Cemetery, cont.

The Great Cemetery Theft 2009 has yet to be solved.

The culprit(s) have covered their stealing little tracks well.

I feel like I am now an expert on different headstones since I have scoured the country in search of the missing yellow flowers.

They were pretty, but they were just yellow flowers.

Update on dating. Like you care.

Still dating J. He just had a birthday so for a few months I will not be a Cougar.
J. is not bald. Far from it. He has a headful of black hair. He loves his hair, so he will not be embracing baldness anytime soon.

However, he does wear a uniform (Beachy Mimi biting knuckles, again), and for dates and stuff he wears Wranglers and Cowboy Boots. I love it!

He is very adamant that he is NOT a cowboy, and would never EVER cover his beautiful hair with a hat.

He grooms. He keeps his vehicle spotless. He cleans. He organizes. He makes lists of EVERYTHING.

I, on the other hand, do not make lists anymore. I just wing it. Could be a problem.

One bad habit that J. has is the occasional curse word. I now have a jar and everytime one slips he has to pay me $1. If he EVER says one in front of my family it is $5 and up.

I look at it like community service. A, I'm making some shoe money and, B, perhaps helping him break a bad habit. Heh Heh

See you later, Peeps!

Decoration Hanky-Panky

Well, Peeps, I told you about taking PU and purchasing our flowers for Decoration.

We took our stuff and did our little thing and left our flowers at the graves at this little country cemetery in our old hometown.

THE NEXT DAY a friend calls PU to tell her that someone has STOLEN the flowers that PU got to go on Daddy's headstone. STOLEN???

They didn't take mine or any other flowers. Only the spray she placed on the marker.

You gots to be pretty low to steal from a grave. I'm just sayin'.

A relative walked the whole cemetery to see if the flowers had blown away in a mysterious gust of wind that passed over that one grave. Nope. Nowhere.

Next, they scanned the other graves to see if someone had...borrowed flowers for their loved one. Nope. Nowhere.

It has now become the Great Cemetery Mystery 2009.

PeepOne and I are thinking about cruising through the city cemetery to see if the flowers just happen to be on a certain person's parents' headstone. It is very unique so it will be pretty easy to spot.

I'm sorry Peeps. That is just Strange Behavior. (Taking the flowers. Not cruising through the cemetery to spot them on another headstone. We are perfectly normal. Heh Heh)

We won't re-take the purloined property, because we are KLASSY FOLKS.

I might just have to write about it on some bathroom walls or a blog or something...

An Old Tradition

Yesterday, the Parental Unit (PU) and I went to a craft type store to purchase...funeral flowers.

Who died, you ask?

Well, no one lately.

In small southern towns, and in small country churches, there is a long held tradition to take fresh/fake flowers to the cemetery and thus, "decorate" the gravesite. Interestingly enough, this tradition is called DECORATION.

I think this yearly occurance started "Once upon a time..", it is so old. Back in the day, people would go to the cemetery on Saturday, weed and clean it , and then bring fresh flowers or whatever as a remembrance to a loved one's headstone.

This also included dinner on the grounds and lots and lots of visiting with neighbors. No one had phones back then and it was a real social occasion to go to Decoration and see folks.

To really make a splash, different churches had their Decoration Day on a different Sunday so people could travel to ALL the different locations as to not miss anyone.

This was such a Big Deal to my grandparents and my dad. For my generation...not so much.

PU and I usually sneak in when no one is around and put a bouquet on her parents' and my dad's spot. I am so sorry to admit I am too cheap to do up all the relatives because I am related to 75.8% of the souls that once dwelled in those corpses.

I want to scream and say, "People, they aren't here!" But, out of respect I do my little thing and slink out.

Country church pastors despise decoration because it takes the entire month of May and into June and people MISS CHURCH to travel to whatever location. I have been berated in many a sermon about Decoration and that it is most likely a tool of satan.

Hello? Pastor? I'm sitting right here. I'm not the one traveling.

Frustration is a tough emotion for some to handle.

The Sibling actually goes to many of these events, but he is more social than I am.
And, more of a traditionalist.

It will be up to others like-minded to keep this going in the future.

For my future? The Queen B? I'll never get a flower. I'm just sayin'.

Another old tradition, Mother's Day, is probably here to stay. That's good. Mom's get most of the yuck jobs and it is great to take one part of a day to tell her you love her and appreciate her.

Are you doing something special for your mother?

It's Alive!

That is, the calendar. I think it has a head, arm and legs, and planning/scheduling skillz.

There is no way I would have written all the stuff on the calandar that has appeared there and it is not even summer!!

Plays, graduations, showers, trips, trips, trips, meetings, appointments...it is choking me.

Gone are the days when one could just do "nothing" (like stay home)and time has been replaced by schedules set by others.

Why do I do this to myself?

I don't see how Moms do ball schedules, Bible School, swim team, summer school, camps,and of course, the lovely family vacation.

No wonder everyone is tired.

Then you have the group of the post-menopausal set that can't sleep on top of the crazy schedules and then you get...CRAZY RETAIL THERAPY!

When I am tired, keep me away from E-Bay, Amazon, Zappos, Etsy or whatever else.
I have no common sense.

Please continue to pray for The Palace. They have some tough decisions to make and a lot of work to do for the adoption process. Guatemala has temporarily closed any new adoptions so this puts a KINK in the plans. Just pray they will open at the right time for Maria to be adopted and to have her surgery in the USA.

Peeps, you are the Best!

What A Date!!

Oh Peeps!!

It was great. It restores my faith in men. A gentleman.


I told him what list makers Queen B and The Princess are, so he brought them a handful of pens and a stack on note paper. They will be thrilled.

I tried to do the toe test on J but he would not cooperate. I guess that will have to come at a later time. One can't push these things.

He is very organized and neat and I think he takes longer to get ready than I do, so I can probably skip the toes and be okay.

His truck!! OMgosh.

It is so clean! Every surface is protected by some type of matching cloth. I wouldn't ever dream of eating or drinking in this inner sanctum.

My Princess has already been in one production this year (at school) and this weekend she will be in another.

There is a wonderful theatre here called Arts Live Theatre.

They produce plays and other types of theatre for children in the community.

This is Mother's Day preparation week. I finally thought of the perfect gift for PU, but I can't tell you because she has started reading this blog.

J's birthday is next week. I will actually have a few weeks where I will not be a Cougar. What do you do for a guy you will have had three dates and 99 phone conversations with? A funny card will probably do it. HMMMM

Well, Peeps, I have nothing. I made a lucious strawberry pie yesterday. That and my date have pretty much dominated the weekend.

The King will be leaving LaPrincesa tomorrow and I so dread that for both. How do you tell a 5 year old you will be coming back in a few weeks? Heartbreaking.

Please, keep them in your prayers. You might throw in an extra for the J Situation.

Actually, there isn't a situation yet but there might be later on!!!!