The Status of the Palace

I just spent the weekend as a guest of THE PALACE being treated like...what else?...A Queen MOTHER!

I had a blast! We ate pizza, watched reruns of REBA and ACE OF CAKES and laughed (ME) maniacially at the Princess and all her shenanigans. Mimi has taught her so well.

We took a little road trip on Saturday to go to this wonderful place that has home decorating stuff for sale PLUS they serve the most fabulous lunch. I had...chicken tortilla soup, chicken salad and Bananas Foster Bread Pudding.. YUM
Queen B had the same thing except she had a Brownie Sundae. The King had a Reuben and Carrot Cake, and The Princess had Lasagna, Salad and Double Chocolate Cake. We were stuffed!!

It was a gorgeous Fall day in the mountains and I loved being with my family.

I really really really really miss the mountains. I'm pretty sure my bald man resides there...really.

I can also report that the chair is a success story. It adds just the right amount of contrast to the room and gives it a little POP.

I love little POPS in a room.

Speaking of...I found some new babies for my house at the decorator store.

The Palace

took my very subtle hints for BIRTHDAY CAKE and presented me with this. Excuse the photography.

Isn't that the cutest!!! The Princess and I may or may not have devoured two pieces Just Before Dinner. Bad Mimi.

Good Morning, Peeps

Hi, Peeps.

I know you are expecting my usual well written, well thoughtout post this morning...
STOP THAT!! hahahaha

Instead, I'm just blank. Nada. Nothing. Vacant.

So...until I have a synapses firing (brain stuff), there will not be anything here. Maybe by the afternoon...

The Cake Recipe

Several Peeps have asked for the recipe to the cake I mentioned in the 100 Things post.

So in the spirit of helpfulness, here is the wonderful cake:

Beachy Mimi's Guilty Pleasure

1 box cake mix baked according to pkg directions (I prefer to use chocolate)in a 9 x 13 pan
When cake comes out of the oven, poke holes all over it with the handle of a wooden spoon
Mix together 1 can of Eagle Brand Milk( choose your level--regular, lite or free)
and 1/2 can Cream of Coconut.
Pour the mixture over the cake and thouroughly cover the cake.
Stick in the refrigerator and cool completely.
Remove and ice with your favorite Cool Whip.
Refrigerate until VERY Cold and serve.

Very simple. Very BAD. Very Yummy. Bad Mimi.

Eat a piece for me. Have a great weekend!

Turn Out The Lights...The Party's Over

Well, it has been a fabulous month for me. I appreciate everyone who participated, left comments, sent well-wishes and many other random acts of kindness. Thank you so much. Beachy Mimi feels so spoiled!

I was going to have one last Palooza today, but something happened to upset the Beachy House and I'm going to save that giveaway for a later time.

I am a small town girl. Small town as in safe.

I've only been locking my car for a couple of years. I didn't have to.

Recently (yesterday), I traveled to a Large Town to celebrate and do a little shopping/browsing. This Large Town is known for thievery and car break ins.
A good friend has had her car window broken out and her purse stolen twice.

Therefore, I don't leave anything of value in the car...ever. Especially my purse.

Today, I got a new lesson in paying attention to my surroundings.

When I go in a store with a shopping cart, I almost always put my purse in the cart where the small child would sit. I'm right there with it so it is safe...right? Notsomuch.

Today, someone who apparently does this often...was watching for a chance. While a back was turned for a few seconds...someone took the wallet out of the purse.

Peeps, this is a Devastating Thing. Most of us have our whole lives in our wallets.

The theft was not discovered until it was time to pay up at the check-out.

By the time the purse-owner got her husband on the phone (he happened to be on-line), the thieves had made 4 purchases on a credit card. A time-span of maybe 15-30 minutes.


The police were called and they came to file a report. The officer said this happens all the time and the thieves work in groups that are very well organized. They know exactly how to steal, get out of the store and use the credit cards (and where they can get away with using them) before the wallet is even missed by the owner.

