A Giveaway on Monday

Hi, Peeps! Beachy Mimi is back!

Come back Monday for a Labor Day Palooza Giveaway.

Until then, be safe this weekend and pray for all those in the path of Gustav.

Hidey Smidey

Hello, Interpeeps! This post is being written by me, Harry, since my Human is still under my bed sucking her thumb.

First of all, I can't believe all you guys are sucked in by that ANIMAL at the Palace named Hidey. Hey, don't expect me to spell, I haven't been to school. I went to visit Hidey once and she CHASED ME. HOW RUDE. And, that tail. It is the size of a tree branch and whacks everything. She even crashed into my Human once and gave her a black eye. She's just so gauche (Hidey, not the Human)

Since I have control of the computer, I'll just tell you how it is around here.
This is MY house and the Human lives with ME. I love the computer. When Human turns it on, it says "Harry, come here." SHE thinks it says, "You've got mail." I have heard, "Harry, come here,", very plainly with my own acute hearing.

I have spots in this house that are totally mine. If Human places anything in my spot, I immediately push it to the floor.

Human collects pigs. How lame. She put this pig plate on my spot on this counter and I promptly pushed it off. That was hard work, too. It's my spot and pigs are just...animals. Ewww.

This is my favorite position. Horizontal. It rocks.

Human got me this so I could drink running water. I love running water. Expecially if I can drink it from the bathtub. It's better than a Sonic coke, although I LOVE me some ice from the Sonic. When Human turns her back, I gouge a hole in the cup to get to the ice. Heh Heh

Human sleeps with me in MY bed.

I hang pretty close to her. She gives pretty good pets when I head butt her continuously. My favorite thing nudge her when she is trying to sleep. She's so easy.

The Palace has these two characters called Katz. They are ugly and make noises that sound like...me yow. I do not speak. I think. I am superior.

Some people think I am a Katz. I am not. I'm just a short, hairy Human.

This is my sunning couch. It is totally mine.

I also have two other viewing spots in front of windows. Our neighbors are pretty boring, but some have ANIMALS that I have to keep an eye on.

I occasionally dash out the door just to get the Human up and running. I wouldn't dream of staying out there. It's HOT. She chases me like I might run away or something. She's delusional. I just like messin' wit her.

I hate it when she turns into Beachy Mimi. Off she goes and leaves me here by myself. Other Humans come in from time to time to check on me but they don't know my hiding places. I'm shy. Go away.

Speaking of delusional, remember that story about the FROG? Like I was supposed to do something with it. I DON'T DO FROGS, MICE, LIZARDS OR ANY OTHER ANIMALS. You would think Human would have a clue by now.

I live to eat, get pets, and marvel at my beauty.
I am marvelous.
Human will be back soon.

After all, she's MY pet. Sorry I can't give you a face shot. I have to be careful, this is the internet after all.


Where's Beachy Mimi, Part 2

Peeps, I'm still in rehab. Sleeping mostly. Hopefully I will sleep right through any political conventions that might or might not be on TV.

I'll be back on a regular basis soon.

Where's Beachy Mimi?

Beachy Mimi is has checked in to Olympic Rehab. The games will be over soon and she will be unable to get her Olympic fix. Very sad.

And the pictures? As soon as BM masters the scanner. The photos are stacked up and ready to go. Heh Heh

She is SO the Boss of Me

I'M WORKING ON THE PROJECT. I thought I could snap some photos with my camera of some old photos and put those up. Nope. Doesn't work. I don't have a scanner so I have to go to Plan B.

They are coming.

I have been threatened with all sorts of dire consequences if I do this. Heh Heh

Somewhere along the way I lost all control. I think when she became a mother, she became the boss of me, too.

What's up with that?

I've got a great picture of Queen B feeding Hamlet, out pet INDOOR HOUSETRAINED PIG.
I know you want to see that.

So, Peeps, just hang with me for a little bit longer...

I Gots Nuthin'

Famous words spoken by a first grader on the first day of school when asked by the teacher (Beachy Mimi) where her school supplies were.

Bless her.


