To Sleep Or Not

Sharing sleeping space with another human (or cat) is an adjustment. Not to give TMI but it really is.

Everyone has different sleeping habits.

Beachy Mimi is known for extreme sleeping.

Alot and often. The End.

Mr. Wonderful, however, is an early bird. As in 4 o'clock a.m.

After one day of trying to be a good wife and get up with him, I gave up.

4 o'clock a.m. doesn't exist for me, unless I am getting to go on a trip. Then I am so excited I'm not asleep anyway.

So, after two months, we have a system. Mr. Wonderful gets up, makes his coffee, showers, gets ready for work, brings me a coke and gives me a goodbye kiss.

I continue to sleep and when he calls me later in the morning to check on me I pretend to be up and dressed.

Stop that. It works for me.

I guess I still have some guilt over this, because in my stuporous state I try to have a conversation, like--"goodbye and have a good day". It's a battle, but I'm a soldier so I try.

Mr. Wonderful finds this lame attempt at conversation amusing.

Like this morning. He kissed me goodbye and I mumbled, "I'll take fries and a large coke."


Peeps, I sadly tell you that Mr. Gary PeepOne passed away today, Nov. 11, 2009.

GO HUG those you love and please keep PeepOne in your prayers.


The Beachy family is not well acquainted with condo/ownership rules and meetings, as was proven this weekend at the yearly owner meeting at the Florida condo.

First Clue--ALL the owners from the first floor were present. And vocal. And testy. Did I mention vocal?

Second Clue--All the first floor owners sat in a heap on one side of the room...opposite the owners of the second floor.

From this point on we'll refer to them as the "ones".

The owners of the second floor condos have a second bedroom. Obviously a point of envy from the "ones". We'll call these second floor owners the "twos".

Understand that many of these people NEVER come to stay at the condo, they are strictly rental units to them. This yearly owners meeting is about their only time to show up at the condo.

Point of Contention--The "ones" apparently think they are the have-nots and are out to be sure the "twos" don't get ANY concessions on any discussion.

Discussion is actually a nice term. Argument is more like it.

Long story, short version. Some of the "twos" wanted to add little air conditioning units to the upstairs bedrooms. It gets HOT in summer.

The "ones" opposed this because they want their units to rent (apparently harder to rent a one bedroom unit)first.

They had several points of argument...the noise pollution from the new air unit for all the "ones" (remember, they never stay there), leakage from air unit from the "two" condos to the "ones". This happened about 4 years ago for an unrelated reason and the two condo units involved are still fussing about it.

This situation went downhill fast and was facinating to watch...if not embarassing for the adults involved. They did not appear to BE embarassed. I was embarrassed for them.

The subject then changed to renovations and additions some people have (sneakily according to the "ones") made to their units. Facination...updated bathrooms. Obsession...bunk-beds under the stairs. When the "ones" found out a fellow "one" had discovered a way to add bunk beds and his unit was rented CONTINUOUSLY...they all DEMANDED to see said bunk beds and began mentally planning the upgrade to their own units. They decended on this poor man in a FLOCK...flapping and screeching and wanting to know who, what, when, how, and how much. These people have no boundries.

It made me glad I'm from Chaos, Nowhere, USA. In a house. With Mr. Wonderful. No "ones" or "twos". And, a good air conditioner.

Life Can Change In A Moment

Peeps! Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and thank God for your family, health and general well-being.

Things can change in an instant.

Remember Mr. Gary PeepOne? He was fine on a Saturday and on Sunday in the hospital in critical condition.

Peeps, he is still in the hospital, 6 weeks later, still critical, undergoing surgeries, thankfully holding his own.

PeepOne...well, she had a foot/leg ache on Friday, went to the ER on Saturday and had a blood clot in her leg. Two surgeries later, she saved her leg but she is also in ICU.

Wow. You just never know. IF she waited until today (Monday) most likely a different outcome.

So...schedule that procedure you have been delaying...mamogram, colonoscopy, etc...

Don't put things off. Even telling those you love that you love them.

Life can change in a moment. Be ready for it!


Sometimes Beachy Mimi is a fashion disaster...but I did NOT have on a skirt with those socks and boots. The Queen B's portrayal of my foot is deceiving. I had on long pants.

Thank you very much.

Updates On Important Things

I'm been having such a good time as the wife of Mr. Wonderful I haven't been posting as I should.

However, I'm going to be more faithful from now on.

First, Mr. Gary PeepOne is still seriously ill. He has been flat of his back for four weeks now. There has been improvement--miracles actually, that have occurred to aid his recovery and we are so thankful for those. Pancreatitis is just a serious illness and it is going to take him a long time to recover.

The PeepOne's still need your prayers. Mrs. PeepOne is now ill herself and is recovering in a hotel room. She hasn't been able to see Mr. Gary PeepOne for a couple of days and I know that is killing her.

This weekend we are having a Wedding Reception!! Yay!! PeepTwo will take pictures, so maybe I'll finally have some to share with you!

Married life is wonderful. Did I mention that Mr. Wonderful cooks? I thought I might have. I'm pretending total ignorance in the kitchen and I will milk that as long as I can. heh heh

Last week, Mr. Wonderful surprised me with a cruise over the Thanksgiving holidays for our delayed honeymoon. Isn't that sweet!! He has never cruised, ahem, so I had to...rearrange some of the accomodations ( like, I NEED A WINDOW). He is so precious to do that. That's one of the reasons he is Mr. Wonderful.

Have a great day, Peeps!!

Update on Mr. Gary PeepOne

Mr. Gary PeepOne's condition has responded to your prayers and he is a bit better.

Well enough, now, they are going to air-evac him to the OKC hospital today at noon.

That is, if they can get it done between major weather events in Chaos, Nowhere, USA, which has the craziest weather. Ever.

Please continue to pray for his health, PeepOne's stamina, their travel to OKC, and the team that will care for them.

Ya'll are the best.

Today is the 12th birthday of MY PRINCESS. Wow.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Pictures have arrived from the wedding. They are being viewed, scanned, turned to see if they look better upside down (you know you've done it), and generally pondered upon to see if they are showable to the Peeps.

It is iffy right now.

Maybe tomorrow!!

Calling All Prayer Warriors!!

Beachy Mimi is not normally shy about spilling her guts about almost anything to all the Peeps.

However, I like to think I protect my loved ones a little bit (just a little) when telling all about THEIR lives (except The Palace--they are fair game)

As I mentioned the other day, PeepOne's husband, Mr. PeepOne, is seriously ill in the hospital. He has been in ICU for two weeks.

They are now considering flying him to Oklahoma City to a hospital that specializes in Pancreatitis (is that the correct spelling?). He is very ill.

I'm asking all the Peeps to pray for Mr. and Mrs. PeepOne. She is exhaused as you might imagine, he is just very ill.

PeepTwo and I can't go with her right now (4-5) hours away from Chaos, Nowhere, USA.

Her son is with her and we will go later.

The MOST important thing we CAN do is pray for them. Please put him on your prayer lists at your church or Bible Study. We'll just call him "Gary", because that is his name!

Thank you, Peeps! We all have to help each other. Please leave a brief note if you are praying.


Mrs. Beachy Mimi-Wonderful

Nothing Much

I had thoughts of giving Mr. Wonderful away, but he cooks so I'll keep him.

Oh the fun of getting even.

We have no pictures yet, at least, ones that are okay to show you. The camera does NOT like me.

This has been a whirlwind week of moving him in and making room for his stuff.

