So now I'm kind of getting into the fact that I can hijack my mom's blog and say whatever I want.

(I learned from the best.)

Y'all know how much Beachy Mimi loves to give away stuff.

She is so generous.


How about a little contest?

Y'all guess where Beachy Mimi is on location this week.

I gave you a really good hint in my last post.

If you guess correctly, she'll put your name in her Mr. Random and pick a winner.

I don't know what you'll win, but it'll be good.

(If you happen to be a person who really does know where she is...don't ruin my fun.)

We'll wrap this competition up on Monday night.

Her Indirectly Generous Daughter,
Queen B


Good Grief

Hmmm. What part of NO does Beachy Mimi not understand...?

I hardly ever post on my own blog.

I can't take the public ridicule, though, so here goes.

Beachy Mimi is on the go again.

Big surprise, huh?

She was supposed to call me the minute she arrived at Destination A.

That was Monday.

I didn't hear from her until Wednesday night.

So pretty much I became the worried mom. Fairly certain she was in a ditch somewhere.

It wasn't just the not calling. I was tracking her flight on my phone. It said, "we cannot confirm that this plane landed".


But she was fine.

Just stuck in the only touristy place on the map that has zero communication with the outside world.

(Are you buying that? Me either.)

Destination B seems to be technologically savvy.

They have newfangled devices called telephones.


Destination B is in the path of a cyclone.

Beachy Mimi definitely keeps life interesting....

Her Loving (& Guilt Free!) Daughter,
Queen B


Where, you ask?

That, Peeps, is a very good question.

The Queen B told me no, but I really thought I could guilt her into posting for me.

Obviously not.

The guilt factor has never worked so much for me as a mother.

So, Queen B? Please post something witty for your mother.

I am currently limited in my communication abilities.

Taking some great pictures though.

I am SO MYSTERIOUS!! hahahah


Tap Tap Tap Is this thing on?

Frustrated Beachy Mimi.


Hope everyone had a marvelous weekend.

I am going to have a guest blogger this week.

You will enjoy it.

Later, Peeps.


We got an unexpected SNOW DAY in Chaos, USA.

Color me HAPPY. I know to you Northern Peeps, this looks like nothing.

However, here...everything shuts down and we play.

Mr. Wonderful decided to create this snow pig to surprise me. Sweet.

I sat in front of this, wrapped up in a blankie and watched the flakes fall.

Speaking of pigs, I don't thing I have ever shared my love of all thing pig. I must do that soon.

I'll leave you with this. I found this thing at a craft fair several years ago. It is a 120 pound rock that is painted.

Stay warm, Peeps.

OOPS!! SHE DID IT AGAIN (Cut the hair herself)

Well, Peeps. I cut my own hair.


I know. Crazy.

I just can't get anyone to do what I want. I take pictures. I gesture.

I beg for the scissors to do it myself.

It just ain't happn'. Sorry Queen B. It just isn't happening.

I've always been a frustrated hair style person in secret. Not that I have any skillz in that area.

After I was single again, I even looked into enrolling in a styling school to get a certificate so I could learn the basics and maybe work a little bit.

Here in Chaos, AR., you can't get a cutting license unless you get get the manicurist license also. The manicurist can get a manicurist license without the hair. Go figure.

I just couldn't make myself do the nail and feet thing. In school, you don't get a choice. You do what comes up in your rotation.

That little dream just flittered away.

So, back to my own hair. I cut the top spiky and chunked up a little of the rest.

It has a few gaps (possibly) but with a messy hairstyle you can hide a lot of errors.

The bottom line...I like it. When I go back to my regular guy, he is going to flip. heh heh

If he messes with me, I'll just cut it again.

I am so rebellious. hahahahah

Getting ready for the big snow tommorrow!!

We might get an inch.

For my town, that's an EVENT!

Do you Peeps ever cut your own hair?

Holiday Today

I still have not located my camera.

I did find one I lost on a previous occasion.

I have not found my keys.

I cleaned out the refrigerator just to be sure. Not there.

I also have a list. All the things I planned to get accomplished TODAY.

Well, I can't do those things because the bank and the post office...closed for the MLKJ holiday.

