Grocery Store Rumor: Beachy Mimi Returning to Blog

Yes, my Peeps. Beachy Mimi will be returning to blogworld at the beginning of August.

Actually, it's probably NOT a grocery store rumor because Beachy Mimi has to be d-r-a-g-g-e-d to the grocery store...unless there are no Coke's in the house. I buy by the truckload so that sad state of life will not happen to me.

But, it did. I had to go. I was sad.

I also had to buy air filters for the house and they were $8.88 EACH. That has to be a scam. I think they just turn black after being exposed to the air for a short time.

Men planned this house. It is all one level and fixed in a way for a down-sizing Mimi to operate fairly easily. Except...the 10 foot ceilings have 5 10 foot high
filter things which means a very LARGE Ladder must be climbed to change them every few weeks. You almost need a bucket truck basket to get up there with all your stuff. It's total trauma.

I've had an interesting summer and I will be so happy to share all the boring details with you in future posts.

As we last spoke...J was in the picture...NOT. Now, if his number comes up on my phone (I accidently found this little deal on the phone and he announces your caller orally before it starts ringing) it says "NO!" for his cellphone and "HELL NO" for his homephone. That way I have warning NOT TO PICK UP THE PHONE. I have decided this is the way I will code all male callers in the future. Another former ex is "NOT HIM".

The one after J, which did not end well at all was even worse. Twenty years older than me, married 5 times, 4 children he knows of from different women who weren't his wives.

Not the person I want to take home to Queen B. Can you imagine the wrath?