BM: "Hi. What is your name?"
T: "Teresa."
BM: "Teresa, I'm so glad you are going to be in my room this year!"
T: Sucks thumb
BM: "Did you ride the bus all by yourself?"
T: Nods head yes
BM: "Did you bring your school supplies with you today?"
T: Stares blankly at BM
BM: "Things like crayons, pencils, paper..."
T: "I gots nuthin"
BM: " Okay. That's just fine. Can you tell me what bus you rode today?" (bus duty is critical for a first grade teacher)
T: "The yellow one." (I so set myself up for that)
BM: "Okay. Can you tell me your last name?"
T: Stares blankly
BM: "Your other name? Does anyone ever call you something like Teresa Smith or Teresa Jones?"
T: Nods head yes
BM: "What is that?"
T: "Punkin"

And so began my first year of teaching. Her name was not Teresa Pumpkin by the way.

That's pretty much how this post is today. I gots nuthin'.

But, because PAYBACK is fun...I'm going to put up some embarassing pictures of the Queen B this week.

So come back later. I'll have sumpin'.

I Need a New Outfit...

...to wear to the acceptance ceremony.

More God Less Me
gave me the Arte y Pico Award

The rules for this award are:
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No Small Thing

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Mari's Morning Room

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I'm Passing the Award To...

Thanks again to all you lovely Peeps that blessed Beachy Mimi with an award this week. It truely thrills me that anyone would even stop by to read, much less give a bloggy award.

First, I must give the The Princess The THAT'S JUST BEACHY AWARD for starting up her blog after a long absense. You rock, sister. Come and get it!!

Then Fuschia passed this

New Awards!

The House of Beachy is so blessed! As CBO (chief blogging officer) of this website, I send out a big "THANK YOU SO MUCH" to the following fellow bloggers. First, The Princess for this lovely award. Thank you, sweetie, Mimi loves you.
And also to Joan at MORE HIM, LESS ME for this

The Arte y Pico Award

You girls ROCK!

Then today, Fuschia at Living in the Land of Pink gave me this great award.
Thank you my pink friend, you make me smile, too.

After I return from my little trip, I will pass these on. Thanks Peeps!

A Remembrance

I have posted here about my Dad, but I just had a few more things to say.

Eleven years ago, today, he went to be with the Lord after having open-heart surgery.
Actually, he made it through the surgery but never could wake up. It was a heart-breaking time for our family.

Eleven years later, we have a different abnormal normal dysfunctionality, but we are still a family. A couple of members are, umm , gone but I won't get in to that.

Daddy was one of the funniest persons I have ever known. Very quick wit. Loved to laugh. I got that from him, as did Queen B and The Princess.

Another little trait he passed to us was STUBBORNESS. I know, I know. Hard to believe, but it is true.

I have seen Daddy argue with stoplights, maps, road signs and if he had had a GPS back in 1997, there would have been a cuss-fight with the direction woman. We call her Kathleen because she has a smoky,sexy voice like Kathleen Turner. OKAY, so you are too young to remember Kathleen Turner. Just go with me here.

Especially since our Kathleen doesn't always work perfectly and we end up at a Walgreens where there is supposed to be a car dealership. Another story for another day. Oh, the RAGE. It would have been hysterical.

Daddy was a common man. Self-educated by experience and hard work. I have seen few people with the work ethic he possessed. Most of those were WWII veterans.

I was so homesick when I first went to college, I called home EVERY MORNING begging to come home. Daddy would get on the phone and tell me the story about him going off to war and how seasick and homesick he got on the way to Europe and the two years he was basically out of contact with family. I listened and stayed.

As I became a parent, I realized that although the story was basically true, it had the element of "I walked 5 miles in the snow to school...without shoes." You know the story. The story did the job and I guess that was the purpose.

He's sat on the truckbed and talked to people with no teeth, education or much of anything else, and he has also been in the Oval Office joking with a POTUS.

If you still have your dad, give him a big kiss today or call him on the phone "just because" and tell him you love him. Please do this for me because I'm not able to.
If your dad has already passed away, think of him with a smile today.

There's just nothing like a Daddy and a little girl, even if she's grown.

Back in the Stirrups Again

And I'm not talking about saddles and horses either.

