Happy Fall, Peeps!

Many of you will be going to Fall Festivals, Halloween Dress Up Parties, etc.  and I hope you have a great weekend,

I've got more pictures for next week, but for now...I have to do laundry and go through my mail before the electricity is CUT OFF.

Enjoy your weekend!!

The Detox: Part Three

Okay, Peeps.

I am not affiliated in any way with the foot detox people.

When I got home from my lovely beach trip...

That's PeepOne and Beachy Mimi sunning...heh heh

Mr. Wonderful had ordered his own foot detox machine for our home!

He researched the whole process for about 6 hours...Mr. W is all about research...and found a machine that he felt was the best for us.

It came in the mail on Tues. and we immediately set it up when Mr. W got home from work.

I set it up in the bathroom with my leopard print closet chair (so cute) in front of the tv (yes, I have a tv in my bathroom.   I can't help it.   I have tv issues).

Mr. W went first because I couldn't wait to make fun of him for the nasty detox water.   I will insert here that they sent a chart to help you decide what the colors in the water mean.   Like, heavy metals, liver, gall bladder, etc.  Also, someone mentioned that the water would turn colors without your feet in the water.   That's true.   However, that water is not oily/greasy (sorry, just being truthful) like your detox water is.

After Mr. W did his detox, I did mine.   Our water was completely different.  We spent the whole time staring at the tub saying, "Wow.  Look at that!   Gross!"

We have limited entertainment venues in our town.   We have to make our own fun.

Now, I'm not saying do this treatment or anything.  I'm just reporting.   At the Beachy House, we have much more energy.

This will probably be my last in depth report on the nasty.  But I will say that Mr. W has noticed  a significant difference in me.   He says I am "brighter".   However, that could be attributed to my hair color...just being truthful...  I'm not as sluggish and droopy in the afternoon and evening as I have been for the last ten years little bit.

And here PeepOne and Beachy Mimi are walking down the beach...bwahahahahahaha

I just tickle myself.   Thanks to the girls who unknowingly had their picture taken. heh heh

My bad.


Since we felt so much better after our first foot detox, we made appointments to go back for a second treatment.   You can do it every three days for 14 sessions.

Unfortunately we won't be here for 14 sessions, but anything is better than nothing.

This is the water as we began

Nice and clean.  I'm feeling pretty good at this point.

PeepOne's water is clear, too.  She's feeling pretty cocky.

This is after 5  minutes.   My joint issues are showing up in the color of the water, plus PeepOne's joint issues are showing plus yeast.

Am I getting too personal?  

Just being truthful.  I'm all about truth and fairness.  Heh Heh

After 15 minutes we both are showing deeper joint problems (which we have) and yeast.

As an aside, aren't those towels under the basins cute?

The results.   The diagnosis.  The gross.
PeepOne...the joints.
Beachy Mimi...near death.   What is that nasty?   Liver, gallbladder, and every coca cola I have had in the past fiftyyears few days.

I need to go to bed and be waited on.   I feel sick...

I feel we must get Monistat immediately.

More later, Peeps.

That Was Too Gross

So sorry, Peeps.   That was just gross.   However, I try to keep you informed about all things spa, beauty and the world around.

Mr. Wonderful was so impressed with the iky(boys) he has already ordered a machine and will have it when I return home.

He can't wait to see what comes out of him...just keeping it real.

So, now, something pretty...

The beach is so beautiful at sunset.   I guess the sunrise is too.  I wouldn't know.  heh heh

And show you something else ugly.  I need a pedi!   BAD.  I can hear Queen B saying M-O-T-H-E-R!!

Just keeping it real here at Beachy Mimi.

I think I may do a beach toe search.  Have you ever noticed that some people wear sandals and their toes hang off?   It has become a mimi-obsession with PeepOne and me. 

I think we are going to start a tally and report back to you.

Not that I would EVER take unauthorized toe shots of anyone.  Heh Heh.

I love my Peeps.


I've mentioned before on this very blog that PeepOne and I are Spawho..s.

We found a Wellness Center, which we didn't even know existed, looking for a place to rub our feet and necks and make us feel special better.

Well this place does give massages..teaching massages when the masseuse yaks  instructs the whole time and you aren't able to go to sleep.

Then the facial lady, whom I wanted to tell me how pretty my skin was and how I was in good shape for my age, spent most of the time with "extractions".   I was so embarassed.

Then...drum roll... we thought we were getting a foot soak and rub and instead got FOOT DETOX.

After 35 minutes I was so totally grossed out by my pan of sludge.