That's just flat scary.

I learned some hard but very valuable lessons today.

Carry only a purse that zips on top.

Keep it zipped at all times.

Never place your purse in a shopping cart.

Never leave your purse in the car, even if the car is locked.

Don't carry your social security card in your wallet. Identity theft is real.

Bad people may be watching you for an attention to who and what is around you at all times.

Peeps, I just have a bad feeling that as the economy gets tougher, thieves are going to be more plentiful and bolder to separate you from your belongings.

Be Very Careful.

The Traveling Birthday Party

As you have noticed by now, my birthday month is a Palooza and I love to celebrate. There are many ways to celebrate without getting gifts.

How about sending your own mother flowers to thank her for giving you life?

Pay for the order behind you in the drive-thru line.

Eat lots of cake, even if you have to buy it yourself!!

I may or may not have done that...several times.

Go have a fun lunch somewhere...even if you make a sandwich at home...take it to the park or like me, sit in the parking lot of Target and gaze at the sign.

Treat yourself to something special...a walk, a drive, a movie, a phone call to a friend, the Spa, a mani/pedi, get your hair done or buy a new pair of panties.
Just do something different that is just for your pleasure.

Try to actually get to shut the bathroom door when you go in there at least once during the day...instead of everyone crowding in there with you.

Never underestimate a bubble bath.

Smile often. It's your special day even if no one else notices.

Sponsor a giveaway on your blog.

On my special day, I am taking a drive, spending the night in a hotel, eating out, window gazing, laughing, and possibly taking a friend or two to dinner. That's just one day. I also plan to spend time with family and let them adore me and feed me more CAKE.

My needs are simple. I just want to make it a special day for someone else, too.

Do NOT remind yourself that you could possibly be closer to 100 than to 0.

DO remind your siblings that it is your birthday and they have forgotten AGAIN.

Sit down and make a list of people you love and their birthdays. Then when you are at Target, purchase a card and put it in a folder for later so you will have it when their big day comes around. Maybe stick some stamps in the folder, too.

Or send them an e-card. Or an e-mail. Or chocolate. And cookies. And a coke.

So, Peeps, today I am pounding the pavement, enjoying the sunshine, getting some exercise, going to the bathroom ALONE, eating out, having dessert, and a coke, and a big ole' whopping bubble bath.

I'm just enjoying my day with family and friends while keeping an eye out for any single, older bald guys. THAT'S what I want for my present. Oh, that and World Peace.

Randomly Random Winners

Mr. Random is about ready to cut me loose and move on.

I know I have kept him pretty busy the last couple of weeks, but after all...that's his job.

Again, I wish I had an iTunes card for every Peep.

Here are the winners!


susan at fordydaysandnights

3 cookie day



Jeni at the Allen Family Circus

Jackie at Our Moments Our Memories



Andi K




Three Generations of...Something

Faithful Chick posted an awe-inspiring interview of our three generations of bloggers.

Go over to her spot and check it out!

O My!...A BMBM

For those of you who are new...BMBM is Beachy Mimi's Beauty Musings...we haven't done one in a while. I also use that because it REALLY freaks out Queen B when I say BM. Heh Heh

While this post doesn't exactly have anything to do with beauty, except for the beauty OF it, it has more to do with women's health and well-being.

This is how I got here.

A VERY nice lady from church was talking--(not confidentially)--about her sister who has been married 42 years. During the conversation...I'm not exactly sure how...she mentioned that the sister had never had the BIG O. Wow.

As the BIG O has been absent from my life for a couple of years now, I cannot imagine this poor woman going 42 years without.


I totally believe it is 99.999999999999999999999% the husband's responsibility to be
the leader here. Let's just the driver's seat.

In fact, if we explained to husbands and used a car analogy, maybe they would get it.

I realize that most of you don't have a problem in this area. Wonderful! But there are alot of women who do. I have one acquaintance whose husband only wants relations ONCE A YEAR. They've been married 15 years. Even then there is no O in her alphabet. I think people would be so surprised at what does and does not go on behind closed doors.