We hope to take a small trip in November but it is okay if we don't.

Queen B is moved in her house and it is precious!! I'm sure she will have pictures soon. Today is The King's BD, plus moving, plus packing, plus cleaning, plus three new kittens...they are busy!!!

Please say a prayer for PeepOne's husband. He is very ill in the hospital with pancreatitis.

Have a good evening, Peeps. Talk to you soon.

Return from Las Vegas

We're BA-A-CK!

And married!

Many stories to tell you, but just give me a couple of days to catch my breath.

Winners of the giveaway---don't give up, I'll contact you and send your prize in a couple of days!!

Mr. Wonderful became Mr. Semi-Wonderful on Saturday morning. As I slept, he sneakily made a photocopy of our marriage certificate...with a fake expiration date written on it. When the Bride awoke...wham! Mr. Semi-Wonderful presents me with the certificate with an EXPIRATION DATE.

I can't even begin to describe the many emotions and thoughts that went through my brain.

He, naturally, is laughing so hard he is crying from the look of horror on my face.
In fact, he is still laughing out loud when he thinks about it.


I'll get even.

Winners are....

16 25 4 27 11 30

email me at beachymimi dot gmail dot com with your address and you wil get one of six Target giftcards for $50.

Just think of the happy giveaway I'll have after the honeymoon!!

Mr. Random is Computing

...and the winners will be announced in a bit.

Five More Days...

... Until the big day. Beachy Mimi is flying to Las Vegas with Mr. Wonderful to get married in a little wedding chapel on the Strip.

The Ultimate In Tackiness!!

The Elvis was already booked, so we had to settle for a normal person. Bummer.

Pictures later.

Bless PeepOne's heart. She took great pity on my very unorganized life the last few years and CLEANED OUT MY CLOSETS. Oh YES SHE REALLY DID. Is that a friend or what!!

My wedding duds are very simple. Long browny gold silk skirt and tank with a killer jacket. Very suitable for a fifty-something but still cute and elegant.

We get off the plane at 4 and get married at 8. You talk about a rush.

We purchased the Lesser Extreme Tacky Package vs. the More Extremely Tacky Package.

Do you think I should carry a bouquet?

I'm kinda thinking not since I won't be making a Dramatic Entrance. Oh, I am all about Dramatic Entrances, but it doesn't come in the 30 minute Limited Tacky.

The Chapel furnishes music and I can only imagine what will be playing. If it is "You Light Up My Life", I will run down the Strip screaming.

I'm thinking more "At Last", or, "Suddenly", or "What the Hell are You Thinking?".

I'll just have to be flexible on the music, as most other things regarding the ceremony.

Busy week ahead.

In honor of the Wedding of the Week and also Beachy Mimi's birthday, I'm offering a few giveaways from my favorite store....TARGET!

Just leave your name, how to contact you and some wedding advice. Contest will end Wednesday evening at 6 pm cdst, and the winners will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday morning.


Oh Peeps!

Beachy Mimi has been a very busy Mimi for the last few weeks.

Mr. Wonderful has totally swept me off my feet and on Labor Day Weekend he got down on one knee and asked me to become his wife.


We will be flying to Las Vegas and eloping for the event.

Maybe when we return I might have a picture or two.

Picking out my wedding duds tomorrow!!

About the Kissing...

Some of the Peeps are very curious about the kissing proficiency of Mr. Wonderful.

Why do you think I'm calling him Mr. Wonderful? Heh Heh

Dating someone from another country/culture/time zone/whatever is sometimes a challenge.

Today Mr. Wonderful and I drove to another town to meet his children and their fams.

They were so nice to me. I felt very comfortable and very welcome.

At lunch time...Mr. Wonderful had made South African potato salad and his son grilled for everyone.

The meat? Sheep. Yep. Sheep.

I informed Mr. Wonderful that in Chaos, USA, we don't eat our pets, but he still insisted I take a bite.

It really wasn't bad. Out the window from the kitchen I saw a little bitty goat sitting by a doghouse (goathouse?). I made the mistake of saying, "What's that?"

Simultaneously, the whole table said, "Bubbles." and "Thanksgiving Dinner."

I made a point to go outside and meet Bubbles the Goat so I could claim a personal relationship with him and therefore he is inedible to me.

I think I'll make plans to travel elsewhere for Thanksgiving...

A Note to the Peeps

I guess I have given you the impression Mr. Wonderful is British.

He isn't.

He is from a country in the Southern Hemisphere.

One of the first things I asked him was, "Does your water really go down the drain backwards?"

He just looked at me and said, "I have no idea."

I'm just dying to know.

Anyway, Mr. Wonderful is from South Africa. And that's all the info you are getting from me. (for today)

I Cooked...It's A Miracle

Well, Peeps. Cooking might be stretching it a little bit.
But I did make an effort to impress Mr. Wonderful with my skillz.

I went to KFC and got a bucket of their wonderful grilled chicken, brought it home and put in in my container in my oven. Brilliant!

I also fixed green beans. Fairly safe choice, and Mac and Cheese. After all, Mr. Wonderful likes cheese, right?

WRONG! Not Mac and Cheese!

Bless him, he ate it before he told me.

Not Mac and Cheese? That's UnAmerican...oh right. He IS from another country...

Lost In Translation

Mr. Wonderful tells me that most people have trouble understanding his English with his very pronounced accent. I haven't had any trouble so far...

However, we are finding that some words are just...different in different countries.

A little background...

I told you Mr. Wonderful has made it his personal quest to "enhance" (in his opinion) my eating habits.

From the beginning of our dating, he has loved taking me to the grocery store and showing me all the things he thinks I should try. He also tells me hilarious stories about how difficult grocery shopping was for him when he first came to the USA.

He gets much entertainment from taking me to ethnic grocery stores to point out "delicacies" from other countries.

On this particular day, we were at the local market looking for something to snack on.

Oh, we were in my little Smart car which is a different color than his. We do this to confuse his friends to our great amusement (hey, we are old and have to create out own entertainment).

Mr. Wonderful thought he would love some cheese. We walked over to the cheese cooler and he looked through a gazillion different kinds of cheese. Who knew there was more than Velveeta?

He found some nasty looking stuff and pronounced it "EXCELLENT" and wonderful with biscuits. OoooKaaaaay.

I told him to check out and I would go get the biscuits and meet him at the front of the store. I love me some hot biscuits and butter.

As we walk out to the car, Mr. Wonderful says, "I'll just put this in your boot."


Come again?

I must mention that I had on my skinny jeans and my Fabulous Frye Boots I Love And Make Me Look Taller.

BM: "You are going to put that in my BOOT?

MR. W: "Yes. Your package, too."

BM: "Sorry. But there is no way you are putting that nasty cheese in MY boot."

Mr. W: Throws me a look of panic..."But it is all wrapped in paper and will not leak"

BM: "Nope. Not going to happen"

Mr. W: "May I ask why?"

BM: "May I ask why you want to eat cheese that has been carried in my shoes?"

Mr. W: Bends over laughing. Has to hold on to the car...laughing so hard. Tears streaming down his face...laughing so hard.

BM: Frowns.

Mr. W: Beachy Mimi, a BOOT is the back end of your car.

Not here in Chaos, Mr. Wonderful. Whatever.

He snickers all the way to my house and I'm trying not to giggle.

We get in the kitchen and I asked:

BM: " Do you like your biscuits hot or cold?"

Mr. W: "Oh, just out of the package is okay."

BM: "Huh? You eat cheese with with raw biscuit dough?" I pull out a can of Grand's to show him.

