Just Another Monday

PhotobucketThe last time I talked to Queen B, she was singing "la, la, la, la, la, la, la,", I think she wasn't speaking to me.

However, I'm still able to blog today, so maybe things are better. She had so much trouble at her house last night she didn't have time to zap me!!!

Peeps, I'm just telling you, I got lots of e-mails about yesterday's post. Lots. It is apparent that this has been a subject that needed attention. Although no one really wants to bring up the subject.

I now consider myself well informed. Very. Well. Informed.

Which is a good thing.

A big thank you to Janel at Dandelion Dayz for the Sharing the Love award.

I'm getting ready to start the next beachy vacation so I don't have much today. Ya'll have a good one.

See you tomorrow.


PhotobucketI have an update on a previous post about "THE GIRLS", and their High Beam issues. I found a Spanx bra and it is wonderful. The Beam is hidden and girls have no brafat in the back. Not that I would know about that or anything. It was just advertized. Heh Heh

I'm still searching for the petals and things like nursing pads but I don't have them yet.

This may be a sensitive issue for some of you, so stop reading now!!!

We're talking more about grooming.

Specifically, grooming the tootie.

I know I am older, therefore behind (pun intended) in the ways and means of accomplishing such a task.

In my generation, I don't think such grooming was done. If it was, no one talked about it. We all just left things natural. This did cause a problem during summer swimming season.

As I was getting my eyebrows waxed last week, the Salon had a WHOLE PAGE on different kinds of tootie grooming you could request. Beachy Mimi likes to be on the cutting edge and I was just so unaware. I had a lump in my throat to think I HAD MISSED THIS.

They will completely take everything away...or you can trim or draw a little pattern. I think they do one named after Brazil.

Arms, underarms, legs, backs, chests you name it, they'll groom it.

Think of this as a bikini wax on steroids---permanently.

They do warn as you get older you lose, er...some tooties and if you take too much you will be 90 years old and be.....bald, so to speak. Ewww. So the best advice is to leave a few poobies in the area.

This area of lasering may be one Beachy Mimi looks into because I just gotta know.

Have any of you Peeps gone under the laser? waxer? razor? kitchen scissors?

Please share with us so the rest of us can be up to date and properly groomed. Thank you.

Beachy Mimi is in......Like

PhotobucketFriday night was the big date!!! It went so well. We actually went to a restaurant and watched a movie. He held my hand and I thought that was so sweet. A real gentleman. We found out we eat fajitas the same way and our favorite food is a good hamburger. Not a bad start.

I'm not sure what happened to the post yesterday with all the spacing and crazy colors. You internets are the queens of the six word memoir. Maybe one day we should have a six word festival and EVERYONE post in six word sentences. It would be pretty funny.

I'm just flat out pooped tonight. With all the primping, plucking, shaving, waxing, shampooing, conditioning, luster, paste and hairspray OH I smeel goooooood.

Had to choose cute undies (not for him to see, but for me to feel sexy) and then just the right outfit with black strappy sexy sandles with my pink toes and nails. At this point I really having to hurry up to my face and finish that.

'well...horror of horrors...I had a CHIN HAIR. Just wait girls..as you approach the pre-menopause. You'll develop skills where you can whip that tweezie out, plucked and gone in .2 sec. Unless they are in multiples and they you will have to be a little more discreet. I't going to happen, I'm just sayin!

But you are all beautiful and I love your hearts. I ache with you and you have to make hard decisions because I've been there in alot of your cases. Well, you've got a Mimi in your corner to pray for you.

Doing My Post In Six Words


A big hug and kiss to The Queen B for passing on the "You make my day AWARD". You made my day!!

Beachy Mimi pursues Never Ending Vacation (this is my six word memoir)

I Collect Pigs

PhotobucketHi Peeps!

Someone commented they were concerned for my mental health. That is so sweet. I can tell you that I'm totally normal........sometimes.

Currently, I am under my bed, in a fetal position, sucking my thumb.

What am I thinking???? I can't date a guy with thighs smaller than mine!!! As my grandmother would have said, "It just ain't fittin". Actually, she wouldn't have said "ain't" plus, she would have never said the word "thighs" unless she was talking about frying chicken.

Why am I under the bed you ask? Because it has been a thumb-sucking few days.

