Pack A Bag...cont.

Well, Mr. Wonderful had big plans for us.

All by himself, he set up and made arrangements for a surprise birthday/anniversary palooza as a surprise to me.


He was going to get me to the airport without telling me anything.  After arriving there he was going to walk from gate to gate until departure time so I still would not have any idea where we were going.  That's so cute.


We got to our small local airport to make a connecting flight to DFW.  He did not take into consideration that the ticket person would say, "You are connected all the way through to Anchorage."  He was so disappointed at being busted.



I was thrilled.  Of all the places I was imagining, Alaska never entered my mind.

I can't wait to tell you about it.  What a fabulous trip.

It goes right up there with South Africa for beauty.

It was COLD.    For us at least.    Coming from 90 degrees to 40 degrees was a shocker.  On a couple of days it was 60, and some of the Alaskans had on flip-flops and shorts.

I have been known to wear flip-flops in the Fall, but just the thought that it was Alaska with some snow did not seem like flip-flop weather.

I'll show you some of my bad photography tomorrow, Peeps.

Have a great day!

Pack a Bag

Mr. Wonderful woke me up this morning and said, "Pack a Bag".

I wiped the drool from my wrinkled face and said, " Whhaat?"

He replied, "Pack a bag and take binoculars."

Isn't that like a man.   How many days?   Overnight?  Do I need makeup?

I got no more information.

So I am packing a bag with binoculars a pair of jeans a couple of tops, and makeup.

Won't this be interesting?

to be continued....


If you have been a reader of Beachy Mimi for the last 2 years or so, you already know that my Birthday is a

NATIONAL HOLIDAY in the beachy house.   Even when I have had to party by myself, I have had a

PARTEE.   Sorry Queen B.  (she hates it when things aren't spelled correctly).

I start with a Coke.   I drink it in bed.

I eat birthday cake ALL DAY.   Sometimes with ice cream, sometimes just eating from the cake without

a plate (can you say eating disorder?)

I might or might not get taken to lunch.   It's okay.   I always have the cake.

For dinner I love to eat Sea Bass.  Unfortunately, it is hard to find  around here.   But, I try.

For dessert,   more cake,   UNLESS  Bananas Foster is around somewhere.

I get some phone calls from friends and family.    My day is complete.

It isn't about the gifts,   well, maybe a tiny bit,    JUST KIDDING.

I have everything I need.

It's just knowing that the day is MINE (along with Barbara Walters, Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones

and countless others).

I may be doing normal everyday chores and stuff, but in my mind...I AM QUEEN FOR THE DAY.

It's just a way of coping when you get older.

The Bedbug Yuck

Okay, Peeps.   I am totally creeped out by the thought of bedbugs.

Since we travel sometimes, I have a little ritual I perform when we get in the room.

1. Check the bathroom for....icky.

2.  Take the spread off the bed and fold neatly throw it in the corner.

3.  Check under the bed for bodies.   That is a long story I'll tell another time.   It didn't happen to me.

4.  Check the floor to see if I can put my feet on it.   Usually not.  I always take flip flops.

5.  Check and see if the glassware is clean.

Sometimes there is more but I won't bore you.  If I am not flying I might or might not take lysol, wipies, and

scrubbing bubbles.

Now I've got to check for bedbugs, too?   Oh gosh.   Do I take my own sheets?   My own pillows?

Do they make bedbug spray?

I'm itching as we speak.

Today I am hearing on the news that the bedbug infestation is now in clothing stores... AWWWWG

Not that I go shopping that much, but I do browse.    Can they just jump out on you?    Can you see them?

This information has temporarily ruined me.

I'm washing sheets and blankets as we speak.

Be back later when I have somewhat recovered.


A very big thank you to the two Peeps that actually read my stuff.

There are so  many wonderful blogs I really do appreciate you taking the time to stop by here.


I'm having leftovers for supper.   My laundry is almost folded.  My hair is pulled back in a bun.  I have on

sweatpants.  A tee shirt.  And bare feet.

No wonder I have no more readers. hahah

Last night I did a big booboo.   I dislike hair on my body.   Gross, I know.

I have waxed, lasered and Naired my arms for years with various results.  It works and I am happy and feel

more feminine.   I'm just weird.

I shave my legs everynight with shaving cream.    So far so good.