Mr. W: "What is THAT?"

BM: "Biscuits."

Mr. W: "No, no! Biscuits are little cookie/cracker things."

Oops. Again, not in Chaos, USA.

We are working on communication.


I have more stuff to tell you anyway. Since you insist...heh heh

On a Saturday evening, I made arrangements with The Palace to meet Mr. Wonderful and moi at a restaurant.

Mr. Wonderful was understandably apprehensive after I told him about Queen B's piercing eyes, not to mention The Princess and THE GLARE.

I was so proud of all my kids. All three were very charming and sweet to Mr. Wonderful. The conversation flowed smoothly and all was well.

The restaurant was FREEZING. FREEZING I TELL YOU!!

The King and Mr. Wonderful got up to go to the men's room. When they were out of earshot, Queen B HISSED at me, "MOTHER! GET OUT OF HIS LAP!"

My eyes got huge and I said, "What? What are you talking about? I'm just cold and sitting close to get warm."

The Princess piped up and said, "MIMI! YOU ARE SO

Whatever. I really wasn't. This complaint from three people sitting across the table from us in a HEAP because they didn't have jackets.

Cut me some slack, Palace!!

By the way. This was a Normal Restaurant with Normal Food.

Mr. Wonderful has taken a personal challenge to introduce me to "new" foods. I'm suffering...just one little bite.

Tomorrow I'll tell you how our conversation gets Lost In Translation!


Another Boring Post

My dating life is apparently boring to everyone but me, so I'll keep it short and end your torture.

On Sunday, Mr. Wonderful was prompt and picked me up by 9 AM.

He decided we would just drive and talk.

We drove for hours. All over Northwestern Chaos. We visted 3 State Parks, a Mall, a restaurant and hours and hours of laughing and conversation. It seemed like 5 minutes.

We stopped at a nature viewing spot and Beachy Mimi HIKED!

Well, maybe hiked is too strong a word. I did walk down a dirt path in my flip flops.

He took me to an overlook on a bluff with beautiful scenery and a natural spring.

Of course, we had to crash a picnic by a very large family (think 20) to get to the overlook, but there were so many people there I don't think they noticed.

The view was breathtaking and I said, "That is absolutely beautiful."

Mr. Wonderful said in a soft voice, "Yes. IT IS."

I turned to look at him because his voice sounded strange and HE WAS LOOKING AT ME.

Hispanics (by this time) watching carefully. And my feet were DUSTY.


We've been dating every day since and are having a wonderful time.

As promised, I will say no more but if there is a juicy tidbit I'll let you know!

The Second Date

I was still very happy with the first date and eagerly anticipating the second.

Promptly, Mr. Wonderful shows up and off we go.

He asked me where I would like to grab something to eat and I replied, "Sonic? McD's?" and he replied, "Have you ever had Vietnamese food?"


So off we went to a new dining experience for me.

When having such a gastronomical invasion of uncertain foods, one must worry about strange things settling in between your visible teeth and gastrointestinal distress aka diarrhea. Not a good date problem.

I ate VERY CAREFULLY and I must say the food was delicious.

We attended a great date movie (as in comedy) and then sat on my front porch talking until midnight.

Before he left, he asked to spend the whole next day (Sunday)with me and told me he would pick me up at 9. That's 9 AM. Of course I said YES! We had an awesome day.
Tell you about it later.

Now, to answer about The Palace and their verdict of Mr. Wonderful. You must ask them, Peeps. I'm scared of Queen B.

Details, Details

Well, Peeps. It seems like most of you can't get past how we met and where Mr. Wonderful got my phone number.

If you must know.... I asked him and he told me he got it from the men's room wall at the local truck stop. 1-555-Hot-Mama or something like that. JUST KIDDING!!

I think I told you previously I joined a local group that introduces singles of similar likes/dislikes. It has been a total disaster (refer to previous posts).

However, Mr. Wonderful got my number just as I was quitting this group of quacks and that is where we are now.

Where was I? German Restaurant?

After dinner we sat talking and laughing and he asked me if he could buy me a cup of coffee. I said yes (I don't drink coffee or anything resembling coffee), so I followed him to a coffee shop a mile or two from the restaurant.

I ordered my coke (heh heh) and he got coffee and we sat outside and talked until they asked us to leave so they could close.

He was such a gentleman and so much fun to talk to. I thought "Now THIS is what a date is supposed to be".

He walked me to my car and said goodnight. He opened my door, I got in and that was that.

Bummer. No mention of a second date or anything. I sat there for a moment before starting the car. I saw some movement from his car out of the corner of my eye and then there was a "tap tap" on the window. Since I have not yet found the button or handle that opens the windows I had to open the whole door.

Very sweetly Mr. Wonderful asked me to go out with him again...a movie date! Wa Hoo!

Tell you more about that tomorrow.

And just so you know...Mr. Wonderful has met everyone at The Palace...over another dinner date.

Have a great day, Peeps. Beachy Mimi loves ya!!

First Date With Mr. Wonderful

Mr. Wonderful got the Beachy phone number and gave me a call. His accent--think British, Dutch, Australian, New Zealand and South African--was very intriguing.

He asked me out to dinner and told me to choose a restaurant. Beachy Mimi is a VERY
BLAND eater so I suggested something very safe and "cafeteria like" (no seasoning).
He dissed that idea and sugguested we have some German food.

GERMAN FOOD!!! Beachy Mimi knows no German except German Chocolate Cake. I mumbled something and he said, "Great. I'll meet you there at 7:00."

I'm sorry. But if an accent tells me he will meet me at 7:00, well YES I'M GOING!

Mr. Wonderful described himself to me and I did likewise so we could recognize each other in the parking lot.

Promptly at 7:00 I drove into the parking lot of the restaurant and saw this small sports car JUST LIKE MINE.

What makes this so our community of Chaos there are roughly 70,000 people.
In all those people, there are only 4 of these cars. I have one and Mr. Wonderful has one of the other three.

For some reason that just cracked us up.

Instead of giving such detailed descriptions of ourselves, all we would have had to say is "I drive a Smart Car".

Mr. Wonderful walked over to my car door and opened it for me. I was laughing so hard I think there was snot involved.



It did shut up my wild laughter and I just stared with my mouth open. Not my best look. He held out his hand and said, "Thank you for coming out with me."

I stepped out of the car and looked into the "twinkling" brown eyes. YES! THEY WERE TWINKLING.

Brown hair, not bald, but did I mention the accent? And the charm?

I started grinning like the doofus I am (did I mention I have large teeth) and I never stopped all evening.

More about the meal later...

August 1, August 11, I got confused...

Well Peeps, I'm a little behind schedule for starting back.


Thank you for being patient and all that. This has been the busiest summer in some time.

I'm currently in Florida with the PU for a last summer fling.

One reason I'm late...I've met Mr. Wonderful!!!

I've never given much credence to love at first sight...but WOW. He's the REAL DEAL. More info on him later...(I've got to give you some reason to come back).

It's good. It's juicy. It's romantic. AND he has an accent...

Grocery Store Rumor: Beachy Mimi Returning to Blog

Yes, my Peeps. Beachy Mimi will be returning to blogworld at the beginning of August.

Actually, it's probably NOT a grocery store rumor because Beachy Mimi has to be d-r-a-g-g-e-d to the grocery store...unless there are no Coke's in the house. I buy by the truckload so that sad state of life will not happen to me.

But, it did. I had to go. I was sad.

