Return from Las Vegas

We're BA-A-CK!

And married!

Many stories to tell you, but just give me a couple of days to catch my breath.

Winners of the giveaway---don't give up, I'll contact you and send your prize in a couple of days!!

Mr. Wonderful became Mr. Semi-Wonderful on Saturday morning. As I slept, he sneakily made a photocopy of our marriage certificate...with a fake expiration date written on it. When the Bride awoke...wham! Mr. Semi-Wonderful presents me with the certificate with an EXPIRATION DATE.

I can't even begin to describe the many emotions and thoughts that went through my brain.

He, naturally, is laughing so hard he is crying from the look of horror on my face.
In fact, he is still laughing out loud when he thinks about it.


I'll get even.

Winners are....

16 25 4 27 11 30

email me at beachymimi dot gmail dot com with your address and you wil get one of six Target giftcards for $50.

Just think of the happy giveaway I'll have after the honeymoon!!

Mr. Random is Computing

...and the winners will be announced in a bit.

Five More Days...

... Until the big day. Beachy Mimi is flying to Las Vegas with Mr. Wonderful to get married in a little wedding chapel on the Strip.

The Ultimate In Tackiness!!

The Elvis was already booked, so we had to settle for a normal person. Bummer.

Pictures later.

Bless PeepOne's heart. She took great pity on my very unorganized life the last few years and CLEANED OUT MY CLOSETS. Oh YES SHE REALLY DID. Is that a friend or what!!

My wedding duds are very simple. Long browny gold silk skirt and tank with a killer jacket. Very suitable for a fifty-something but still cute and elegant.

We get off the plane at 4 and get married at 8. You talk about a rush.

We purchased the Lesser Extreme Tacky Package vs. the More Extremely Tacky Package.

Do you think I should carry a bouquet?

I'm kinda thinking not since I won't be making a Dramatic Entrance. Oh, I am all about Dramatic Entrances, but it doesn't come in the 30 minute Limited Tacky.

The Chapel furnishes music and I can only imagine what will be playing. If it is "You Light Up My Life", I will run down the Strip screaming.

I'm thinking more "At Last", or, "Suddenly", or "What the Hell are You Thinking?".

I'll just have to be flexible on the music, as most other things regarding the ceremony.

Busy week ahead.

In honor of the Wedding of the Week and also Beachy Mimi's birthday, I'm offering a few giveaways from my favorite store....TARGET!

Just leave your name, how to contact you and some wedding advice. Contest will end Wednesday evening at 6 pm cdst, and the winners will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday morning.


Oh Peeps!

Beachy Mimi has been a very busy Mimi for the last few weeks.

Mr. Wonderful has totally swept me off my feet and on Labor Day Weekend he got down on one knee and asked me to become his wife.


We will be flying to Las Vegas and eloping for the event.

Maybe when we return I might have a picture or two.

Picking out my wedding duds tomorrow!!