About the Kissing...

Some of the Peeps are very curious about the kissing proficiency of Mr. Wonderful.

Why do you think I'm calling him Mr. Wonderful? Heh Heh

Dating someone from another country/culture/time zone/whatever is sometimes a challenge.

Today Mr. Wonderful and I drove to another town to meet his children and their fams.

They were so nice to me. I felt very comfortable and very welcome.

At lunch time...Mr. Wonderful had made South African potato salad and his son grilled for everyone.

The meat? Sheep. Yep. Sheep.

I informed Mr. Wonderful that in Chaos, USA, we don't eat our pets, but he still insisted I take a bite.

It really wasn't bad. Out the window from the kitchen I saw a little bitty goat sitting by a doghouse (goathouse?). I made the mistake of saying, "What's that?"

Simultaneously, the whole table said, "Bubbles." and "Thanksgiving Dinner."

I made a point to go outside and meet Bubbles the Goat so I could claim a personal relationship with him and therefore he is inedible to me.

I think I'll make plans to travel elsewhere for Thanksgiving...

A Note to the Peeps

I guess I have given you the impression Mr. Wonderful is British.

He isn't.

He is from a country in the Southern Hemisphere.

One of the first things I asked him was, "Does your water really go down the drain backwards?"

He just looked at me and said, "I have no idea."

I'm just dying to know.

Anyway, Mr. Wonderful is from South Africa. And that's all the info you are getting from me. (for today)

I Cooked...It's A Miracle

Well, Peeps. Cooking might be stretching it a little bit.
But I did make an effort to impress Mr. Wonderful with my skillz.

I went to KFC and got a bucket of their wonderful grilled chicken, brought it home and put in in my container in my oven. Brilliant!

I also fixed green beans. Fairly safe choice, and Mac and Cheese. After all, Mr. Wonderful likes cheese, right?

WRONG! Not Mac and Cheese!

Bless him, he ate it before he told me.

Not Mac and Cheese? That's UnAmerican...oh right. He IS from another country...

Lost In Translation

Mr. Wonderful tells me that most people have trouble understanding his English with his very pronounced accent. I haven't had any trouble so far...

However, we are finding that some words are just...different in different countries.

A little background...

I told you Mr. Wonderful has made it his personal quest to "enhance" (in his opinion) my eating habits.

From the beginning of our dating, he has loved taking me to the grocery store and showing me all the things he thinks I should try. He also tells me hilarious stories about how difficult grocery shopping was for him when he first came to the USA.

He gets much entertainment from taking me to ethnic grocery stores to point out "delicacies" from other countries.

On this particular day, we were at the local market looking for something to snack on.

Oh, we were in my little Smart car which is a different color than his. We do this to confuse his friends to our great amusement (hey, we are old and have to create out own entertainment).

Mr. Wonderful thought he would love some cheese. We walked over to the cheese cooler and he looked through a gazillion different kinds of cheese. Who knew there was more than Velveeta?

He found some nasty looking stuff and pronounced it "EXCELLENT" and wonderful with biscuits. OoooKaaaaay.

I told him to check out and I would go get the biscuits and meet him at the front of the store. I love me some hot biscuits and butter.

As we walk out to the car, Mr. Wonderful says, "I'll just put this in your boot."


Come again?

I must mention that I had on my skinny jeans and my Fabulous Frye Boots I Love And Make Me Look Taller.

BM: "You are going to put that in my BOOT?

MR. W: "Yes. Your package, too."

BM: "Sorry. But there is no way you are putting that nasty cheese in MY boot."

Mr. W: Throws me a look of panic..."But it is all wrapped in paper and will not leak"

BM: "Nope. Not going to happen"

Mr. W: "May I ask why?"

BM: "May I ask why you want to eat cheese that has been carried in my shoes?"

Mr. W: Bends over laughing. Has to hold on to the car...laughing so hard. Tears streaming down his face...laughing so hard.

BM: Frowns.

Mr. W: Beachy Mimi, a BOOT is the back end of your car.

Not here in Chaos, Mr. Wonderful. Whatever.

He snickers all the way to my house and I'm trying not to giggle.

We get in the kitchen and I asked:

BM: " Do you like your biscuits hot or cold?"

Mr. W: "Oh, just out of the package is okay."

BM: "Huh? You eat cheese with with raw biscuit dough?" I pull out a can of Grand's to show him.

Mr. W: "What is THAT?"

BM: "Biscuits."

Mr. W: "No, no! Biscuits are little cookie/cracker things."

Oops. Again, not in Chaos, USA.

We are working on communication.


I have more stuff to tell you anyway. Since you insist...heh heh

On a Saturday evening, I made arrangements with The Palace to meet Mr. Wonderful and moi at a restaurant.

Mr. Wonderful was understandably apprehensive after I told him about Queen B's piercing eyes, not to mention The Princess and THE GLARE.

I was so proud of all my kids. All three were very charming and sweet to Mr. Wonderful. The conversation flowed smoothly and all was well.

The restaurant was FREEZING. FREEZING I TELL YOU!!

The King and Mr. Wonderful got up to go to the men's room. When they were out of earshot, Queen B HISSED at me, "MOTHER! GET OUT OF HIS LAP!"

My eyes got huge and I said, "What? What are you talking about? I'm just cold and sitting close to get warm."

The Princess piped up and said, "MIMI! YOU ARE SO

Whatever. I really wasn't. This complaint from three people sitting across the table from us in a HEAP because they didn't have jackets.

Cut me some slack, Palace!!

By the way. This was a Normal Restaurant with Normal Food.

Mr. Wonderful has taken a personal challenge to introduce me to "new" foods. I'm suffering...just one little bite.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how our conversation gets Lost In Translation!