I also had to buy air filters for the house and they were $8.88 EACH. That has to be a scam. I think they just turn black after being exposed to the air for a short time.

Men planned this house. It is all one level and fixed in a way for a down-sizing Mimi to operate fairly easily. Except...the 10 foot ceilings have 5 10 foot high
filter things which means a very LARGE Ladder must be climbed to change them every few weeks. You almost need a bucket truck basket to get up there with all your stuff. It's total trauma.

I've had an interesting summer and I will be so happy to share all the boring details with you in future posts.

As we last spoke...J was in the picture...NOT. Now, if his number comes up on my phone (I accidently found this little deal on the phone and he announces your caller orally before it starts ringing) it says "NO!" for his cellphone and "HELL NO" for his homephone. That way I have warning NOT TO PICK UP THE PHONE. I have decided this is the way I will code all male callers in the future. Another former ex is "NOT HIM".

The one after J, which did not end well at all was even worse. Twenty years older than me, married 5 times, 4 children he knows of from different women who weren't his wives.

Not the person I want to take home to Queen B. Can you imagine the wrath?

Going, Going....Gone

Hi Peeps!

Some of you have asked where Beachy Mimi has disappeared, escaped, eloped or whatever.

I'm on VACATION with the Peeps. That is, PeepOne and PeepTwo and the Beachy Mimi are taking a two week trip to the islands.

I hope to have lots of stories and pictures when I return.

Until then, please continue to pray for the adoption process of La Princesa. Check out Queen B for some cute photos.

See you in two weeks!!

J. update** nothing much to tell. Still dating.

Cemetery, cont.

The Great Cemetery Theft 2009 has yet to be solved.

The culprit(s) have covered their stealing little tracks well.

I feel like I am now an expert on different headstones since I have scoured the country in search of the missing yellow flowers.

They were pretty, but they were just yellow flowers.

Update on dating. Like you care.

Still dating J. He just had a birthday so for a few months I will not be a Cougar.
J. is not bald. Far from it. He has a headful of black hair. He loves his hair, so he will not be embracing baldness anytime soon.

However, he does wear a uniform (Beachy Mimi biting knuckles, again), and for dates and stuff he wears Wranglers and Cowboy Boots. I love it!

He is very adamant that he is NOT a cowboy, and would never EVER cover his beautiful hair with a hat.

He grooms. He keeps his vehicle spotless. He cleans. He organizes. He makes lists of EVERYTHING.

I, on the other hand, do not make lists anymore. I just wing it. Could be a problem.

One bad habit that J. has is the occasional curse word. I now have a jar and everytime one slips he has to pay me $1. If he EVER says one in front of my family it is $5 and up.

I look at it like community service. A, I'm making some shoe money and, B, perhaps helping him break a bad habit. Heh Heh

See you later, Peeps!

Decoration Hanky-Panky

Well, Peeps, I told you about taking PU and purchasing our flowers for Decoration.

We took our stuff and did our little thing and left our flowers at the graves at this little country cemetery in our old hometown.

THE NEXT DAY a friend calls PU to tell her that someone has STOLEN the flowers that PU got to go on Daddy's headstone. STOLEN???

They didn't take mine or any other flowers. Only the spray she placed on the marker.

You gots to be pretty low to steal from a grave. I'm just sayin'.

A relative walked the whole cemetery to see if the flowers had blown away in a mysterious gust of wind that passed over that one grave. Nope. Nowhere.

Next, they scanned the other graves to see if someone had...borrowed flowers for their loved one. Nope. Nowhere.

It has now become the Great Cemetery Mystery 2009.

PeepOne and I are thinking about cruising through the city cemetery to see if the flowers just happen to be on a certain person's parents' headstone. It is very unique so it will be pretty easy to spot.

I'm sorry Peeps. That is just Strange Behavior. (Taking the flowers. Not cruising through the cemetery to spot them on another headstone. We are perfectly normal. Heh Heh)

We won't re-take the purloined property, because we are KLASSY FOLKS.

I might just have to write about it on some bathroom walls or a blog or something...

An Old Tradition

Yesterday, the Parental Unit (PU) and I went to a craft type store to purchase...funeral flowers.

Who died, you ask?

Well, no one lately.

In small southern towns, and in small country churches, there is a long held tradition to take fresh/fake flowers to the cemetery and thus, "decorate" the gravesite. Interestingly enough, this tradition is called DECORATION.

I think this yearly occurance started "Once upon a time..", it is so old. Back in the day, people would go to the cemetery on Saturday, weed and clean it , and then bring fresh flowers or whatever as a remembrance to a loved one's headstone.

This also included dinner on the grounds and lots and lots of visiting with neighbors. No one had phones back then and it was a real social occasion to go to Decoration and see folks.

To really make a splash, different churches had their Decoration Day on a different Sunday so people could travel to ALL the different locations as to not miss anyone.

This was such a Big Deal to my grandparents and my dad. For my generation...not so much.

PU and I usually sneak in when no one is around and put a bouquet on her parents' and my dad's spot. I am so sorry to admit I am too cheap to do up all the relatives because I am related to 75.8% of the souls that once dwelled in those corpses.

I want to scream and say, "People, they aren't here!" But, out of respect I do my little thing and slink out.

Country church pastors despise decoration because it takes the entire month of May and into June and people MISS CHURCH to travel to whatever location. I have been berated in many a sermon about Decoration and that it is most likely a tool of satan.

Hello? Pastor? I'm sitting right here. I'm not the one traveling.

Frustration is a tough emotion for some to handle.

The Sibling actually goes to many of these events, but he is more social than I am.
And, more of a traditionalist.

It will be up to others like-minded to keep this going in the future.

For my future? The Queen B? I'll never get a flower. I'm just sayin'.

Another old tradition, Mother's Day, is probably here to stay. That's good. Mom's get most of the yuck jobs and it is great to take one part of a day to tell her you love her and appreciate her.

Are you doing something special for your mother?

It's Alive!

That is, the calendar. I think it has a head, arm and legs, and planning/scheduling skillz.

There is no way I would have written all the stuff on the calandar that has appeared there and it is not even summer!!

Plays, graduations, showers, trips, trips, trips, meetings, is choking me.

Gone are the days when one could just do "nothing" (like stay home)and time has been replaced by schedules set by others.

Why do I do this to myself?

I don't see how Moms do ball schedules, Bible School, swim team, summer school, camps,and of course, the lovely family vacation.

No wonder everyone is tired.

Then you have the group of the post-menopausal set that can't sleep on top of the crazy schedules and then you get...CRAZY RETAIL THERAPY!

When I am tired, keep me away from E-Bay, Amazon, Zappos, Etsy or whatever else.
I have no common sense.

Please continue to pray for The Palace. They have some tough decisions to make and a lot of work to do for the adoption process. Guatemala has temporarily closed any new adoptions so this puts a KINK in the plans. Just pray they will open at the right time for Maria to be adopted and to have her surgery in the USA.

Peeps, you are the Best!

What A Date!!

Oh Peeps!!

It was great. It restores my faith in men. A gentleman.


I told him what list makers Queen B and The Princess are, so he brought them a handful of pens and a stack on note paper. They will be thrilled.

I tried to do the toe test on J but he would not cooperate. I guess that will have to come at a later time. One can't push these things.

He is very organized and neat and I think he takes longer to get ready than I do, so I can probably skip the toes and be okay.

His truck!! OMgosh.

It is so clean! Every surface is protected by some type of matching cloth. I wouldn't ever dream of eating or drinking in this inner sanctum.