I've not been feeling great so I went to the doctor yesterday to get a check-up. After talking with him for awhile he left the room. In a minute here came the nurse. She said the dreaded words, "Hop on the table, he wants to take a look."


She said, "Lay back and scoot to the end and I'll put your feet in the stirrups."


She strong-armed me onto the table to assume the position...and left.

I waited a couple of minutes.

I waited five minutes.

I went to sleep.

They forgot about me.

About 20 minutes later THEY WOKE ME UP to start the exam.

Groggy and trying to figure out why I was in this position, the doctors says, "Oh."

Not really what you want to hear from your doctor when he is addressing your privates.

Actually, I don't know what the appropriate words would be at this time. Maybe...silence.

I look at the nurse and she FROWNS and says, "OH."

Great. Just great.

Now the things racing through my mind....is the tootie not groomed well?, am I deformed?, has the "v" grown back together from non-use?, what's wrong?.

I couldn't stand it. I said, "Hey, what's wrong?"

The nurse laughed and said, "I guess we left you too long and cut your circulation off. You are BLUE."

It went well with my red face.

They finish their business and...I can't get up. I am stuck in "the position" and they don't realize it.

I start yelling (yes YELLING) "HELP!"

Nursie comes back and cracks up (pun intended) at my prediciment. She says, "We've not ever had this happen before. I think we just left you too long and your legs won't work."

Beachy Mimi: "Could you please help me get up? It's a little drafty here."
Nursie: Hysterical laughter. Bent over double with laughing.
Beachy Mimi: Not laughing so much.
Nursie: "Well at least you haven't lost your sense of humor!"
Beachy Mimi: Not so sure about that.

Diagnosis: partial paralysis, embarassimosis, and allergies.

And that will be all. Thankyouverymuch.

I Interrupt This Bloggy Break...

I just have to. Can't let this observation go by without commenting.

Are you watching the Olympics? I am. I love watching the determination and concentration of the faces of the athletes.

Friday night was the opening ceremony. Wow. Just, wow. The announcer said that several million dollars MORE was spent on this one ceremony that the one held in Athens. I have never seen anything like it. The commentator agreed he had never seen such an elaborate display and that Olympiadom would probably not see another like this in our lifetime.

Now, Beachy Mimi is all about bling, and more is MORE. I just couldn't enjoy it as much because I kept thinking of all the earthquake sufferers still there and all the people that are starving and suffocating-cough, cough,-in the pollution.

The unison of their movements were precise as anything I've ever seen. If they had messed up, would they have disappeared forever? I know the people have a tremendous amount of pride for their culture and country. But the lost souls? It just breaks my heart.

Today I've watched beach volleyball, let's just say I'd have issues with the sand in my suit, a big bicycle race and swimming.

Swimming makes me so hungry...even if someone else is doing it. I'm going for a snack now.

More Olympic Updates, later, Peeps.

I love the Olympics and thought the Chinese did a fantastic job. I do hope that the Olympics will open and help their country.

Winner of the Books!

Hi Peeps!

We have a winner for the Terri Blackstock book giveaway......

Tam of Oklahoma City. Tam, e-mail me with your address and I'll get those out for you.

Thanks to all who played.

Beachy Mimi is taking a break to spend a couple of days with my girls before school starts.

I'll be back soon. With another giveaway.



It makes Beachy Mimi SO PROUD.

If you haven't read Queen B today, you must. She has FINALLY shown that she inherited my inappropriate subject-matter gene.

I feel weepy!

I'm FREE! No longer can she threaten me with my password since she is guilty, too. Isn't that great how that works out?

I'm doing the Beachy Mimi Happy Dance.

In fact, I think she's earned a "That's Just Beachy Award" for her boldness in discussing bodily functions. You ROCK, B. Come get your award, baby!

In honor of such an IMPORTANT DAY, Beachy Mimi is giving away these four lovelies for your reading pleasure.

Yes, all four of this Terri Blackstock series.

All you have to do is answer one little bitty question THAT MATTERS.

"Do you paint your toe-nails (or as The Princess used to call them "no-tails") all year long?"