As I'm aging, I am noticing more facial hair...or rather thickening of blonde facial hair on my cheeks.

No one else notices it..  It may be the 10X mirror I use for plucking that makes me feel so...hairy.

I might add that I am addicted to plucking .   That's why I have the 10X mirror.  I have more Tweezerman's

that some stores.   All for various stages of eyebrow growth. (we will not talk about chin hair)

So, last night ( I have a  LOOOONG nightly ritual when I bathe.   Bubbles, TV , plucking, powdering,


I decided that I would just put the hair removal product on my FACE.    Am I just stupid?

Obviously.  I noticed it was stinging but thought nothing of it.

Then  ZING my face was On Fire.   I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed and rinsed.

Then I slowly started swelling and blotching and looking like Will Smith did on Hitch when he ate the


The good news!   I have no hair on my face (except eyebrows)

The bad news!     I have lost a layer of skin and it HURTS.

Now, aren't you glad you know this?

Love ya, Peeps.


Just being honest.

This is a rarity in the Beachy Home.    I went to bed at 8:30 last night and got up at 9:30 THIS MORNING.

No one needs that much sleep.

I must be coming down with something.

That means, I must get my tried and true remedies out and start eating taking them.

An icy coke and Bananas Foster ice cream.   Makes me feel so cozy.

I'm not a walmart girl at all.   It's all about Target for me.   But...occassionally I find myself in the wrong store and I find something worth purchasing.   In this case,  The Queen B was with me and suggested I spend $15 on this little ice crusher for snow cones.

I don't have snow cone infra-structure, but I love crushed ice.   So I pour my coke over the crushed ice and eat it with a spoon.   DELICIOUS.  I cuts the calories and I'm getting water into my system.

That might or might not be associated with girl math.

On the ice cream,   I am a loyal BLUE BELL girl.   I think it has something to do with living in the south.

Mr. Wonderful was going to the store and I asked for one of those little cartons of Cookies and Cream (they have ruined it by the way), and there was none.   So, being Mr. Wonderful, he searched through all the ice cream until he came up with one he thought I would love.  

It was   BANANAS FOSTER from Hagen Daz (or however that is spelled.  I've eaten it all so I have no carton to check my spelling).

Beachy Mimi LOVES bananas.   The real bananas foster dessert is a once a year favorite treat.  Right up their with hot banana pudding,   banana bread,   banana get my drift)

It was so good, the first bite brought tears to my eyes.  Mr. Wonderful got teary too because he loves to find things that make me happy.

I'm on my way to fix my icy coke and eat...WHAT!  I'VE EATEN ALL THE BANANAS FOSTER ICE CREAM!!

Call 911.   I'm going back to bed for a nap.   I don't think I can handle the day.

Hey, Peeps,  Tell me your favorite ice cream.


Well, my lovely Peeps, the photo show is over.   For now.

I somehow think Mr. Wonderful has many surprises up his sleeve.


He has had to jump through may hoops to get here.  Background checks, physicals, oral tests, writing tests, speech tests.   Plus, he had to prove the job he does could not be done by a person that is already here an already an American.  

Mr. Wonderful has a particular set of skillz that makes him very qualified for what he does. ( he has a business here and has been in the US for 13 years)

Am I bragging?


The sad thing?   These were some of the questions he had to answer.   Must get 6 out of 10 correct.

What ocean is on the east coast?

What ocean is on the west coast?

Name one state that borders Canada.

What body of water is south of the Eastern USA?

Name one state that borders Mexico.

I'm sorry, but that is just wrong on so many levels.  Of course he passed.  Duh.

So, now we are waiting for them to get a group together so the judge can have a roomful to swear at ,

I meant IN  as citizens.

I think we may have a party.

I am so blessed.   So are you, Peeps.   Have a great day.

Going On Down The Road

Leaving the next morning.

Bye to the beautiful beach.

Remains of a great idea.  Lodging in the shape of a  ship.

Mr. Wonderful took a nap, too.  I decided to paint his toenails pink since he gives me such a hard time for napping.  Sorry, Peeps.   I just had to show you.
I just love to show gas stations/convenience stores where we travel.   Former occupational hazard.

We wanted to out to the countryside and see how Puerto Ricans really lived.