My Princess has already been in one production this year (at school) and this weekend she will be in another.

There is a wonderful theatre here called Arts Live Theatre.

They produce plays and other types of theatre for children in the community.

This is Mother's Day preparation week. I finally thought of the perfect gift for PU, but I can't tell you because she has started reading this blog.

J's birthday is next week. I will actually have a few weeks where I will not be a Cougar. What do you do for a guy you will have had three dates and 99 phone conversations with? A funny card will probably do it. HMMMM

Well, Peeps, I have nothing. I made a lucious strawberry pie yesterday. That and my date have pretty much dominated the weekend.

The King will be leaving LaPrincesa tomorrow and I so dread that for both. How do you tell a 5 year old you will be coming back in a few weeks? Heartbreaking.

Please, keep them in your prayers. You might throw in an extra for the J Situation.

Actually, there isn't a situation yet but there might be later on!!!!

BM's Heart Is Overflowing

If you have not seen the picture of The King and La Princesa, go. GO NOW. Check out the delight on their faces at seeing each other. I can hardly wait to get my hands on La Princesa.

I made an appointment to start getting my shots with the idea of treking to Guatemala sometime this summer. Oh my.

Thank you for all your shoe suggestions. Zappos should have most of you on retainer because they profited from your advice.

I'm on a leopard sandel kick and I found lots to choose from.

In my SIZE!!! Happy Dance inserted here.

I have talked to J. on the phone EVERYDAY and sometimes twice.

That's like...almost normal.

We have another date scheduled for the weekend and I am beside myself trying to decide what to wear. I know it doesn't really matter, because he just looks me in the eye and smiles. However, being a female, it matters to ME.

I've done my nails, tanned, got my hair colored, plucked and practiced with some new makeup. Is that pitiful or what!!

I admit it. I'm excited.

I've already proved to him I'm a dork and he didn't run away.

We were having one of our crazy conversations, and I said, "J. You are the Smack-Daddy."

Silence on the other end of the phone. A cough. A chuckle. And we hung up for the night.

I'm talking to B a little later and I told her what I'd said to J.


So much for trying to be cool.

I had to call him back and laugh at myself for calling him SMACK-DADDY.

He was very sweet and thought it was cute. Bless him.

Now and forever his name will be SMACK-DADDY. Did I tell you he has a great sense of humor?

The Skunk, Cont.

I guess if you read Queen B's post, you know more than you ever wanted about the skunk.

I am more acquainted with it than I ever wanted to be.

The nasty barn has stirred up skunks, dust, barn droppings, random get the idea.

I really think I scored some Mom points because I hung in there and finished the task.

Nausea doesn't even begin to cover the discomfort.

However, the stove rocks. The King is unaware, but Queen B had me go by Jimmy Joe's Restaurant Supply and preview the stove before the purchase was completed. It had bright blue knobs. Bright. Blue. As in matches or blends with NOTHING, not even another blue. Bad Choice.

Red knobs were an option that could not be ignored. They look great.

Queen B is stressing a bit over the appliance choices. I actually made them for her on Saturday but she doesn't trust me. Imagine that. Not listening to your MOTHER.

So, tell her Kitchenaid is great and she can't go wrong. Bosch dishwashers are great, but out of the budget.

Sub-Zero rules the kitchen, but was 17 gazillion dollars.

The Princess wants shaved ice. Bad. This must be genetic, because Queen B always wanted a Snoopy Snow Cone machine (with shaved ice).

I got her one for Christmas last year.

A 35 year wish finaly came true.

It doesn't work. Imagine that.

Shoe Shopping

It is a well documented fact that Beachy Mimi used to love to shop for shoes. If I found a comfortable pair, I might or might not attempt to acquire them in every color.

I have to confess that I even bought a style once that I adored in seven colors. One color was even faded on the left shoe from sitting in the window. I got it anyway, thinking if I just kept walking no one would notice the shoes were not exactly the same shade.

No one did.

I have matured since then.

A little.

Now, I mostly wear flip-flops. ALL THE TIME. WITH EVERYTHING. It's all about the comfort of my size 5 feet.

No more colored shoes, except for an animal print or something. It's just too much trouble.

If it is too cold for the flip-flops, I usually go with some Sketchers or something similar.

It is very difficult to find size 5 shoes.

Now that I am tentatively dating J (I guess one date really doesn't make a relationship) I must improve my wardrobe and shoe selection.

Last night I wore these really cute black open toed shoes with a three inch heel.
TORTURE!! But, I did look taller, which was the objective.

I couldn't walk in them, I had to shuffle.

Not the best impression to make on a first date.

I think I pulled it off because he didn't seem to notice my shoes.

I just know I can't get away with that twice without a major shoe malfunction which might or might not end up with me flat on my face or in a heap at his feet.

I really am not into the gladiator look that is popular right now. That style makes my feet look...fat.

So, Peeps, what are you wearing on your feet these days when you aren't bumming around in yoga pants? Any suggestions?

I just can't do the three inch heel strappy sandal because it forces me on my tippy-toes which is not a good look for me.

Help!!! I think my dating future depends on it.

The Date Is Over

And all is well. J was a very charming companion with a headful of black hair. I think he might color it.

I laughed all through dinner and didn't snort once! Didn't spit on him either.

Yep, he is younger. Looks younger, too.

Very well groomed which is a biggie with me.

Very smart guy. I don't think he likes the beach, though. He likes the lake. And sleeping under the stars. In a tent. Hmmmm.

I think he might be alot of fun, but I may never hear from him again either.

Although he has e-mailed me twice since I got home.

Whew, I'm a wreck. Too much work.

Another Date!! "sigh"

Peeps, I know this is getting old for you.

It's just that I can't help sharing.

This one is a year younger than me, so that makes me....A COUGAR! Heh Heh


This guy is J. J has one of the funniest personalities I have met in a long time.
Not funny weird, funny as in "ha ha".

He is also not bald, but he does have some facial hair so that might be a plus.
Of course, I do too, but I'll take care of that before tonight!!

He has a degree in Criminal Justice (Beachy Mimi biting knuckles). I'll have to remember not to twitch because he probably grills people and watches for clues in their body language.

There are just so many ways I could mess this up.

He makes me laugh so hard I'm afraid I will snort. Loudly. Did I mention we are eating Mexican? I'll probably be the first woman to ever snort rice out the nose while laughing.

Now THAT'S an attractive picture.

Or, I could spit. As in laugh so hard I spit my Coke in his face. Ugh.

J is what people call "a good old boy". I am finding that Very Attractive.

I love to laugh so we'll see.... I'll report tomorrow.

Summer Trip 2009

I guess you know by now that Beachy Mimi loves to travel.

By travel, I mean even short little weekend pops as well as week-long trips.

Now that PU has the Love Shack, most of my traveling has been to Florida and has been wonderful.

But, Beachy Mimi and PeepOne and PeepTwo are headed to the islands!! This is sort of a last minute trip...even though it won't happen for about six more weeks. We are having a ball planning our excursions.

We are going somewhere in the Carib. with only a carry-on bag for eleven days.

Can you say...BATHING SUIT!!!

They have been before, but this will be my first time. Everything is ON SALE right now, so that is our haste to make reservations for this summer.

Insert Happy Dance here.

I am so fortunate to not only have a mom that loves to travel, but travel buddy friends, too.

Now, if I can find a single, traveling bald man....

To Blog, Or Not To Blog

That seems to be my mindset lately.

I need to set the pot on the stove and get cooking, or put it up in the cabinet.