PeepOne needs a hospital...quick.   Air

I believe I am dying from Coca Cola injestation. Is there such a thing?

The PU has some serious joint issues going on.

We have been all over the internet researching ionic foot baths and have found many different opinons.

I will say that we all felt great  GREAT afterwards.    My first time sludge was different from the one in this picture.  We are going again just to see if it is real.

Have the Peeps had this done?   Got any recommendations?


I'm so very surprised no one has suggested a photography class for Beachy Mimi.

I guess you are just being too kind.

While Mr Wonderful toils away at the shop, The Parental Unit, PeepOne and Beachy Mimi are messing around on the beach enjoying this magnificent weather.

As I told you, The PU just turned 88 and we are helping her celebrate.

I am being so helpful to her by holding down this little piece of sandy beach so it won't blow away.

The waves are such a therapeutic time for me.

Speaking of toes...which we weren't...What color are your toes this Fall?    I am still on my standard pinky-pink but I have noticed alot of purple.

Tell me what you are wearing, Peeps!

Last of Alaska Pictures

Peeps, I wish you all could have been with us on our trip.

Alaska is just so...vast.   So much is undeveloped and the air smelled so clean, crisp and fresh.   I just loved it.

Notice that stream up above?  A man was fishing and ran upon one of the above.   He got away, but was  injured by the bear.

Of course I didn't know this until dinner that night.  I would NEVER have gotten out of the car.

If I had come upon a bear...my scream could have been heard all the way to Anchorage.  Maybe beyond.
And I would have been eaten.

I was obviously facinated by water.

The day we left there was a little snow on the ground!

That's it, Peeps.   I hope you enjoyed taking my Alaskan journey!

Alaska Animal Sanctuary

another bear

very large, hungry bear

Caribou   (reindeer)
One thing that disappointed me was the lack of animal sightings.

There wasn't even roadkill to talk about.

So, we found some animal sanctuaries that take in abandoned or injured animals and leave the healthy animals in the wild.   I like that idea.

Here are a few pictures of things we saw.

Baby Musk Ox

Musk Ox

 Actually, this is the Musk Ox.   I'm not sure what the other thing is.

Injured bear.

Lazy Moose

Lazy Moose...rear view

We actually saw many more...polar bear, yak,  larger moose, camel (camel? in Alaska?),  grizzly, baby grizzly, etc., but somehow those pictures did not make it.

I sort of felt like I was violating the animals by taking pictures of them in captivity.  I know they would otherwise be dead, but it still felt wrong.

Anyway, this is a sampling of what we saw.   They were being well taken care of.


Off down another road, we ran into another glacier.

Don't have a clue about the name.

ICEBERGS!!   Well, maybe not bergs...but they were ice chunks in the water.   Does it have to be a certain size before you can call it a berg?

Apparently this facinated me.

This was so cool.  It is a tunnel that runs for 2.5 miles through a mountain of solid rock.   You must pay $12 and wait for your schedule.   It runs for about15-30 minutes one way, then it reverses and allows vehicles to come back through.  In the summer, a train also shares the tunnel which makes the wait time longer.

On the other side is Whittier.  A pretty little town.  Cruise ships dock here.  I think the only way to get there is by water or through that tunnel.

Isn't that water so blue and beautiful?

Lots of fishing in this little place.   Not even a grocery store, though.

More boats

And yet another tunnel to drive through.   I loved that!


We did alot of driving.   I think I said that already.   Sorry.  There is so much to see!  These red berries...

...were on these trees.  Such a beautiful splash of color for the Fall.

As we headed North, we passed through Wasilla.   The famous resident was there (we saw her on TV that night) but was not out and about.   However, we did see a moose on the side of the road.   Mr. Wonderful was driving too fast in traffic so we didn't get a picture.

We also saw a bear out on the tundra, but we had to view it through binoculars and couldn't get a picture.

This is a bear from the hotel.   Does that count?

I thought not.

This is Mt. McKinley from 41 miles away.  We decided to drive to Denali National Park (a 3hour drive one way) and got within 27 miles and found out it was closed for the season.  The residents call this mountain Denali.

Mt. McKinley (Denali) is over 20,000 ft. tall and is the highest peak in North America.

The creeks are rather dry.  Just wait until that snow (that will be coming) melts!

As we traveled Northward, the trees were shedding leaves faster.

Random tree shot.

I'm sure I thought this shot had merit...at the time.   Don't remember now.

Did you know there are more trees in Alaska than any other state?

Another random.   I guess it was the mountain.

That's all for today, Peeps.   More later...