However, PeepOne "saved the day" again with a Sonic coke. And, she started decorating my house!!!!

I collect pigs. I have collected for years. I absolutely love to find a new pig that I don't have.

I have so many I can't display all of them, but I still keep searching for the unique and fabulous.

Fabulous pig??? Yes!! There are some wonderful pigs out in the retail world.

This is a pig barbeque pig. Duh. PeepOne added greenery and it turned out so cute!

This is another arrangement she did for the table behind my sofa. That would be a sofa table.

This is another pig grouping. Hard to see, I know. But it is a sneaky way for me to publish a picture of The Queen B way up there in the corner. Heh Heh.

Oh my, I actually moved pictures!!! I guess I'll stop the thumb-sucking, but I'll stay in my fetal position just a while longer............

And the Winner Is......

PhotobucketCongratulations Jen, from Today at Jen's House. You have won the random drawing for the gift certificate from Amazon.com.

Oh Peeps, I was so amazed by your many acts of kindness toward others. I got some wonderful ideas I am anxious to try the next time I am out and about.

Thank you so much for your support and entering the contest. I wish I had a gift certificate for everyone who entered.

Don't give up! I'll be having more giveaways in the days ahead....and the winner could be YOU!!

I did forget to tell you something.......call it a confession if you must......but as I was gathering the last of my things from the Pacific house, I put all Mr. Pacific's underwear in the freezer.

Childish, I know. But I got sooooo much satisfaction from my tiny bit of naughty. Heh Heh

So much for MY random acts of kindness........

A New Beginning

PhotobucketI AM A SURVIVOR!!!

Time's Up!! I'll announce the random winner in a little bit!!!!

Oh yes, Peeps, I am. Starting today. The New Normal Life of Beachy Mimi, begins. Chapter 1. Very appropriate that it is Sunday, The Lord's Day, to start over, regroup, reassign and refocus. And I'm going to do it with gusto, and all the Power of Christ to back me. And go forward IN HIS HOLY NAME.

I couldn't reach my own hiney to kick myself, so some of my good Peeps were only too glad to kick it for me.


So, here I go. Armed with the Word of God, The Holy Spirit, and His Loving Arms to hold me up and protect me. Woo Hoo!

Monday will be my day to do Random Acts of Kindness to get someone to have a better day.

And, so YOU, my Peeps, will have a better day, how about a giveaway to Amazon.com!!!

Just leave a comment telling me what random act you have done for someone and you will be entered in the random drawing for a $100. gift certificate. Not Bad!!!!

Just enter once, please. And I hope your day will be super productive spreading helpfulness, kindness and love to the masses.

You Rock!! All of you!


PhotobucketI think maybe two people noticed I didn't post yesterday so I promised them I would post about something today.


Not trying to be a smartie or anything (heh heh), but my mind is a total blank. Actually, that isn't true. My mind is not blank, it is in a dither.

The Pacific Wedding is in the MORNING at 9am (whoever heard of that), The Queen is gone on a mini-vacation, my waxing appointment was canceled, "Ted" was supposed to call for a date this weekend (and hasn't), and I'm trying to get my ducks in a row so I can slip off to Florida in
TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I'm just kinda in the dumps.

I know, whining is not a pretty thing. Anyone getting ready to go to Florida has no right to be in the dumps.

So, I'm going to Sonic to get my coke, meditate for 30 minutes, and come up with something to blog about tomorrow.

Have a wonderful evening, my Peeps.

My Cheatin'.....Stomach

PhotobucketHello, Peeps! I cheated!! Yes, I surely did. Do you ever find yourself guilty of doing the same thing?

It's the ICE CREAM. It does not return my love.

I love me some cookies and cream. Love. It.

Can't eat it, though. I guess it is........age. Gosh, I hate to admit that.

Every once in a while I will get a brain lapse and deliberately eat some, anyway. Is that crazy or what?

I will pay. I will pay DEARLY.

But, it is almost worth it just to taste the creamy goodness. It will satisfy me for weeks until I get the urge to cheat again.

Do you have a favorite cheatin' snack? Not that it makes you sick, but that is considered cheatin' because of calories or some other taboo? Let me know. I might find something new to cheat with........

It's HAIR Again!

Just because your children move to their own homes and live their own lives doesn't necessarily mean that YOU the Mom are off the hook.

Let me explain.