I'll probably cook.

Just because I love my Peeps.

Old G. called me yesterday ( I wouldn't have answered his call, but I had taken him off my call list WEEKS ago and didn't recognize the number)


BM: Hello?

G: Hey, this is G.

BM: G?

G: Yeah. Hey, have you been calling one of my old girlfriends and messing with her?

BM: WHAT? I don't even know your ex-girlfriends

BM: Goodbye

G: Talk to you later. (BM: don't hold your breath, G.)

Okay...are we in Junior High again? G. is old news. Very old. I've had three dates since G.

Enough of that.

If you have been following The Palace, you also know we are going to be blessed with another La Princesa. One Princess was such a gift, two will just bless my socks off!

Speaking of The Princess...I visited the building site of the new Palace, and The Princess casually asked, "Beachy Mimi, have you ever been on a 4 wheeler?"

I've seen that evil look in Queen B's eyes many times through the years.

"Why no, Princess, I've never been on a 4 wheeler."


A bucking bronco would have been an easier ride. Up. Down. Fast. Left. Right.

A loud cackling sound could be heard through the trees and we were ducking limbs, cow patties, and other things I won't even mention (like big, gaping holes in the ground).

I never thought The Princess would abuse her Mimi in such a way...with such enjoyment, too.

I finally told her, "If I go off this thing Sister, YOU will be going with me to cushion my fall."

Of course I would NEVER do that...maybe (insert cackling, evil laugh here)

In Memory...

...of my computer, which is now officially broken and dead.

...of my bottom lip, which is burned beyond recognition and is swollen 3 times the normal size. Think Octo-Mom. Just on the bottom lip.

...of two crowns which occupied my mouth just a few hours ago. Did I mention I have to have a root canal?

...of my camera--which I put up when I was doing crazy Spring cleaning and forgot where I put it

...of the beachy beach, which I left in sunny Florida

...of my sanity, which may or may not have been there at all.

Love ya Peeps!

She Blogged!

The Queen couldn't stand it. Heh Heh. She had to post about some of her many adventures.

I told you they weren't telling me everything.

Gunshot? No one said anything about a gunshot. Why did she stop there? She's evil, that's why. She knew her mother would freak.

God is showing me just how much he is protecting them.

Getting ready to return to Florida to get PU. I had to come home to examine my Peeps and count fingers and toes.

Mothers are like that.

Day 5 of the Guatamala Trip

I heard from my Peeps this morning. I think they are having the experience of their lives.

I'm saving most of the info for them to share at their return. Not that The King gives me much info...but I am pretending I know all.

They had a free day yesterday to play tourist and tour a nearby town...with a live volcano in the background. How cool! They sent some pictures and all were accounted for and looked healthy.

They visited the market where the barter system is still the way to shop. This would have freaked out The Queen, but The King would have been in his element. Oh my.

Only a couple more days and they will be flying back!! I plan to be at the airport and squeeze the stuffin' out of them when they land.

I've always wanted a big reunion airport scene--with a guy THRILLED to see me getting off a plane--so I'm having to adapt and have the big Mimi scene THRILLED to see my Peeps. The kisses will be different but that's okay.

Hey, maybe one of the pilots will be single and bald...

"Like Deer Camp With a Purpose"

Yes, Peeps, that is a direct quote from the King.

Deer Camp a.k.a. Man-Camp is an opportunity for guys to get together to burp, scratch, not bathe and sleep outdoors without the presence of females. Now we know for sure that they don't really hunt...they just hang out and play on the ATV's.

I guess in this case they are still burping and scratching, but hopefully bathing and doing some very needed construction on the house for the baby dorm caretakers.

The Queen and Princess did laundry...without washing machines. Towels and stuff.
Think boiling pot with a stick. There may or may not have been a rodent involved but I'll save that info for her to tell...

Today they venture out of the compound to go on a little tourist excursion. All three members of The Palace will get to spend the day together and they are really looking forward to that.

They will have to be very aware and careful, but should have a marvelous time.

Only 4 more days and the Queen will be reporting, herself.

Keep praying!

A Report From the Palace

Finally, Peeps!! I heard from the Queen.

They are doing well. The King is up to his neck in a construction project...he is in charge of the electrical (that's pretty desperate...I'm just sayin').

They had church this morning and it was very cold. They are at 8000 feet at Casa.

Someone just turned in a 3 or 4 day old little girl that was abandoned...that just breaks my heart. At least Casa is a safe place for her.

The Queen has latched on to a 7 year old boy she would like to stick in her backpack. It sounds like the toddlers are sticking to them like Velcro.

The Princess set up shop and painted fingernails for the little girls. I'm sure she was in her element.

THAT is the sum total of my info. The Queen is hoping to get a signal so she can blog soon. So far that hasn't worked out.

More updates as I receive them...

FORGET I asked about kissing on the first date. That is obviously not ever going to be a problem for me since I will never go on another date.

It was horrible, terrible, no-good, very bad (Remember that book? The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day?)

Well, this was the terrible horrible no good very bad date.

He was...Pruney. Like he had been in water too long. Maybe he's just been alive too long, not that I wish him ill or anything.

No spark, chemistry or much of anything else. He talked two solid hours about HIMSELF. That was fine, I didn't want to give him any info about Beachy Mimi.

I was praying he would go, and "poof", he suddenly remembered a birthday party he needed to attend. YAY!!


Please understand that I do not in any way think I am hot stuff. No way. Not even close.

I know there is a bald guy out there somewhere that is not water-logged, a Christian and wants to meet a 50 something woman that loves the Lord and wants to have fun and share life with him.

However, since I'm not going to go on another date...I guess he will just have to find me. Keep up the prayers!

Communication Is Not His First Language

***UPDATE*** Date was AWFUL. The shortest and most boring date in the history of dating. Back to square one.

Here's the deal.

I'm trying to post regularly and keep the Peeps informed of the Palace and their escapades.

They are supposed to e-mail me and then I am to blog about everything they are doing.

Not so much.

Apparently,the Palace spokesman is the King and he speaka not so much.

King to Mimi: "Keeping it simple. Everything is fine."


I need to know everything from food to the compound to the kids to the toilets and showers.

Peeps, I need information!!!

This is totally a direct retaliation for not telling them I had a date.

That is so NOT fair.

So, Peeps, EVERYTHING IS FINE according to the King and we ALL KNOW he is not even touching the surface of the scoop the Queen and Princess want to tell us.

I just know the Queen and she is dying to tell us how the demo on the "Poo-Pouri" for the bathroom went, how they slept last night, and all the new stuff they are seeing and learning.

So King? How about coughing up the computer for a bit so we can get the true picture?

As to the date, he will be here is 1 1/2 hours. I've been getting all doodied up so I will look like I'm "natural" hahahahahaha.

I told him I would stand on my front porch and if he didn't like the way I looked he could just keep on driving.

I hate dating. He does, too. Maybe that's the thing we will have in common.

Reports later.

Can you kiss on the first date? If so, how much?


The Queen Has Landed!!!

I am very pleased to announce that all residents of the Palace landed safely in Guat-mo.

Some or one of them may or may not have been heavily medicated upon arrival.

I know they are going to have wonderful stories to tell about all the blessings they receive.

I waited until Queen B was out of the country to tell her I have a date tomorrow. Heh Heh.

She will want to kill me. Heh Heh Heh. She always makes me call her before and after EVERY date. Sorry B! Can't do much from Guat-mo!!

Update you later, Peeps!

And Fun Was Had By Most

Beachy Mimi had fun!! But, BM almost always has fun.