Back to the car. Tell the husband that you can have a...manual transmission. According to my gyn, this is the way about 75% of women roll.

However, he (the gyn) says that if you alignment...with proper...torque...your automatic transmission comes in to play. He says very few women experience this.

Believe me, I have faked reaching "high C" (think piano and singing) enough to win an Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award. Probably not the best route to take.

There are some wonderful Christian books on the subject. Beth Moore even led a study with her women's group about this subject, so it's OKAY to talk about it.

The problem is, women usually don't. Underline passages. Hand him the book. You may think it will hurt his feelings, but he would MUCH rather you be happy and he will get over it.

It's healthy, normal and a total gift from God.

One of my friend's parents have 12 children and the husband has NEVER seen his wife unclothed. Okay, that is just not normal. Obviously from another generation. Like my grandparents. I'm sure they never had relations, either. EWWW!

Here's hoping you have a Capital O in YOUR alphabet.

Note to Queen B, I guess there ARE worse letters than BM. Now you will have to include O in that!!

Music For You!

Hi, Peeps!

This giveaway is for iTunes $30 giftcards. There are six (6) of them.

Palooza ends Monday night, 6 PM CDT.

Don't forget to leave your e-mail address!

Mr. Random Announces Winners!

Mr. Random has rested from his trip and did his random thing to choose the Target giftcard winners.

Once again, he chose a couple of people with no way to contact them. I'm so sorry.

Here are the winners:

faithful chick

Tonggu Momma




Take 90 West

Because Wendi Said So

Kristen Thompson

Michelle Cook


Congratulations Winners! E-mail me with your mailing address and the cards will be on their way. New giveaway tomorrow!!

I'm Overwhelmed!! more ways than I can begin to tell you!

First, thank you so much for all the well wishes and encouragment. All bloggers love the comments and your comments were so appreciated...they always are!

I'm on my way home from Florida. We went Monday and returned Thursday. A good 13 hour road trip. My brain went on standby about 10 hours ago.

The 100th post kinda posted itself. I had not proofed it yet. I'm not sure what happened.

Okay, the two guys. They both have the same name, they are the same age, and both live 2 hours opposite directions!! They are strictly "going out to dinner" friends. And no, they don't know about each other. Bad Mimi.

I have not forgotten the giveaway Palooza. I will post winners of the Target giveaway after I sleep a while. The next giveaway will be i-tunes cards but I'll tell you more about that after I sleep. I'm very sleepy.

Stay tuned!! The GREAT GIVEAWAY PALOOZA OF 2008 is not over yet!!! Not until I turn into a pumpkin on midnight of the 25th!!

I need an award or a prize. I have just endured my brother in the car for 13 hours. Nonstop. Talking. Him. If I hear "huh?" one more time I'm going to scream.
He tells you EVERY MOVE to make. Every. Move. I'm so glad I don't have to live with him...

Beachy Mimi's 100 Things

I think your 100th post is supposed to be some kind of milestone in the bloggyworld.
I also think you are supposed to post 100 things about yourself. I'm sure you all know more about me than you EVER wanted to know. But, in the spirit of blogging, I'll dig up a few more things to share with the Peeps.

1. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior
2. I will spend eternity in Heaven with God
3. The greatest gifts I have ever received are: salvation
4. Queen B
5. The Princess
6. Bald men make me tingle (sorry, TMI)
7. In 1964, I got to stay home from church to watch the BEATLES on the Ed Sullivan Show
8. When I left the Pacific house, I took the original BEATLES album with me
9. I also took all the Christmas CD's
10. And, remember I put his underwear in the freezer
11. In my fantasy life, I would:
12. Have a personal chef
13. Have a personal trainer
14. Have a housekeeper
15. Be awakened every morning by a cute, bald guy
16. Travel the world with bald guy
17. Married, of course
18 If I had a fantasy dinner party:
19. It would be cooked by Pioneer Woman
20. I would invite:
21. Queen B
22. The King
23. The Princess
24. Glen Beck
25. Anderson Cooper
26. Sarah Palin
27. Trig Palin
28. Teyla
29 The Tongginator
30. Caroline
31. Miss Piggy
32. The two old guys from the balcony on the Muppets
33. A couple of cute bald guys
34. PeepOne
35. PeepTwo
36. If I had a Biblical Fantasy Dinner I would invite:
37. Jesus
38. Paul
39. John
40. Solomon
41. David
40. Luke
42. When I was in the 10th grade I won a major award for writing a paper about a gorilla spitting on me at the zoo.
43. I was a cheerleader for 5 years
44. I was a typist for the yearbook and school paper
45. In high school, my peers were "socially active" and I had NO CLUE
46. They called me "Naive Nellie"
47. I am trusting and believe anything you tell me
48. See #45
49. In high school I let a girl walk out of the bathroom with her skirt tucked in her panties.
50. I am so ashamed
51. I have done some really stupid, selfish things in my life
52. Jesus already died on the cross for those things
54. I wear size 5-5 1/2 shoe
55. It is hard to find shoes
56. I love shoes
57. Pink is my favorite color
58. My cat, Harry, really thinks he is a dog
59. I want to go to Alaska
60. I'm really shy
61. I am learning to take myself less seriously--way less seriously
62. I love to laugh
63. I play on the Webkinz site
64. Tile Towers is my favorite game
65. I also love Tetris on a hand held game
66. I have OCD tendencies
67. Queen B thinks I am messy
68. It's all a part of not taking myself seriously and my new laid-back attitude
69. Queen B doesn't like messy
70. Queen B could never be described as laid-back
71. I love to travel in an RV and "camp"
72. Favorite TV shows are:
73. NCIS
74. The Unit
75. Amazing Race
76. Survivor
77. I love my birthday month
78. I love to give stuff to people
79. I am sorta, kinda, maybe seeing two guys with the same name
80. "Seeing" is used very liberally, here
81. Read the chapter in Proverbs that corresponds to the day of the month, every day. That is, read Chapter 10 on the 10th day of the month. Do it every day, every month. You will be better for it.
82. use part of #81 for this
83. I'm bored and I'm not even having to read all this
84. The most daring thing I've done lately is parasailing
85. I'm too old to parasail
86. I'm not a natural blonde. snort snort snort
87. Have I mentioned bald guys? Sorry
88. I'm waiting for Mr. Specific to find me.
89. He will
90. Or he won't
91. Either way, I'm okay
92. My happiness is not defined by a man
93. For the first time in my life I think I have discovered true joy
94. Jesus is responsible for that
95. This is very hard
96. I love Sonic cokes
97. My favorite chocolate cake has Eagle Brand Milk and Cream of Coconut poured into it, cool whip on top and chilled until it is very cold.
98. I could eat the whole thing
99. I may or may not have actually done that
100. I have to have a few secrets.

You pooor Peeps. Sorry you had to read all that. You are good sports!!

It's the BIG ONE, Elizabeth!

Those of you too young to remember Sanford and Son will so totally not get that title.

Never mind.

All you need to know is that THIS is the BIG TARGET GIVEAWAY PALOOZA. WooHoo!

Hmmm. I think you need to work for this a little bit. So, tell me one thing that is your very VERY favorite...something. Anything. Be creative. Make me laugh.
Better yet, make Mr. Random laugh. HE has the final say.

Gift card amount: $75.00 How many? ? more than 1, less than 10.

Deadline is Wednesday night 6 PM CDT. Winners will be announced Thursday. Cards mailed to you on Friday.

YOU MUST LEAVE ME AN E-MAIL ADDRESS. Otherwise, Mr. Random just tosses you aside.
I hate it when he does that.

Thanks for playing in my Birthday Palooza 2008.

I'm a Dental Cripple

I blogged earlier about my 4 hour torture session at the dentist. Well, they called me back the other day to come in to do some measuring. Measuring?