The Queen B, has done it again.

Pardon me while I take a moment, Peeps. I have been trying to learn to link to other posts for weeks now and I think I finally did it. I have tears. Thank you.

Back to B.

You probably have read some of her earlier posts (hey, I only learned to link her name, not the former posts. Sorry. You'll have to go back and look them up) about all her life long trauma with hair.




Special Occasion Hair.

Wedding Hair.

The list could go on. and on.......

As her Parental Unit, female, I get the wailing and hysteria and tears and teeth gnashing and drama and flailing about that a hair adventure produces.

That's just as an adult. When she was two is was much more theatrical.

B, decided this was the week she need to get some streaks put in the hair.

When a person has beautiful, thick black hair, why would you want to ruin it with streaks?

She thinks she sees gray......not so much. I'LL SHOW YOU GRAY. Just look under my expertly
camouflaged tresses and you will see mucho gray.

This is like the movie, The Groundhog Day, when Bill Murray wakes up for weeks and does the same thing over and over and over......you get the idea. The hair fiascos are the same way.

Does she THINK that one day it will be different?

I am fairly sure that the current hair person is dead to her now, but the streaks......they were
street- caution- cone- orange. Oops. The salon got deathly quiet and then finally someone said

(someone perky) "Oh! That's CUTE".

She left and immediately called me. "Mom, what am I going to do?"

I replied, yawning, "Maybe it will fade as it washes out......in a few weeks."


This lead to an indepth discussion of all the possibilities and corrective measures that could be taken in the shortest amount of time.

To make a L O N G story somewhat shorter, she did get some, err, burgundy corrective color toner thing to get her by until the next time, or this grows out......whichever is shorter.

Not to be outdone. Since I was OOT (out of town) and I have this thing about OOT haircuts..... I just happened to get mine cut even shorter!

Now, not only do I have B to worry about, but THE GUILT from getting mine cut OOT.

What a way to start the week.........

One of These Things Does Not Belong Here

Photobucket.....and his name is Harry.

My Dad

PhotobucketFather's Day is coming up in a few days. Poor dads don't get enought credit most of the time. Sometimes we would like to yell and scream at them, but all in all they are just guys being guys.

This generation of dads are more "hands on" than the ones of my generation. My dad worked so hard from the time he returned from WWII until his death in the 1990's.

I had so much respect for his work ethic.

Daddy had a great sense of humor. I think he passed some of that to me and then to Queen B.

He loved to laugh and to play jokes on people.

Once, he had my nephew with him at McDonald's drive-thru and ordered a drink. The peel-off tab on the side of the cup had a "coupon" for an order of french fries. Dad tried to redeem the coupon on the spot but the drive-up lady was adamant that it be redeemed on his next trip.

So...... Daddy just drove around the building , pulled up to the window and said, "Lady, this is my next trip".

He got his fries.

Dad served on a Board of Directors that required him to travel alot for a few years. My Mom always went with him and took care of the details.

This one time, Mom was unable to go so he went on alone. He checked into the hotel, ordered room service, ate and got ready to put the tray back out in the hall.

Well, he opened the door, pushed out the tray, the door bumped him on the behind and,


He was out in the hall.

Without a key.

In his underwear.

My daddy.

In a hotel.

With lots of people.

In a city.

He saw a maid cart down the hall so he headed for that to get help. The maid thought he was a perv so she was pulling the cart one way and he was pulling the other (to protect what little modesty he had left). He did get help and get back into his room.

Now when we go to a hotel we always warn, "watch out for those Papa doors."

We all had "Papa" stories, and those were very eloquently told at his funeral by a US Senator and Pop Dryer(Shannon's dad at Rocks in my Dryer). It was a time of celebration of a life that was lived to the fullest.

I just hated giving Daddy up so soon. I wasn't ready for him to leave. I didn't have enough advice yet. I wasn't grown up enough to be without my dad.

God had other plans so we had to let him go. God never takes away without replacing. A few weeks after the funeral, The Princess was born. God's gift. To me. To heal my heart.

That calendar year we had two more births in our family. Two more babies to love and cuddle.

More healing.

That's been 10 years ago. We all miss him greatly but he left a legacy in all of us. Some of us have his hands, some his blue eyes, some his build and all his heart.

Thanks, Dad, for being mine for 45 years. I love you.....