Another Boring Post

My dating life is apparently boring to everyone but me, so I'll keep it short and end your torture.

On Sunday, Mr. Wonderful was prompt and picked me up by 9 AM.

He decided we would just drive and talk.

We drove for hours. All over Northwestern Chaos. We visted 3 State Parks, a Mall, a restaurant and hours and hours of laughing and conversation. It seemed like 5 minutes.

We stopped at a nature viewing spot and Beachy Mimi HIKED!

Well, maybe hiked is too strong a word. I did walk down a dirt path in my flip flops.

He took me to an overlook on a bluff with beautiful scenery and a natural spring.

Of course, we had to crash a picnic by a very large family (think 20) to get to the overlook, but there were so many people there I don't think they noticed.

The view was breathtaking and I said, "That is absolutely beautiful."

Mr. Wonderful said in a soft voice, "Yes. IT IS."

I turned to look at him because his voice sounded strange and HE WAS LOOKING AT ME.

Hispanics (by this time) watching carefully. And my feet were DUSTY.


We've been dating every day since and are having a wonderful time.

As promised, I will say no more but if there is a juicy tidbit I'll let you know!

The Second Date

I was still very happy with the first date and eagerly anticipating the second.

Promptly, Mr. Wonderful shows up and off we go.

He asked me where I would like to grab something to eat and I replied, "Sonic? McD's?" and he replied, "Have you ever had Vietnamese food?"


So off we went to a new dining experience for me.

When having such a gastronomical invasion of uncertain foods, one must worry about strange things settling in between your visible teeth and gastrointestinal distress aka diarrhea. Not a good date problem.

I ate VERY CAREFULLY and I must say the food was delicious.

We attended a great date movie (as in comedy) and then sat on my front porch talking until midnight.

Before he left, he asked to spend the whole next day (Sunday)with me and told me he would pick me up at 9. That's 9 AM. Of course I said YES! We had an awesome day.
Tell you about it later.

Now, to answer about The Palace and their verdict of Mr. Wonderful. You must ask them, Peeps. I'm scared of Queen B.

Details, Details

Well, Peeps. It seems like most of you can't get past how we met and where Mr. Wonderful got my phone number.

If you must know.... I asked him and he told me he got it from the men's room wall at the local truck stop. 1-555-Hot-Mama or something like that. JUST KIDDING!!

I think I told you previously I joined a local group that introduces singles of similar likes/dislikes. It has been a total disaster (refer to previous posts).

However, Mr. Wonderful got my number just as I was quitting this group of quacks and that is where we are now.

Where was I? German Restaurant?

After dinner we sat talking and laughing and he asked me if he could buy me a cup of coffee. I said yes (I don't drink coffee or anything resembling coffee), so I followed him to a coffee shop a mile or two from the restaurant.

I ordered my coke (heh heh) and he got coffee and we sat outside and talked until they asked us to leave so they could close.

He was such a gentleman and so much fun to talk to. I thought "Now THIS is what a date is supposed to be".

He walked me to my car and said goodnight. He opened my door, I got in and that was that.

Bummer. No mention of a second date or anything. I sat there for a moment before starting the car. I saw some movement from his car out of the corner of my eye and then there was a "tap tap" on the window. Since I have not yet found the button or handle that opens the windows I had to open the whole door.

Very sweetly Mr. Wonderful asked me to go out with him again...a movie date! Wa Hoo!

Tell you more about that tomorrow.

And just so you know...Mr. Wonderful has met everyone at The Palace...over another dinner date.

Have a great day, Peeps. Beachy Mimi loves ya!!

First Date With Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful got the Beachy phone number and gave me a call. His accent--think British, Dutch, Australian, New Zealand and South African--was very intriguing.

He asked me out to dinner and told me to choose a restaurant. Beachy Mimi is a VERY
BLAND eater so I suggested something very safe and "cafeteria like" (no seasoning).
He dissed that idea and sugguested we have some German food.

GERMAN FOOD!!! Beachy Mimi knows no German except German Chocolate Cake. I mumbled something and he said, "Great. I'll meet you there at 7:00."

I'm sorry. But if an accent tells me he will meet me at 7:00, well YES I'M GOING!

Mr. Wonderful described himself to me and I did likewise so we could recognize each other in the parking lot.

Promptly at 7:00 I drove into the parking lot of the restaurant and saw this small sports car JUST LIKE MINE.

What makes this so funny...in our community of Chaos there are roughly 70,000 people.
In all those people, there are only 4 of these cars. I have one and Mr. Wonderful has one of the other three.

For some reason that just cracked us up.

Instead of giving such detailed descriptions of ourselves, all we would have had to say is "I drive a Smart Car".

Mr. Wonderful walked over to my car door and opened it for me. I was laughing so hard I think there was snot involved.



It did shut up my wild laughter and I just stared with my mouth open. Not my best look. He held out his hand and said, "Thank you for coming out with me."

I stepped out of the car and looked into the "twinkling" brown eyes. YES! THEY WERE TWINKLING.

Brown hair, not bald, but did I mention the accent? And the charm?

I started grinning like the doofus I am (did I mention I have large teeth) and I never stopped all evening.

More about the meal later...

August 1, August 11, I got confused...

Well Peeps, I'm a little behind schedule for starting back.


Thank you for being patient and all that. This has been the busiest summer in some time.

I'm currently in Florida with the PU for a last summer fling.

One reason I'm late...I've met Mr. Wonderful!!!

I've never given much credence to love at first sight...but WOW. He's the REAL DEAL. More info on him later...(I've got to give you some reason to come back).

It's good. It's juicy. It's romantic. AND he has an accent...