Okay. I'll go. This dental journey I'm on is going to be looong.

As most people, I really don't put the dentist visits up there with Things I Enjoy Doing. In fact, I'm ashamed to say I stretch my 6 month cleaning appointments to 7 months just to be rebellious. I'm a real rebel.

My teeth have always been so-so. By today's standard probably not so good, but by 1950's standard pretty much normal. One thing about it. THEY ARE LARGE. Our whole family has LARGE TEETH. They look like rabbit teeth when the first two permanents come in when we are children. VERY LARGE.

Back in my day, there weren't braces to correct bites or straighten or whatever. No one had the money to do that. Fortunately, my very large teeth were basically straight with no huge over-bite.

Then came pregnancy. Fourteen, yes 14 cavities.

As young married new parents, we had no dental insurance. I'm not even sure we had health insurance for awhile there. Therefore, I had to have dental work done as I could, over time, by many different dentists. In other words, we moved alot. Every dentist had his own way of handling this mess and the result, at mid-fifties, IS a mess. (Aren't you hearing the violins playing in the background?)

Since I want to eat and not gum my food for the next 50 years, I thought it time to correct the confusion once and for all, by one dentist, and have everything coordinate.

So, we measured. And measured. And did impressions. And more impressions. Can I say here that impression goo triggers the gag reflex?

As a result, my "midline" is off. (Always thought I was "off" a little bit. ha)
Everything else is "off" as a result of that. The computers and stuff they have now in the dental world are just amazing.

The computer classified me as a DENTAL CRIPPLE. Way to hurt my feelings. I have really tried. When one has LARGE TEETH you brush alot and keep them white.
BIG YELLOW TEETH. EWWWW. I think I just threw up a little bit.

The light at the end of this very long dental tunnel is that they will be permanently whitened!! Yay!! They will all be equally HUGE! yay I think.

I have temporaries on half my front teeth right now and they look pretty good.
However, one broke today (Saturday) and the dentist is in Las Vegas (and I know why he can go there. I'm just sayin'.)

I'm leaving with Parental Unit, Sibling, SIL and Mr. Random Integer for some Florida fun for about a week. Dentist won't be there.

When I return, some ladies (snort) from my high school years are having a get-together to remind ourselves that we once were cool, had cute legs, and pretty teeth.

We do this from time to time and it is a real ego booster!! Anyway, I will have to go as a DENTAL CRIPPLE because I get home on Friday night late and the shindig is Saturday. A front broken off temporary. On the FRONT of my VERY LARGE TEETH. I look a bit like Sadie from the Ozark hills.

I can make it if I don't smile. However, RULE OF NATURE--PEOPLE WITH LARGE TEETH HAVE VERY LARGE SMILES. Big. Really big. And, I laugh alot. Especially around these yahoos.

So, do I do the uncool thing and cover my mouth when I smile which is TOTALLY DORKY?
Try not to laugh, which will be IMPOSSIBLE? Not go and give them free reign to talk about me? NOT A CHANCE IN THIS LIFETIME...PARENTAL UNIT DIDN'T RAISE NO STUPID GIRL.

So, there really is no choice. I have to find a killer outfit. Shoes, purse, jewelry... the whole thing, as a diversion tactic. Peeps, I HAVE NO CHOICE. These women are VICIOUS. Maybe I can spike my hair extra pointy, but that would call attention to the face, hence, the tooth problem. Maybe a kickin' belt would be the best. Low cut blouse? THE GIRLS are spectacular, but totally lost with this bunch.
Three inch heels? I can barely walk in my flip-flops. Booties? Great jeans and top? Oh the PRESSURE.


So, I have four days to come up with the OUTFIT OF THE CENTURY while out-of-town and beachcombing.

Any and all suggestions about other diversionary tactics will be appreciated.

Mr. Random is going because there will be another giveaway tomorrow!!


Some of you Peeps have not received your giftcards, especially from Sephora. PLEASE let me know so I can fix this.