He would get a kick out of the whole blogging Beachy Mimi thing....

I Fainted

Photobucket"Over here!"

"Wave it back and forth!"

"Pat her hand!"

sniff sniff, shuffle, blink, deep breath......."Oh, hi there, Peeps! Sorry about that small interruption. Beachy Mimi just passed out for a moment there and had to be revived with an ammonia stick." "This is PeepOne just bringing her around. She's fine and will be blogging soon."


Hi Peeps! Sorry about the small fainting spell. I read in Queen B's blog that she got her NOSE
PIERCED and I hit the floor.

Not to worry. I fainted when she got her ears pierced, too. In fact, I fainted when I got MY ears pierced.

I guess I just have an issue with pointy things that poke holes in the skin and blood spurts.

You go girl!! She has wanted to do this for a long time and I am so pround of her for stepping out of her comfort zone to do something harmless.

She is a totally normal woman doing totally normal woman things in her everyday life. I think all of us have a little bit of zing in our personalities that expresses itself in different ways.

B, pierced her nose. XYZ has pink streaks in her hair. Beachy Mimi wears her hair spiked.
Some people have tats. Some women paint their nails strange colors. Some women wear very bold colors and/or patterns. Some ride motorcycles. Some have convertibles.....

Expressions of parts of our personalities.

What's the little "zing" in your personality?


PhotobucketAs President, CEO, CBO, Queen, Writer, Editor, Typist and Maid here at Beachy Mimi. I decided to take a few moments to just sit back and reflect. On what, you say?

That Peeps, is a good question. Some of the reflection was leading down a path I'd rather not go right now, other paths were more positive and made me smile.

I just love it when I am out and about--groceries-errands-pumping gas-traveling--just where you least expect it, God places a Christian in your path. It has happened so often that now I kind of look for it.

On a trip I was wearing my cross pinky ring and the luggage handler pointed to the ring and said, "You are my sister-in-Christ". That will get your smile on!

At the hospital getting a test run.....nurses warned me the technician running the machine was a real bear. I just began talking to her and found a sweet woman in some obvious emotional pain.
Before I left, we had exchanged first names and agreed to pray for each other. Wow.

I have been standing in checkout lines and the subject of Christ just comes up....with strangers.
I love it.

This doesn't happen everytime. But, it does happen just often enough to give me a lift and get my smile going.

That got me to thinking. Do I give anyone a lift with a comment or a smile. Just because?
Because I am a Christian and Christ commands us to love others?

Excuse me a moment. I just fell down from stepping on my own toes and lost my balance.

Sometimes it seems the most "appropriate" response to people is to be beachy.....and I have been guilty. Oh, I have been guilty.

I know that God places these people in my path....how many do I ignore? I need to start LOOKING for those opportunities to share His love by a smile, a comment or some some gesture that costs me nothing but a few seconds of thinking about someone else.

ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER. I know I need it. You do, too. As does everyone else.

I think today in Sonic happy hour drink line, I am going to pay for the person in the vehicle behind me.....and tell the carhop to tell them I said to have a nice day. Maybe I will let someone with fewer items pass me in the Target line. The fussy postal worker seems like he could do with a "have a great day".

What can you think of to do?

Moving On

PhotobucketThe move is over! Over in the sense that I have stuff in the garage to put away and stuff in storage I may never see again.

I'm out of the house. It is a great feeling. I think it is called CLOSURE.

Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement. Life will now find a new normal and I can hardly wait to see what God has planned.

A big THANK YOU to PeepOne. When the packing and memories were overwhelming, I left to go breathe and she kept right on going. It is very much to her credit that we did this in three days. Wow. Friends are priceless.

Now for the real stuff. Didn't remove the "surprises". Oops. Left a couple more. Heh Heh

A little history might be in order. I have known Pacific since we both were 5. All through school we sat in ABC order in classes. He was A and I was B so we sat together EVERY DAY for 12 years. We developed a fantastic friendship growing up together.

The marriage didn't survive, but the friendship is still intact. All the little fun things I did at the house will be viewed by him with a chuckle. I didn't really do them to be evil, but to remind him we are still friends and I can poke at my friend.

Hey P, if you are reading this.........check in the freezer for your underwear.........

