An Absolutely Beautiful Day

Oh, Peeps! It is a gorgeous day here on the coast. The sun is shining, people are out walking on the beach and everyone is SMILING. It's just amazing.

Sibling and SIL went home yesterday so I'M OFF THE COUCH! Not that I minded being there, but it is SO nice to have a bed for a few nights.

PU and I are going to Target, love, love, love, and to the grocery story and who knows what else.

I hope there is something making you smile today....please leave me a comment and tell me.

I've Got The Power!

Yes, Peeps. I now have power to the computer and the internet.

Not for long. Maybe long enough to get this posted.

First, thank you for all the prayers on the behalf of Queen B and The Palace. They and others like them are really in a mess right now.

A tree fell on G.'s house--through the roof-- and another fell on his son's car--breaking the windshield and denting the hood.

This is sort of a NWA version of a hurricane or something. We get some of these ice storms about every 10 years or so and our infrastructure is just not equipped to cope with all the damage.

This has taught me a good lesson. When I return from Florida (sorry B) I plan to fix up a disaster kit with all the necessary tape, water, tools, chainsaw?

Those of you who went through Katrina, Ike or some other natural disaster know how difficult it is for people unable to work (no work=no pay).

They all need our prayers.

Now, I wish to address another topic. G. G. and the tacky comment left by Anonymous on the NOT AGAIN! post.

Did you know that when you sign as anonymous, I can still look you up so I know who you are.

I am not being disrespectful of G. He has a great sense of humor and is still laughing over me asking to see his toes. He knows he needs some "rehabilitation" because he has been alone for 4 years. He is a happy camper and yes, I have done some very nice things for him. I just told him that Valentine's Day was his chance to really shine. I think he will probably cook for me and I think that is great.

The personal attacks? Whatever. That person doesn't know me AT ALL.

That person can also BITE ME and move on to another blog that makes them happy.

Sorry, Peeps. I wasn't even going to mention it but Evil Beachy Mimi got the best of me.

More tales from the beach later....

Greetings from the Sand

It is a study in FRUSTRATION to try to get anything posted from the Love Shack. The internet service flicks on and off...mostly off.

Still in Florida with PU and the Sibling and Wife. Wife is an excellent cook so I manage to be...elsewhere when cooking time comes. I clean up. With Sibling supervising. It's just the older brother-younger sister thing.

We are watching a 20 hour marathon Western from the '70's for our entertainment. Yeah.

G. calls everyday. I'm thinking of giving him a small chance through Valentine's Day because there is no time to cultivate another relationship between now and then..

He did try to appease me by telling me I had lips like Angelina Jolie. Hahahahahhehehehehehehhohohohohohohohhahahaha. Of course I choose to believe him!

I expect a big welcome home and big Valentine's hoopla. If he doesn't deliver...adios fungus toes!

Sorry, Evil Beachy Mimi just appeared for a moment.

Running Away...The Answer to Life's Problems...

Yep, Peeps.

I've run away. To Florida. To be with the Other Crabs on the Beach.

Not a bad place to run to. The Parental Unit and the Sibling and his wife all came down together to get away from cold weather.

My internet usage is spotty at best, so my posts may not be as regular as before. Not that I've been posting every day or anything...Trying to have a dating life is time consuming. All that personal maintenance and everything.

So, have a good weekend. I'm on the beach looking for bald guys.

Not Again!!

Peeps. Beachy Mimi is just not meant to have a love interest at this time.

G. showed so much promise.

Let me tell you about the romantic date that...wasn't.

Actually, that's the problem. There is absolutely nothing to tell. We did go out to eat which was nice. We went to a movie and had to sit on the first row. And...that's all, Peeps.

No dancing, no big romance. Nada. Nothin. Blah.

In fact...get ready for this...

HE TOLD ME MY ANKLES WERE...FAT. Seriously. Remember how nice I was about his toes? Well, I think he had the beginnings of a fungus on one toenail, the jerk.

What man tells any woman she has Amish Ankles? Not a married one, that's for sure.
Nor one that wishes to continue dating on a regular basis.

Then he had the nerve to ask me if he hurt my feelings.

Well, YES! My inner two-year-old wanted to come back with a real beachy comment like..."fat ankles match your fat gut", or, "tubby tummy, you are one to talk about body parts".

However, I conducted myself like a lady and kept my mouth shut. I know. I'm a chicken, but I hate confrontation.