So...I have decided it is a holiday for me, too.

I am going to ponder my list and redo my plans for later this week.

Today? Well today I am going to spend quality time with my ipad.

Wishing you all the best of the day.

Bad Hair Day aka She Wore A Hat

It has been sooooo cold here for the past few days.

I have snuggled in a heated blankie, in front of the fire with my ipad.

I may or may not have gotten any work done.

Just being truthful.

Mr. Wonderful decided I needed to get out in the sunshine, even though it was -00 degrees. (I might be exaggerating)

I dressed in warm boots, my long coat and a...hat.

I love hats. There are some really cute ones out and about, but I have had mine for quite a while.

So, out I go in my little hat. I was so warm.

If you wear short, spiky hair like moi, a hat is a day long commitment.


After our day trip, Mr. Semi-Wonderful and I met friends for dinner.

I was really pumped. We haven't eaten out since before Thanksgiving.

For some reason...I still don't know...Mr. Semi-W. decides to remove my hat in the restaurant.


The hat is a commitment. DAY LONG.

The hair.

My friends looked stunned.

I was paralized in terror.

Mr. Semi-W. was...laughing!

He popped it back on my head but the damage...the damage to HIM is/was almost irreparable. (I so hope that is spelled correctly, I don't have spell check on here that I can find.)

Mr. Less-Than-Semi Wonderful decided to take a road trip to get a truck.

I think that is best.

He's got a lot of damage control.

(He's so great I'm really not upset. But, hey! It might be worth a little gift to get back in my good graces. Heh Heh)

My bad.


Not in that order of course.

I very DISTINCTLY remember days of agonizing labor to give birth to this precious little 6 lb 5 1/2 oz black headed little girl.

I did not get to see, touch or hold her for four days.

After almost 40 years ( heh heh), I still get teary when I think of those days.

The Queen B was a preemie. Back in the dark ages.

There were no ambulances, just panel trucks. And, those came from another town 16 miles away.

After birth, the nurses whisk her away and before I even got to peek, she was on her way to a larger hospital.

The doctor that delivered her rode in the ambulance with her or she wouldn't have made it.

The pediatrician met them in the PARKING LOT with his team and they kept her breathing until they could get inside.

Every thing that could go wrong...did.

Long story short... God's intervention saved my baby, to be The Queen B she is today.

Best friend, confidant, funny funny person. She is my sunshine.

So, tell her Happy Birthday on the 10th and remind her she's pushing 40!!


I crack myself up.


Peeps. I was all pumped to tell you about our Christmas cabin in the snowy Tennessee woods--with pictures.

My camera is AWOL.

You just have to know me to know this is not unusual. My keys are missing, also.

Not a chance they are together.

So, I'm searching. When I find them, I'll finish this post.

If I don't find them, perhaps I will have had a brilliant thought to write about.

Do you ever do this?


Peeps! The wait is over. The winners are announced. Selected by Mr. Random and his little random number generator.

Thanks to all who entered. We'll be having several of these throuhout the year.

drumroooooll...The three winners of $50 giftcards from Target are





Congratulations to all the winners and saddness for the not winners (I just can't call you losers)

Happy New Year Giveaway!!

Happy New Year to all the Peeps!

I hope your holiday was fun, joyful and full of good eating.

We had a marvelous time with all our kiddos and the Parental Unit.

I'll write all about it later.

But for now:

To celebrate the New Year and my 300th post, I'm having a Target Gift Card g


Woo Hoo!

All you have to do: Leave me a way to get in touch with you (PLEASE)

Tell me the FUNNIEST gift you received for Christmas.

I loved everything I was given. The most unusual came from my step-son.

He got all the women a flashlight/taser!!!

Don't mess with the Beachy Mimi family! We are now armed! tee hee

You can also tell me of the wonderful food you ate if you so desire.

So I can live your life vicariously.

Finally, if you made a resolution...good luck! I quit doing that years ago

because I would have broken it my now. I'm just being truthful.

The contest ends Tuesday, Jan. 4, at 6 pm Central. Winners will be

announced soon after.

Good Luck Peeps. Winners will be chosen my Mr. Random.