comment, a way to get in touch with you and your favorite Starbucks drink. I'll announce the winner Wed. night at 6 pm CST. Happy Drinking!

Beach Bound

Hi Peeps!

I have been grieving over Pumpkin Topiary Beachy so I haven't written in a couple of days. I think I'm over it now.

As you read this, I am on my way to THE BEACH for two weeks. TWO WEEKS!! PeepOne, PU and I are going down to clean and decorate the LOVE CONDO that PU just purchased.
She doesn't know it is the LOVE CONDO yet...that will be our little secret.

I'll host another giveaway next week sometime when we get the internet hooked up in the Love Shack. PU is taking the crockpot!!

I'll post ASAP. I'm sure we will have lots of trip stories.

You have a good weekend!

The Jailbird

Oh Peeps. I was minding my own business this morning when there was a knock at the door.
Yes, someone from the POA sent a warrant for the arrest of my precious Pumpkin Topiary Beachy.

She had not done ANYTHING wrong. She was just sitting pretty on the porch minding her own business.

We looked across the street and found the culprits!

Those EVIL JEALOUS BOOITCHES had turned her in!!

The Beachy Porch was devastated. Those ugly girls
were laughing.

NNNOOOOO! Beachy Mimi screamed. Don't take Pumpkin Topiary Beachy! You'll have to drag me, too!

Pumpkin Topiary cried, Beachy Mimi cried, but the bad guys showed no mercy.

In a precious show of solidarity, the rest of the porch followed as she was led away in handcuffs.
The tears were just pitiful.
But Topiary Beachy got her purse, necklace, earrings and tissue and was bravely led away...friends following.
Spider Beachy made one last valiant attempt to stop this injustice to no avail.
On they trudged, down the street.
It broke my heart to see such suffering.
It was a long long slow walk.
They finally came to their destination.
The parting was so painful but finally they were separated by the bars of jail.

My Precious Pumpkin Topiary Beachy. May you Rest In Peace. October 1, 2008-November 2, 2008 Gone Forever.

Come Back Later, Peeps!

Peeps! Come back later today to witness the tragedy that happened at the Beachy house! It will break your heart.

The Winners Are Here, The Winners Are Here

Poor Mr. Random. Doesn't he look tired? It has been a Long week for him.
Actually, I think he looks pretty good.

Okay, here's the deal. Mr. Random was so touched by all the needs in your communities. Since Beachy Mimi has limited coin, he suggested we try to give as many and we could and maybe do this again later in the holiday season.

Better yet, don't wait on the Beachy House. You can pay it forward yourself in lots of creative ways. What a blessing that would be!

Winners need to e-mail me with their mailing addresses so I can send the cards. After you get your card, please pray over it before giving it to someone. I encourage you to give it to someone personally...not just a food bank or church. I think part of the blessing is to have the interaction with recipient. A perfect opportunity to tell someone you love them and that God loves them! I just get chill bumps...

After you make your decision. Come back some time before Thanksgiving and in a comment to any post on here, tell us about your experience and how you felt. It will be great to read about these "pay it forward" experiences and feelings.

I gave the Princess an opportunity to do this and I can't wait to read her story.

Mr Random and the List

Lisa @Take 90 West

Susan at Fordy Days and Nights

Jeni at Allen Family Circus/Peace and Carrots

Nicole at On The Run

Dawn at dkwwites

Heather at Loving Our Homeschool

Heather at Cool and Hip I AM NOT

RR Mama

Congratulations Peeps!! Don't dispair everyone else. I'll be adding to the list tomorrow.

Love You.