We stopped at a little road side inn to spend the night and eat local food.  The following are alot of beach shots from this area.

Who would not love a view like this!!

WAY, WAY down the beach there you see a beach that the locals use.  It was hopping.   Bands, little bit of small surfing, boating, skiing, lots of swimming.    Picnicing, drive up trailer food vendors. And Kids.  Lots and LOTS of kids.   It was great to watch.

The beach itself?  A little too sea-weedy for me.

While I might or might not be napping,  Mr. Wonderful is carefully trying to translate the Puerto Rican menu to Afrikaans to English.

I loved this.   Storm clouds brewing!!

Motel room.   No comment.

The end of the day.

Doesn't This Look Yummy?

We saw this delicious feast and decided to have a last dinner before moving on.

Eating in these surroundings was so peaceful.

Happy Travelers!
We'll be on the road tomorrow doing more sightseeing.

Later, Peeps!

Last Day at Resort

We spent the day at the resort since it was our last day.   The grounds are beautiful and the pool is one of the largest I have ever seen.

Still walking to the swimming pool.

...and we're walking...

Exposure not great, but we're STILL WALKING.   It is just up ahead.

This is a big Grecian type gazebo where the weddings take place.   I didn't see one.   I guess you could have a party there, also.

I took this mainly because of the thundercloud looming in the distance.

A very small shot of the pool area.   They have a swim up beverage station, a live band and whirlpool areas to sit all through the pool.

Those columns were the locations of the whirlpools that seated 12 or so.   The water was perfect.   We swam twice!

Next up...dinner and checking out.   See you then, Peeps.

Day Three in PR

We couldn't swim in the ocean at this location, so we decided to kick back and enjoy listening to the surf and just relax.   Mr. Wonderful likes to be busy.   I am teaching him how to relax.   He's beginning to like it.

A view from our loung chairs.   Still at the resort.

Ditto.   The water was peaceful.

Looking back from our spot under the trees, you see a cottage on the left.  Supposedly Johnny Depp stayed there while filming something.   It costs $$$$$ has a private pool, maid and butler.    The building in the center in the far distance is our bungalow.

Twelve rooms to a bungalow.   Ours was .3 a mile from the mail desk.

The grounds were beautiful and the rooms very nice.   I did have a roach in my bathroom one night. I screamed and made a big deal of it, even though I could have killed it in a second.   Mr. Wonderful needs to be able to save the day sometimes.  hahaah.   The room was very clean.   Roaches are a problem on any
island.   They have no place to go.   They fly and are the size of a bald eagle.

My lame attempt at humor.    Didn't work like I thought it would.   Oh well.

Pretty flowers outside our room.

Just lovely.

More tomorrow.   Love ya, Peeps

Second Day in PR

This actually goes with the pictures from yesterday.    We stopped here alot for fruit and snacks.  They were all over the place.

I didn't snap a picture of the sign, but on the other side of the road there was a sign that read "you stimulus money at work".   This is how some of that stimulus money is being painting the dividers different colors.    Whatever works.

road side art

 A stop for a snack while driving around.

The view from that little road side stop.   Just breathtaking.

My favorite view...Mr.  Wonderful

The greenery is so lush.

More tomorrow, Peeps.

Puerto Rico The First Day

The sign we couldn't see in the dark.   Mr. Trump is building a large condo village on a PGA golf course next door.   Starting price...a million and up.   It seemed deserted, but beautiful

Another beautiful fountain on the way to the resort.

I REALLY like pretty fountains.

This large...lizard? was running across the parking lot on our first morning...about 50 of them live in a pond on the property.

A view from our beach.  No sand here, just rocks.   It was still beautiful.

We left for town to find something for lunch. 

Why did we choose this?   I have no idea.  We saw many locals eating here so we thought, why not?

I ordered chicken enchilada and got:   curry chicken, pork fried rice and french fries.   Lots of it.

Mr. Wonderful ordered...something...and got curried beef, pork fried rice and french fries.   Lots of it.

Something we sort of recognized. (not the alcohol...the sign)

Walmart!!  I was glad to see something familiar.  I had to get cokes for the room.   That room bar is $$$$.

Tomorrow...more pictures of  PR.   I love you Peeps.   Thank you so much for reading about my little adventures.   It's fun to look back through the pictures and relive the memories.