This is SERIOUS, Peeps. Beachy Mimi MUST KNOW.

I'll leave the comments open until noon CST on Thursday.

Love you, my Peeps!


I've been tagged by Mari at (http://marismorningroom.blogspot.com/) to do a MEME about six random things about myself. I've probably covered all you EVER want to know about me, but in the spirit of fun and bloggy love I'll give it a whirl.

So the rules are:

1) Link to the person who tagged you (http://beachymimi.blogspot.com/)

2) Post the rules on your blog (copy and paste 1-6)

3) Write 6 random things about yourself (see below)

4) Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them

5) Let each person know they have been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.

6) Let the tagger know when your entry is up

Alrighty then.

Random stuff about Beachy Mimi:

1. For the last 30 plus years I have learned to eat one new thing a year. I started my adult life eating only meat, potatoes and bread. No kidding.

2. When I get sleepy, I rub my ears. Don't know why. I've done it all my life.

3. I don't like any kind of candy bar. Abnormal, I know.

4. My favorite books are military fiction, spies and espionage. Weird, I KNOW.

5. I love to eat fast food...in the car.

6. I think bald heads are sexy and I love men's cologne (on them)

Whew! Okay, now I pick 6 bloggers to participate and do the same!! Have fun!

How about:

The Queen B
The Bayou Belles and their Beau
Living in the Land of Pink
My life as a mother, wife and woman
Today at Jen's house

Have fun ladies!! I look forward to reading about you!

Vanity Plates

Hi Peeps!

As I travel around, I always get a kick out of VANITY PLATES. That is, license plates that convey a message of some sort. People are so clever. I know you have seen them or maybe have one yourself. If you know of some, just add to the list in your comments.

Have a Super Sunday!

Urologist in our town CME2P
Another IPRNWTR not sure about that one (I.P. Rainwater)
Pharmacist PILROLR

There are tons more. Share with us!!!

Love you, my Peeps!

Escape, At Last

Chomp, chomp, chew, chew. Hi, Peeps! Beachy Mimi here, eating my words about the Propane Convention.

I actually had lots of (wine) fun.

The people there were so nice. Not a snob in the bunch. Just a group of people getting together to get the requirements out of the way and having a good time while doing so. No obnoxious drunks, either, which is unusual for most conventions that are not Christ-related.

The PROPANE STYLE SHOW was precious. The ladies LOVED it. It didn't matter that the styles were...different. Everyone had a big smile and there was tons of joking and laughter.
And wine...but we won't go there.

The talent show was a hoot. Lots of country/western singing and playing. Very good sports.
The highlight of the evening was the appearance of a 70 year old fake Elvis. TOO FUNNY.
The guy next to me said, "I believe he's better than the real Elvis!" Huh? What?

One very funny note to the weekend. As parents, the desire to protect and help our children never leaves us...apparently. All mothers want to make things all-better for their children whatever their age.

Enter the Parental Unit.

PU and a friend thought they would be really cute to "set me up" with a guy my age they thought was "nice". Oh, brother.

Obviously, PU has not done much of this "setting up" because she didn't realize there needs to be RESEARCH DONE.

Oh yeah, the guy doesn't know anything about it either. They think they will introduce us and
TA DA. Instant attraction.

So, at this dinner, PU casually says, "Beachy, I want to introduce you to Urkel."

She and her match-making buddy begin to look for Urkel in the crowd. After a few minutes, someone tells her, "Urkel left. His 22 year old girlfriend is having a baby."

Okay. That's just wrong on so many levels.

I gave the PU the "stare".

ME: "What are you up to?"

PU: "I just wanted you to meet Urkel. He's a nice boy."

Translation. Nice boy=man that says hello to an 85 year old and holds the door open for her.

ME: "That's up for debate."

PU: "Well, I think he's nice."

ME: "Did the whole part about the baby and 22 year old girlfriend just whiz on by?"

PU: "Well, I didn't know."

ME: "Did you think of maybe...CHECKING?"

PU: "No. He's never mentioned having a girlfriend."

ME: "Please, NO MORE HELP."

Now I remember why parents don't get to pick the spouse.