Shame on Mimi

PhotobucketGreeting to the Interpeeps!
I've done it now. I'm on PROBATION from QB for my questionable subject matter the last couple of days. She has the password and can zap me invisible at any time. So, today I won't be talking about THE GIRLS, hoochie orANY topics that might embarass my pastor. (like he reads blogs). I'll behave.

But I will tell you about my day. Packing. Going through boxes in the attic. Pictures. Old cards. Old love notes. Yearbooks. Emotionally draining.

Somewhere in the late afternoon I totally lost my head and became EVIL MIMI. She does surface from time to time......it's scary.

I totally blame PeepOne for encouraging me.

The Pacific's are gone for the weekend, which leaves me packing in the house by myself. Heh Heh.

I normally play well with others, but I got a little aggravated the other day when New Stepson was there to witness the "who gets what discussion". Very awkward for me.

Men can be so clueless.

Being the compassionate, understanding and kind person I am.....I decided to leave a few little
discoveries for the ex. Just one or two....or fourteen. Just maybe a picture or two stuck in a drawer.....or an old love note accidently left on a table. Hey! I'm confessing aren't I?

Okay, okay. I'll remove them when I go back tomorrow for the movers. But tonight? It sure has tickled me to think of those things laying around. Just let me have my fantasy overnight. I'll be a better person for it tomorrow.

I'm just keeping it real.

I PROMISE I'll move the stuff because that is so not nice and I am all about proper behavior and maturity (NOT).....and setting a good example.

However, I DID take all the flatware.........

Dressing Appropriately

PhotobucketPeeps, I will be checking out all your solutions in the next few weeks and report back on my findings. Who knew all that was available!!!

Packers come tomorrow. Movers come Saturday. The stress is almost over.

I am going to be Beachy Mimi today and voice an opinion on something that has bothered me for a long time. I would be interested to see how you feel about this topic.

I'm talking about mom's dressing appropriately.

Now I am not a fuddy duddy. I'm all about trying to look your best.

A few years ago, in church, I began to notice that the 30 something mom's were wearing clothing items meant for teenage girls (not my teenage girl), college girls or young 20's without children.

This doesn't mean that when you have children you have to dress dowdy. But, if you choose to procreate, one would think you would have some maturity and sense about clothing yourself.

Case 1--Worship and Praise Team Member. Yet to see her in anything with straps in the summer. It is always halter or strapless/backless. Dare I say tasteless. Your tan may be beautiful, but what message are you sending to your 8 year old daughter about modesty?

Case2--Beautiful Mom. Six feet tall with long blonde hair. Stunning. Now I'm short but not that short. Her skirts hit about my shoulder height. If I were to look up......well, we won't talk about nether regions here......4 daughters. What message do they get?

Case3--Middle Age Mom. Good tan. Meat and potatoes fed girl. Very short, tight skirts and 2 teenage sons. Mucho cleavage from the potatoes and gravy. What message are the boys getting about women?

I think this is another case of JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN DOESN'T MEAN YOU SHOULD.

Case 4--Female. Doesn't choose to wear underwear. Clothing too tight. 2 kids. I'm sorry but this one.....ewwww. Commando cannot be that comfortable. Get some Spanx.

I think skirts just above the knee are cute, but not above the hoochie. I'm so jealous of cleavage but not at church, maybe a cocktail party.

There are just some things that ALL women should wear (panties maybe....) and after a certain age, I don't care how beautiful and toned your body is, there are just some things you shouldn't wear. EVER.

That covers the women who could wear those looks and "look good". Now let's talk about those who wear those looks and..........shouldn't.

Get a mirror. A long mirror. Dress. Stand in front. Turn around. Look at yourself from behind.

If you have a muffin top, a roll over, or a big crease.......it's probably too tight. If the belly hangs over the waistband.....probably shouldn't wear that midriff baring top. If you are over the age of 18 months you shouldn't bare your midriff.

I'm so tired of seeing tats, thong tops and dare I say....cracks from jeans meant for a much smaller person (and younger).

I've taught young children. We are sending them mixed messages when our clothing choices border on tacky and tasteless. When in doubt.....don't.

Modesty has to be taught. It is a beautiful thing. Your kids are watching........


PhotobucketWelcome to another powerful post about Beachy Mimi's Beauty Musings (BMBM) where we explore the inconsequential stuff of beauty management.

