Forget the Flip Flops...My Teeth Are GNASHING!

I know The Queen B and I share some Peeps.

Well, actually, she had the Peeps and I just lured them over here to read Beachy Mimi.

There are few subjects we won't tackle in public...but there are a few.

B is a super young woman despite mistakes made my her mama during her life.

I haven't commented much on the LaP adoption because I felt it was their story to tell until I get my hands on her and take over as I have fought to do with The Princess heh heh Believe me, The Princess is a much more well rounded individual due to her Mimi influence.

While The Palace is choosing to take the high road in this lastest setback, Beachy Mimi's road is a little bit lower down and not paved, so basically I can say what I want.

God is in control. That is the basis of my life. I know that He can change situations in an instant if He chooses.

Throughout all my years involved with churches and working with people, I have run in to a few that seem to forget they were "called" by God and in fact, they are NOT God.

Please joing me in praying for LaP's safety and for the one who has decided no more adoptions will occur for any reason.

God started this whole thing...and He will be faithful to complete it. In His Time.

So, I can have my temper fit, rant and rave, but God still has a time schedule, and since He is the Boss of me, I respect (though maybe not understand) His timing.

I also know that whatever He has in store for LaP is better than anything we would do on our own.

Shoes, Sandals and Other Important Things

I enjoy shoes.

I would say I love shoes, but I don't really love them like a family member. I just really enjoy a cute pair of shoes.

Now that I am "older", comfort wins over the mule I slide out of or the tall heel where I have to shuffle.

I also tend to go for the easy...flip flops. Reef flip flops in particular. My feet love them.

I even put on flip flops with my wedding dress after I took my heels off...but that's a story for another day.

I've been looking at the shoe sites on the Web and quite frankly, I am appalled.

Do you guys think the gladiator look is a good one? Am I just really old and out of touch?

They just look so...bunchie or something. Way too fussy and heavy looking.

Let me have it I outdated?

Happy 2010 To The Peeps!

Hello, everyone.

Or to the one person who reads this. Greetings.

The end of 2009 was hectic.

Mr. Wonderful and I took honeymoon # 2 to Mexico and # 3 to Hawaii. We took no pictures.

Honeymoon # 4 comes in March when I go meet relatives and friends in South Africa.

I'll be sucking my thumb until then because that is a l o n g flight. As in 18 hours, over alot of water. In coach.

I'm sure I'll be as fresh as a daisy when we land and have to meet new people. NOT.

As you may have already read, my baby, The Queen B has just had a birthday that puts her closer to 40 than 30. Heh Heh

I can chuckle because once you are 50...well, age just doesn't matter.

We had great holidays with new combined families. We feel so blessed.

Mr. Wonderful continues to be wonderful. Every day is so much fun.

What are your resolutions for 2010? I knew better than to make any, but maybe knowing what you are doing will inspire me.