She Blogged!

The Queen couldn't stand it. Heh Heh. She had to post about some of her many adventures.

I told you they weren't telling me everything.

Gunshot? No one said anything about a gunshot. Why did she stop there? She's evil, that's why. She knew her mother would freak.

God is showing me just how much he is protecting them.

Getting ready to return to Florida to get PU. I had to come home to examine my Peeps and count fingers and toes.

Mothers are like that.

Day 5 of the Guatamala Trip

I heard from my Peeps this morning. I think they are having the experience of their lives.

I'm saving most of the info for them to share at their return. Not that The King gives me much info...but I am pretending I know all.

They had a free day yesterday to play tourist and tour a nearby town...with a live volcano in the background. How cool! They sent some pictures and all were accounted for and looked healthy.

They visited the market where the barter system is still the way to shop. This would have freaked out The Queen, but The King would have been in his element. Oh my.

Only a couple more days and they will be flying back!! I plan to be at the airport and squeeze the stuffin' out of them when they land.

I've always wanted a big reunion airport scene--with a guy THRILLED to see me getting off a plane--so I'm having to adapt and have the big Mimi scene THRILLED to see my Peeps. The kisses will be different but that's okay.

Hey, maybe one of the pilots will be single and bald...

"Like Deer Camp With a Purpose"

Yes, Peeps, that is a direct quote from the King.

Deer Camp a.k.a. Man-Camp is an opportunity for guys to get together to burp, scratch, not bathe and sleep outdoors without the presence of females. Now we know for sure that they don't really hunt...they just hang out and play on the ATV's.

I guess in this case they are still burping and scratching, but hopefully bathing and doing some very needed construction on the house for the baby dorm caretakers.

The Queen and Princess did laundry...without washing machines. Towels and stuff.
Think boiling pot with a stick. There may or may not have been a rodent involved but I'll save that info for her to tell...

Today they venture out of the compound to go on a little tourist excursion. All three members of The Palace will get to spend the day together and they are really looking forward to that.

They will have to be very aware and careful, but should have a marvelous time.

Only 4 more days and the Queen will be reporting, herself.

Keep praying!

A Report From the Palace

Finally, Peeps!! I heard from the Queen.

They are doing well. The King is up to his neck in a construction project...he is in charge of the electrical (that's pretty desperate...I'm just sayin').

They had church this morning and it was very cold. They are at 8000 feet at Casa.

Someone just turned in a 3 or 4 day old little girl that was abandoned...that just breaks my heart. At least Casa is a safe place for her.

The Queen has latched on to a 7 year old boy she would like to stick in her backpack. It sounds like the toddlers are sticking to them like Velcro.

The Princess set up shop and painted fingernails for the little girls. I'm sure she was in her element.

THAT is the sum total of my info. The Queen is hoping to get a signal so she can blog soon. So far that hasn't worked out.

More updates as I receive them...

FORGET I asked about kissing on the first date. That is obviously not ever going to be a problem for me since I will never go on another date.

It was horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad (Remember that book? The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day?)

Well, this was the terrible horrible no good very bad date.

He was...Pruney. Like he had been in water too long. Maybe he's just been alive too long, not that I wish him ill or anything.

No spark, chemistry or much of anything else. He talked two solid hours about HIMSELF. That was fine, I didn't want to give him any info about Beachy Mimi.

I was praying he would go, and "poof", he suddenly remembered a birthday party he needed to attend. YAY!!


Please understand that I do not in any way think I am hot stuff. No way. Not even close.

I know there is a bald guy out there somewhere that is not water-logged, a Christian and wants to meet a 50 something woman that loves the Lord and wants to have fun and share life with him.

However, since I'm not going to go on another date...I guess he will just have to find me. Keep up the prayers!

Communication Is Not His First Language

***UPDATE*** Date was AWFUL. The shortest and most boring date in the history of dating. Back to square one.

Here's the deal.

I'm trying to post regularly and keep the Peeps informed of the Palace and their escapades.

They are supposed to e-mail me and then I am to blog about everything they are doing.

Not so much.

Apparently,the Palace spokesman is the King and he speaka not so much.

King to Mimi: "Keeping it simple. Everything is fine."


I need to know everything from food to the compound to the kids to the toilets and showers.

Peeps, I need information!!!

This is totally a direct retaliation for not telling them I had a date.

That is so NOT fair.

So, Peeps, EVERYTHING IS FINE according to the King and we ALL KNOW he is not even touching the surface of the scoop the Queen and Princess want to tell us.

I just know the Queen and she is dying to tell us how the demo on the "Poo-Pouri" for the bathroom went, how they slept last night, and all the new stuff they are seeing and learning.

So King? How about coughing up the computer for a bit so we can get the true picture?

As to the date, he will be here is 1 1/2 hours. I've been getting all doodied up so I will look like I'm "natural" hahahahahaha.

I told him I would stand on my front porch and if he didn't like the way I looked he could just keep on driving.

I hate dating. He does, too. Maybe that's the thing we will have in common.

Reports later.

Can you kiss on the first date? If so, how much?


The Queen Has Landed!!!