Today I just have to blog about the girls. You know, THE GIRLS. We all have them. Different size, shapes, upper, lower, l-o-n-g-e-r,.......you know. Most of us have a set. We hope they are close to the same size, but not always.

The ideal placement for the girls in somewhere between your shoulders and belly button.
Perky is usually considered more desirable than sagging, and both are more desirable than a 34 Long......as in pointing straight down. (if you have deep valley cleavage I hate you)

Surgery can correct the long....it is worth it. Sorry Queen B, I'm just sayin......When you take off your shirt and the beams are pointing straight south, well....SOMETHING HAS TO BE DONE.

However, the post is not about that. I have a question about a very common issue for women.
The size doesn't matter, but we all have beams.

If you are fortunate, your beams stay contained at all times. Others, have a difficult time disguising the girls when they are on HIGH BEAM. Walk in to the freezing cold movie, a mall or a restaurant and schwing!!! HIGH BEAM GIRLS.

What's a Peep to do? I have tried bandaids: just look like a bandaid over a high beam.
I tried pushing in the beams with a round bandaid and I looked like I had two bullseye target practice berms.

Next was round cotton.....rounds and the square cotton....squares. It looked like I had stuck cotton pads in my bra. Very noticiable. Still had high beams.

Tape didn't work. It is either high beams or a jacket. Now I don't know about your location, but in the sweat pit South, a jacket in summer is just not practical. Or comfortable.

Husbands are NO help. They kinda like high beams. It's like a badge of honor for them to strut in front of their guypunks, "See what I caused?"


I've carried a very high purse, a book or magazine and even the arms across the chest. None of those look very natural.

The ABSOLUTE worst is when it happens at church. At least you have your Bible....unless you are chasing 40 children and you need both hands.


Old ladies (whose girls are down in South Central Grandma (or lower) screw up their lips and give you a look that screams, "Hussy".

Well, I can't help it. It's a problem. I have found few bras that adequately disguise the beam
on high.

So, Peeps, how do you deal with this Very Important Issue? Help............


PhotobucketThe Beachy House is happy to announce the $100.00 giveaway Sonic card to...

Congratulations!! E-mail me and I'll tell you what to do!! THE DAY IS SAVED!

Saving the Day...... A Giveaway!!!

PhotobucketDo you have any idea how much mail accumulates when you are gone for a month? Amazing. No wonder the postal people are always in a bad mood.

I have some wonderful Interpeep buddies. I'm going to tell you about PeepOne.

You are very fortunate if you have a friend to pal around with. Friends are truly a gift from the Lord, and not everyone has one. I have been through periods in my life when I had acquaintances, but not a running-buddy.

Now I am a FIRM believer that women need women. I know that husbands are usually our best friends and that is right and good. But, sometimes Peeps, you just need girl time.

I don't know how many years I have known PeepOne. Forever, it seems. Right from the first we hit it off and just had the greatest times doing stuff. She has always been my "travel buddy" and we have taken vacations, shopping trips, business trips and any- excuse- we- could- find
trips. Yes, she has even been with me on my some of my wild OOT haircut escapades.

Peep's husband is a super guy. He doesn't like to travel, but he sees the need in her to get out and do stuff so he doesn't mind when we take off for a few hours, a weekend or a week. Actually, about 10 days is his limit. But that's okay.

A true friend tells you the truth......regardless. Sometimes, ouch! But we need that. Sometimes we need someone to give us a kick or tell us to get our "big girl" britches on.
A true friend loves you despite your quirks and quackiness. A true friend is by your side when you need them.

I don't think PeepOne has been to my house in the past year that she hasn't brought me a Sonic coke and a breakfast biscuit (plain) from McDonalds. Every time.

If it is past breakfast time, she shows up with a Sonic coke to SAVE THE DAY.

Once again, PeepOne has come to my rescue. She's going with me to pack my stuff. And help.
And make me suck it up and get on with it. I need that.

And, I'm sure she will make more than one trip to Sonic to get us cokes and again, SAVE THE DAY!

Do you have a person in your life that saves your day? Someone that shows up when you need them and props you up when you can't stand by yourself?

My GIVEAWAY is a $100 gift card to Sonic.....what else? Maybe I can save YOUR day.

Just leave a comment and tell me about your Peep. I'll close the comments at 6pm CDT on Wednesday.