By the way, he is so far off the radar I don't even remember his name.

Ha. Ha. So. There.

I "Toed" You It Was Okay

I have gotten several comments and e-mails about my toe-viewing...issue. Everything from a fetish to a mental disturbance of some sort.

So, I will tell you again, Peeps, it is perfectly normal.

I have this obsession about pampering and hygiene. I know, it's a little over the top but still in the upper normal range of dysfunctional.

My purpose was two-fold. Beachy Mimi has a WACKY sense of humor. If G. could not laugh at a toe viewing, and see the wackiness of it, then he couldn't even begin to understand me.

Secondly, if his toes had been gross (believe me, if I thought they were I NEVER would have been out with him or asked to see them) that would have given me a clear indication that he was not up to the male maintenance standards that most women desire.

However, in light of this confession, I have had to promise Queen B that I would NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask to see any other part that is not readily viewable in normal daily attire. Up to and including any other feet examinations.

So, G. is safe from inspection (maybe behind the ears?). For now at least.

He's taking me dancing this weekend and a R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C. DATE.

It has been so long since I dated, I'm not sure what that is. But G. is fun so I'm sure it will be something a little off the wall but very proper.

Details Monday.

I know Nothing

And that's a fact.

I had a great birthday dinner with the Queen and the family and a later date with G.

It's all goood. G. is two years older than Moi. We're just having fun right now.

I am not doing New Year Resolutions this year. I never keep them, anyway, so why put myself through the agony of thinking them up and then the depression of knowing good and well I won't even attempt to do them.

Makes sense to me.

Getting ready to to to Florida with PU for a couple of weeks. MUST be back by Valentine's Day...and G. better pony up with a fun, romantic date.

Did I tell you I checked out G.'s toes? I have this thing about men's toes. They must be clean and groomed.

So, after we left the restaurant Saturday night....
BM: "G. I have something important to ask you."
G.: "O....K......
BM: "I need to see your toes."
G.: "Excuse me?"
BM: "I need to see your toes."
G.: "My...toes?" hahahahahahahah harharhahar tee heee
BM: "Strip off the socks, buddy"
G.: Removes socks from feet and holds them up for inspection.
BM: Inspects toenails carefully.
G: Still laughing uncontrollably
BM: "Well, you pass"
G: "And if I hadn't?" hahahahahahaha
BM: "You would now be talking to yourself." Bwahahahahahahahaah
G.: "Of all the things...and you want to see my TOES?" teeheeteeheeteehee
BM: "Toenails tell me Alot. ALOT.

Current score: Kissing G. Passing with flying, soaring colors
Toes G. Very nice, pleasantly surprised

I'll keep you updated on the next test.

Happy Birthday to The Queen!!

Thirty-five years ago I was a cocky know-it-all-about-everything twenty year old clueless woman about to experience THE EVENT of my lifetime...the birth of Queen B.

Life changing. Awesome. Powerful.

The transformation of Beachy Mimi was immediate. I had never felt such an intense emotion as the bond of love I had for her.

I have messed up alot as a mother. Alot. But, she is still the best thing I have ever done; my greatest accomplishment.

Actually, the credit all goes to God but I like to pat myself on the back sometimes!!
(you know...for those teenage years)

So here, January 10, 2009, my baby is 35 which makes me OLD. I love you, sweetheart.

You are my favorite person.

Here We Go...2009!

Whew, life has really been hectic lately. Victor just got released from jail and
Ashley is back in the's The Young and the Restless.

I have been so busy getting ready for Brooke and Ridge's wedding...nooooo..that's The Bold and The Beautiful.

OOPS! Someone may or may not have been watching too much tv at the Beachy house.

It is good to be back amoung the bloggyworld. I've missed you, Peeps!

The whole holiday season was much too crammed and I make a new resolution to dismantle and rebuild the whole structure for next year.

G. is still here!!! Yay! He is getting less shy and he is so sweet. We like so many similar things and laugh alot.

I actually baked an apple pie FROM SCRATCH for him. I KNOW. Amazing isn't it.
And, I fixed soup. And cornbread. G. likes cokes, too. Be still my heart.

I called The Princess to tell her about the pie and she said, "It's a miracle."
She also said, "Mimi, I thought we (she) had decided you weren't going to see G. again."

I had to do alot of fast talking to get out of trouble.

I'm still seeing him, though.

Have a great time getting back into your "normal" schedules! See you tomorrow, Peeps!