Spring breaker update. More incoming today. Lots of drinking on the beach. Kids trying to hide booze. Adults all laughing because their hiding is so obvious.

I actually went to the beach to sit of one of the precious beach chairs. The beach guy gave me a deal. I guess because I am so old. I am old. It was hot out there!
Couldn't smile at him when I thanked him--snaggled toothed and all. Not sure I was looking in his direction since I can't see. No wonder he gave me a deal.

Saw dolphins up close. I am so easily entertained.

Reminder to parents: Think twice before letting you kiddos go with a group to the beach on Spring Break. I'm just sayin'. I could blackmail LOTS of people with my camera. But I wouldn't do that. Really. I wouldn't. It is much more fun to watch when it is not your kid.

Most everyone was having a great time today. All ages laughing, digging in the sand, swimming, playing beach games. All except for Mr. Grump.

Bless him. I wonder why he chooses the beach to hang out if he is so happy-challenged?

Oh! Gotta go. Streakin' on the beach...NOT ME...the kids. Gotta to watch from my balcony.

First It Was A Tooth...Then...

My contact. Right into thin air.

I took out the older pair and tossed them (it was time) and put in the spare pair since I only have a few days left. Never made it to my eye.

So, I'm blind, toothless and not tanned.

We have a new batch of spring breaker people this week. Like thousands more. My entertainment has been to watch the beach guy running them away from his precious beach chairs.

Tomorrow is the infamous day for the Pub Crawl. I think they call it something else here. Not that I would know about that or anything.

I have a real desire to go to the Irish Pub and donate my bra to the collection on the bar.


Shocking, isn't it!

Not half as shocking as PU saying jackass at the dinner table.

That was a new one!

In her defense, she was trying to describe one of the guys on Dancing With the Stars.

I think we got it!!

You all don't forget your green!!

Got An Extra Tooth?

Why is it when you are away from your home base, your supplies and your dentist a tooth comes out?

I was minding my own business...flossing...and pop. A crown flies across the room and DOWN THE SINK.

I'm sorry, I just can't go after it. It's the germ thing.

Now I get to spend the rest of my week snaggled toothed. Great. Just Great.

THEY are skinny, tanned and probably have all their teeth intact.

So... no bald guy on this trip, unless I don't smile.

On a more serious note, most of you know the Queen and the Palace are headed to another country for a week of mission work.

Please keep them in your prayers as this is WAY out of our comfort zone.

I gave her to God thirty-something years ago and I know He will be with them every step of the way. However, I'm still a Mama and Mimi with the normal amount of concern for their safety and health. Okay, I'm terrified! God is working with me on this, too.

They leave the 20th for a week. Please lift them up.

Danger! Boring Post Here

I wish that lazing on the beach made me a clever blogger.

It doesn't.

I pretty much don't have anything riveting to tell you.

I have been reading, though. I just finished OUT OF CAPTIVITY by the three guys that were held for l,967 days (that's 5 1/2 years) by bad guys in the Colombian jungle. Very good.

I also finished Monday Night Jihad and Blown Coverage by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn. Very good.

Next I am going to start a book that Glen Beck recommended by Andrew Gross. I'll let you know.

The skinny spring break hotties are still on our beach. It's supposed to be private but the management said there are too many of them to shoo. Was I ever that young?

Computer Reunited with BM

Peeps, that just sounds a little freaky.

However, today, after flying into a foggy Destin, Beachy Mimi was reunited with Computer! Tears may or may not have been shed.

The beach is cramed with skinny, tan and young spring break people.

Beachy Mimi will be sunning on the deck until the beautiful people go home. I don't have issues with my white skin or anything...

The weather is so beautiful and is supposed to snow back home tonight. Tee Hee...I mean....Heh Heh...Sorry to the Peeps in WINTERLAND. I'm not gloating or anything. Remember, I have very white legs.

On the dating front...Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Back to Computer. We are so happy to be together again. All is not perfect, however, and Computer is not performing 100%. At least we are together.

That's all for now. I have a lot of catching up to do. I'll try to be witty tomorrow when I'm not so tired.

Have a good evening!

I'll Be Back

Do your best Arnold S. imitation when you read that title. Very impressive!

Beachy Mimi is in a different location than the computer. How am I posting this??? you ask??? Don't ask complicated questions!!

However, I will be reunited with said computer in one or nine days and begin posting on a regular basis.

You know, for your daily BM.

Just thinking about your health, Peeps.

G. is long gone. J1 came along but he was a long-haul trucker that lived in his truck and I didn't think it would hold all my stuff...J2 is on the horizion but we have yet to meet. I'll keep you posted.

Dating in your "middle years" pretty much sucks.

G. Has Disappeared

Just dropping by this alien computer to tell my Peeps, "HI".

And, just to let you know that G. is off to never-never land. Actually, he hasn't been heard from since last Monday so according to his previous dating relationships, that constitutes a break-up.

Just as well. The Queen and The Princess did not like him so it was really over before it started.

It's just that Valentine's Day thing. No one wants to be alone on Valentine's Day.

Oh well, live and learn.

I "Naired" my arms today. Waxing is just not in the budget right now, and hairy arms on me make me a little queasy. So far, so good. No horrible rash or anything.

I'll keep you posted in a beauty product information sort of way.

Have a good Monday and I'll check on you later, Peeps!

Post-Surgical Update

...and it doesn't look good, Peeps.

Computer had MAJOR surgery and has been in intensive care for a long time. Yesterday, complications arose and it may not make it. Computer is in Florida and I am...not.

Posting may be sporadic but I'll give it my best shot.

I Need Valentine's Help

Hi, Peeps.

My computer is due to go in for major surgery tomorrow, so it may pass out on me at any moment.

I have not been able to read and comment on my Peeps' blogs due to the computer whatever that is going on.

Hopefully, after tomorrow that will change.

Since it has been impossible to ignore all the decorations in stores since BEFORE Christmas, Valentine's Day is fast approaching.

Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. When I taught school, kids would just sit and read their valentine cards, turn red in the face, and fall in love. It was so cute!! They were also quiet.

I have been trying to think of some creative ways of celebrating the Love Day without breaking the bank. Do you have ideas? plans? thoughts? things I can shamelessly copy?

I'd be happy to hear your suggestions.

An Absolutely Beautiful Day

Oh, Peeps! It is a gorgeous day here on the coast. The sun is shining, people are out walking on the beach and everyone is SMILING. It's just amazing.

Sibling and SIL went home yesterday so I'M OFF THE COUCH! Not that I minded being there, but it is SO nice to have a bed for a few nights.

PU and I are going to Target, love, love, love, and to the grocery story and who knows what else.

I hope there is something making you smile today....please leave me a comment and tell me.

I've Got The Power!

Yes, Peeps. I now have power to the computer and the internet.

Not for long. Maybe long enough to get this posted.

First, thank you for all the prayers on the behalf of Queen B and The Palace. They and others like them are really in a mess right now.

A tree fell on G.'s house--through the roof-- and another fell on his son's car--breaking the windshield and denting the hood.

This is sort of a NWA version of a hurricane or something. We get some of these ice storms about every 10 years or so and our infrastructure is just not equipped to cope with all the damage.

This has taught me a good lesson. When I return from Florida (sorry B) I plan to fix up a disaster kit with all the necessary tape, water, tools, chainsaw?

Those of you who went through Katrina, Ike or some other natural disaster know how difficult it is for people unable to work (no work=no pay).

They all need our prayers.