I'm Just Wild About Hairy

PhotobucketWow. Peeps, your compassion and understanding just overwhelm me. Thank you so much for the prayers and encouragement. I've got until next Tuesday to get it done. I'll keep you "posted".

Today I went to pick up my main man. Let me introduce you to Hairy or rather, Harry.

Harry has been at summer visitation with Pacific for the last time. Mrs. Pacific has a dog.

Several years ago, The Princess decided I needed a companion so she talked the rest of the family into going to the animal shelter and adopting a cat for me......for Mother's Day.

I didn't name him for several days. Usually animals will "name" themselves if you watch their habits and personality.

This cat didn't disappoint. I have never seen so much fur fly as this cat released from his body the first week I had him. Fur everywhere. I vaccumed and brushed and dusted endlessly.
It didn't matter. I cleaned it up........he shed more.

I told him, "You are the hairest cat I have ever seen!", thus, he became Hairy or Harry.

Right now, Harry is very mad at me for being gone for a month and he is ignoring me. That will last until bedtime.

We tried getting Harry to stay with Discount Kitty aka Chester and Oliver. He was terrified.
Of other cats. He's twice their size.

He could totally take them down. And probably most small dogs. But, my Harry is a wimp.

Love his heart. He wants to be brave, but life in the shelter just about did him in. He felt so

I'll post more about Harry's antics another time. I just wanted you to meet him.

Losing Focus

Peeps, it was so good to get home and sleep in the Beachy Mimi bed. It's pink, fluffy and soft. As sleeps sooo good.

Last week The Queen B did a post on why people blog. I was very impressed with your comments. The homeschooling moms' blogs, the ministry blogs, the funny blogs, imformative blogs, the rambling and the obscure blogs all have a place in the blogosphere.

I think it helps us form a "relationship" that can be missing from a busy woman/man's daily life due to time restraints, children, loneliness or work. Sort of a therapy.

So you are my therapy group.

Thanks, Peeps. It was so sweet of you to volunteer!

This is going to be a really tough week at Beachy House. For the first time since evil divorce entered my life, I am having to return to the Pacific House and get the rest of my things. I left them there because we were hoping the house would sell. It didn't. Pacific bought it because.......he is getting married in a couple of weeks.


I don't normally do this, but I want to say a couple of things about divorce.


If you are thinking about it. Think again. Then think again. Get counseling. Pray.

Now I realize that no matter what, divorce happens to people. I'm not talking about the people who need to leave a relationship that is dangerous, abusive, cheating or whatever. I'm talking to those of us who have been happily married......but we lost our focus.

I was married for 35 years and NEVER thought it would end in this way. It only takes a moment to take your eyes off Christ and quickly lose the focus. You start looking at yourself.
We've all done it at weak moments. It just takes a tiny crack........and then the crack festers and one day, possibly erupts.

I am great friends with Pacific, and I hope I always will be. As "amicable" as our situation was, it still hurt so many people. You can't avoid it. Children at any age hurt. Families hurt.
The pain is devastating...gut wrenching.

I don't see how people recover if they do not have Jesus in their lives. He has pulled me through, picked me up and put His arms around me. He's told me through His word (paraphrasing) "Beachy Mimi, just hang on tight to ME and you will be just fine, and so will Pacific."

And, it is true.

Pacific found his love early. My time will come in God's time. Jer 29:11 tells me that whatever He has planned for me is far better than anything I could ever come up with.

When I try to take control, well, that's when I start to lose focus. One of my daily prayers is,
"God, please protect me from what I want".

I should probably tatoo it somewhere, along with "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should", which is a post for another day.

Mrs. Pacific is a wonderful woman and the Pacific home will be happy, again.

But before she can move in, I've gotta get my stuff. Which is going to be hard.....lots of memories collected in 35 years, mostly fun and wonderful memories. After all, stuff is just.....stuff.

So, GO NOW and kiss and hug your partner and forget all the ways they irritate the heck out of you and make you want to pull your hair out and scream. Just LET IT GO. Festering is dangerous.......then you lose focus........and, well, there you are. You are left wondering, "How did THAT happen?" Having the last word IS NOT IMPORTANT.

I will try not to post any more sermonettes but since I am older than most of you, and if I can save you ANY pain in your marriage, it is worth this little space.