I am very pleased to announce that all residents of the Palace landed safely in Guat-mo.

Some or one of them may or may not have been heavily medicated upon arrival.

I know they are going to have wonderful stories to tell about all the blessings they receive.

I waited until Queen B was out of the country to tell her I have a date tomorrow. Heh Heh.

She will want to kill me. Heh Heh Heh. She always makes me call her before and after EVERY date. Sorry B! Can't do much from Guat-mo!!

Update you later, Peeps!

And Fun Was Had By Most

Beachy Mimi had fun!! But, BM almost always has fun.

Spring breaker update. More incoming today. Lots of drinking on the beach. Kids trying to hide booze. Adults all laughing because their hiding is so obvious.

I actually went to the beach to sit of one of the precious beach chairs. The beach guy gave me a deal. I guess because I am so old. I am old. It was hot out there!
Couldn't smile at him when I thanked him--snaggled toothed and all. Not sure I was looking in his direction since I can't see. No wonder he gave me a deal.

Saw dolphins up close. I am so easily entertained.

Reminder to parents: Think twice before letting you kiddos go with a group to the beach on Spring Break. I'm just sayin'. I could blackmail LOTS of people with my camera. But I wouldn't do that. Really. I wouldn't. It is much more fun to watch when it is not your kid.

Most everyone was having a great time today. All ages laughing, digging in the sand, swimming, playing beach games. All except for Mr. Grump.

Bless him. I wonder why he chooses the beach to hang out if he is so happy-challenged?

Oh! Gotta go. Streakin' on the beach...NOT ME...the kids. Gotta to watch from my balcony.

First It Was A Tooth...Then...

My contact. Right into thin air.

I took out the older pair and tossed them (it was time) and put in the spare pair since I only have a few days left. Never made it to my eye.

So, I'm blind, toothless and not tanned.

We have a new batch of spring breaker people this week. Like thousands more. My entertainment has been to watch the beach guy running them away from his precious beach chairs.

Tomorrow is the infamous day for the Pub Crawl. I think they call it something else here. Not that I would know about that or anything.

I have a real desire to go to the Irish Pub and donate my bra to the collection on the bar.


Shocking, isn't it!

Not half as shocking as PU saying jackass at the dinner table.

That was a new one!

In her defense, she was trying to describe one of the guys on Dancing With the Stars.

I think we got it!!

You all don't forget your green!!

Got An Extra Tooth?

Why is it when you are away from your home base, your supplies and your dentist a tooth comes out?

I was minding my own business...flossing...and pop. A crown flies across the room and DOWN THE SINK.

I'm sorry, I just can't go after it. It's the germ thing.

Now I get to spend the rest of my week snaggled toothed. Great. Just Great.

THEY are skinny, tanned and probably have all their teeth intact.

So... no bald guy on this trip, unless I don't smile.

On a more serious note, most of you know the Queen and the Palace are headed to another country for a week of mission work.

Please keep them in your prayers as this is WAY out of our comfort zone.

I gave her to God thirty-something years ago and I know He will be with them every step of the way. However, I'm still a Mama and Mimi with the normal amount of concern for their safety and health. Okay, I'm terrified! God is working with me on this, too.

They leave the 20th for a week. Please lift them up.

Danger! Boring Post Here

I wish that lazing on the beach made me a clever blogger.

It doesn't.

I pretty much don't have anything riveting to tell you.

I have been reading, though. I just finished OUT OF CAPTIVITY by the three guys that were held for l,967 days (that's 5 1/2 years) by bad guys in the Colombian jungle. Very good.

I also finished Monday Night Jihad and Blown Coverage by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn. Very good.

Next I am going to start a book that Glen Beck recommended by Andrew Gross. I'll let you know.

The skinny spring break hotties are still on our beach. It's supposed to be private but the management said there are too many of them to shoo. Was I ever that young?

Computer Reunited with BM

Peeps, that just sounds a little freaky.

However, today, after flying into a foggy Destin, Beachy Mimi was reunited with Computer! Tears may or may not have been shed.

The beach is cramed with skinny, tan and young spring break people.

Beachy Mimi will be sunning on the deck until the beautiful people go home. I don't have issues with my white skin or anything...

The weather is so beautiful and is supposed to snow back home tonight. Tee Hee...I mean....Heh Heh...Sorry to the Peeps in WINTERLAND. I'm not gloating or anything. Remember, I have very white legs.

On the dating front...Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Back to Computer. We are so happy to be together again. All is not perfect, however, and Computer is not performing 100%. At least we are together.

That's all for now. I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll try to be witty tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

Have a good evening!

I'll Be Back

Do your best Arnold S. imitation when you read that title. Very impressive!

Beachy Mimi is in a different location than the computer. How am I posting this??? you ask??? Don't ask complicated questions!!

However, I will be reunited with said computer in one or nine days and begin posting on a regular basis.

You know, for your daily BM.

Just thinking about your health, Peeps.

G. is long gone. J1 came along but he was a long-haul trucker that lived in his truck and I didn't think it would hold all my stuff...J2 is on the horizion but we have yet to meet. I'll keep you posted.

Dating in your "middle years" pretty much sucks.