Now, I wish to address another topic. G. G. and the tacky comment left by Anonymous on the NOT AGAIN! post.

Did you know that when you sign as anonymous, I can still look you up so I know who you are.

I am not being disrespectful of G. He has a great sense of humor and is still laughing over me asking to see his toes. He knows he needs some "rehabilitation" because he has been alone for 4 years. He is a happy camper and yes, I have done some very nice things for him. I just told him that Valentine's Day was his chance to really shine. I think he will probably cook for me and I think that is great.

The personal attacks? Whatever. That person doesn't know me AT ALL.

That person can also BITE ME and move on to another blog that makes them happy.

Sorry, Peeps. I wasn't even going to mention it but Evil Beachy Mimi got the best of me.

More tales from the beach later....

Greetings from the Sand

It is a study in FRUSTRATION to try to get anything posted from the Love Shack. The internet service flicks on and off...mostly off.

Still in Florida with PU and the Sibling and Wife. Wife is an excellent cook so I manage to be...elsewhere when cooking time comes. I clean up. With Sibling supervising. It's just the older brother-younger sister thing.

We are watching a 20 hour marathon Western from the '70's for our entertainment. Yeah.

G. calls everyday. I'm thinking of giving him a small chance through Valentine's Day because there is no time to cultivate another relationship between now and then..

He did try to appease me by telling me I had lips like Angelina Jolie. Hahahahahhehehehehehehhohohohohohohohhahahaha. Of course I choose to believe him!

I expect a big welcome home and big Valentine's hoopla. If he doesn't deliver...adios fungus toes!

Sorry, Evil Beachy Mimi just appeared for a moment.

Running Away...The Answer to Life's Problems...

Yep, Peeps.

I've run away. To Florida. To be with the Other Crabs on the Beach.

Not a bad place to run to. The Parental Unit and the Sibling and his wife all came down together to get away from cold weather.

My internet usage is spotty at best, so my posts may not be as regular as before. Not that I've been posting every day or anything...Trying to have a dating life is time consuming. All that personal maintenance and everything.

So, have a good weekend. I'm on the beach looking for bald guys.

Not Again!!

Peeps. Beachy Mimi is just not meant to have a love interest at this time.

G. showed so much promise.

Let me tell you about the romantic date that...wasn't.

Actually, that's the problem. There is absolutely nothing to tell. We did go out to eat which was nice. We went to a movie and had to sit on the first row. And...that's all, Peeps.

No dancing, no big romance. Nada. Nothin. Blah.

In fact...get ready for this...

HE TOLD ME MY ANKLES WERE...FAT. Seriously. Remember how nice I was about his toes? Well, I think he had the beginnings of a fungus on one toenail, the jerk.

What man tells any woman she has Amish Ankles? Not a married one, that's for sure.
Nor one that wishes to continue dating on a regular basis.

Then he had the nerve to ask me if he hurt my feelings.

Well, YES! My inner two-year-old wanted to come back with a real beachy comment like..."fat ankles match your fat gut", or, "tubby tummy, you are one to talk about body parts".

However, I conducted myself like a lady and kept my mouth shut. I know. I'm a chicken, but I hate confrontation.

By the way, he is so far off the radar I don't even remember his name.

Ha. Ha. So. There.

I "Toed" You It Was Okay

I have gotten several comments and e-mails about my toe-viewing...issue. Everything from a fetish to a mental disturbance of some sort.

So, I will tell you again, Peeps, it is perfectly normal.

I have this obsession about pampering and hygiene. I know, it's a little over the top but still in the upper normal range of dysfunctional.

My purpose was two-fold. Beachy Mimi has a WACKY sense of humor. If G. could not laugh at a toe viewing, and see the wackiness of it, then he couldn't even begin to understand me.

Secondly, if his toes had been gross (believe me, if I thought they were I NEVER would have been out with him or asked to see them) that would have given me a clear indication that he was not up to the male maintenance standards that most women desire.

However, in light of this confession, I have had to promise Queen B that I would NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask to see any other part that is not readily viewable in normal daily attire. Up to and including any other feet examinations.

So, G. is safe from inspection (maybe behind the ears?). For now at least.

He's taking me dancing this weekend and a R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C. DATE.

It has been so long since I dated, I'm not sure what that is. But G. is fun so I'm sure it will be something a little off the wall but very proper.

Details Monday.

I know Nothing

And that's a fact.

I had a great birthday dinner with the Queen and the family and a later date with G.

It's all goood. G. is two years older than Moi. We're just having fun right now.

I am not doing New Year Resolutions this year. I never keep them, anyway, so why put myself through the agony of thinking them up and then the depression of knowing good and well I won't even attempt to do them.

Makes sense to me.

Getting ready to to to Florida with PU for a couple of weeks. MUST be back by Valentine's Day...and G. better pony up with a fun, romantic date.

Did I tell you I checked out G.'s toes? I have this thing about men's toes. They must be clean and groomed.

So, after we left the restaurant Saturday night....
BM: "G. I have something important to ask you."
G.: "O....K......
BM: "I need to see your toes."
G.: "Excuse me?"
BM: "I need to see your toes."
G.: "My...toes?" hahahahahahahah harharhahar tee heee
BM: "Strip off the socks, buddy"
G.: Removes socks from feet and holds them up for inspection.
BM: Inspects toenails carefully.
G: Still laughing uncontrollably
BM: "Well, you pass"
G: "And if I hadn't?" hahahahahahaha
BM: "You would now be talking to yourself." Bwahahahahahahahaah
G.: "Of all the things...and you want to see my TOES?" teeheeteeheeteehee
BM: "Toenails tell me Alot. ALOT.

Current score: Kissing G. Passing with flying, soaring colors
Toes G. Very nice, pleasantly surprised

I'll keep you updated on the next test.

Happy Birthday to The Queen!!

Thirty-five years ago I was a cocky know-it-all-about-everything twenty year old clueless woman about to experience THE EVENT of my lifetime...the birth of Queen B.

Life changing. Awesome. Powerful.

The transformation of Beachy Mimi was immediate. I had never felt such an intense emotion as the bond of love I had for her.

I have messed up alot as a mother. Alot. But, she is still the best thing I have ever done; my greatest accomplishment.

Actually, the credit all goes to God but I like to pat myself on the back sometimes!!
(you know...for those teenage years)

So here, January 10, 2009, my baby is 35 which makes me OLD. I love you, sweetheart.

You are my favorite person.

Here We Go...2009!

Whew, life has really been hectic lately. Victor just got released from jail and
Ashley is back in the's The Young and the Restless.

I have been so busy getting ready for Brooke and Ridge's wedding...nooooo..that's The Bold and The Beautiful.

OOPS! Someone may or may not have been watching too much tv at the Beachy house.

It is good to be back amoung the bloggyworld. I've missed you, Peeps!

The whole holiday season was much too crammed and I make a new resolution to dismantle and rebuild the whole structure for next year.

G. is still here!!! Yay! He is getting less shy and he is so sweet. We like so many similar things and laugh alot.

I actually baked an apple pie FROM SCRATCH for him. I KNOW. Amazing isn't it.
And, I fixed soup. And cornbread. G. likes cokes, too. Be still my heart.

I called The Princess to tell her about the pie and she said, "It's a miracle."
She also said, "Mimi, I thought we (she) had decided you weren't going to see G. again."

I had to do alot of fast talking to get out of trouble.

I'm still seeing him, though.

Have a great time getting back into your "normal" schedules! See you tomorrow, Peeps!