Beachy Mimi

As He Becomes an Evacuee...

Mr. Random came by briefly on his way out of town as an Ike evacuee. I mean he is high-tailin' it out to Florida to escape the wrath of Ike. Of course, he's taking me too...

Anyway... the lucky Books-A-Million winners of a $50 gift card (they have a web site also you can use) are:

the inept aspirant
momma jones
Nicole at On The Run

Congratulations! You should already have an e-mail from me.

Peeps, I have some VERY SERIOUS BUSINESS to discuss with you. I have never had this happen before, but three winners were chosen by Mr. Random and they had NO E-MAIL ADDRESS. He's got to have some way of getting ahold of you so in the next giveaway PLEASE leave me a way to contact you. I don't want anyone to miss out.

As we flee the remmants of Ike, I will be gone for a few days. Never fear!!!
The Palooza continues.

All gift cards and e-certificates have been mailed/sent, so if you didn't get yours, PLEASE e-mail me and let me get it fixed for you.

I'll announce the next Palooza tomorrow!!

Love My Peeps!

More Palooza, Just Sign Up!!

This month is just sailing on by. It's time for the next giveaway!!! Yay!!

Okay, this one you have to work for. Tell me what other types of giveaways are your favorites or one you would like to see sometime. Does that even make sense? Just figure it out and leave your answer in the comments.

Mr. Random respectively asks that all Peeps leave an e-mail address to be contacted. It disappoints him greatly when there is not a way to contact a Peep.

The last giveaway for the week...$50.00 gift cards to Books a Million bookstore. At least 2 maybe 5 who knows. Blessings to all.

If you have won a prize here at Beachy Mimi and you have not received it, please let me know. All prizes have been awarded except this current one.

I'll announce the winner Saturday morning, Sept.13.

Mr. Random is just that, RANDOM, so everyone has a chance.

A Meme from Mamma Belle and Lisa

Bayou Belles and their Beau
and Lisa at Take 90 West
tagged Beachy Mimi with a Meme about blogging. I thank them GREATLY since I had nothing else to blog about today and the next giveaway is not quite ready.

Here are the rules:
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you, either positively or negatively.
2. link back to the person who tagged you
3. link back to this parent post
4. tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them

Alrighty then.... here goes.

1. Queen B is, as most of you know, my birthling, only child, spawn, delight of my life. When she began blogging, I began to harass her by leaving little smartie comments on her blog or equivalent e-mails.
When we were on May's NEVERENDING VACATION IN Florida, she set me up and said "get after it...with conditions. I know your passcode and I can zap you if you say ANYTHING I DON'T LIKE". Well.... well...Beachy Mimi has to push the limits a little bit. I would be Queen Mother/Beachy Mimi if I DIDN'T. Those of you raising teenagers right now will totally understand my desire for a little bit of payback for HER teenager
angst I SUFFERED THROUGH. Let me repeat I SUFFERED THROUGH TEENAGER ANGST FROM MY CHILD AND SURVIVED SOMEWHAT INTACT. This has been a wonderful payback source for me.

2. I am much older than most of the Peeps I have run across to this point. Maybe, some of the experiences/mistakes/non-mistakes I have made/encounterd/created will help another Peep throught encouragement, rethinking a decision, or keeping a Peep from TOOTIE LASERING.

3. Living in a new town and a year out of a divorce, this has given me bloggy friendships that I LOVE. I know that if I met some of you in person we would just hit it off and continue our bloggy conversations. I pray for you and I know that you do also pray for me when I ask. Most of the blogs I have come across are Christian women. I JUST LOVE HOW GOD DOES THAT. I firmly believe women need women.
And face it. When the town you live in is full of women that wear pantyhose with sandals, you might just have to look outside the box to find some female companionship. I'm just sayin'.

4. I learn more everyday about how much my faith means to me. I find myself doing what Beth Moore suggested--getting face down on the floor before God to empty out myself and fill myself with Him. On that same note, I think as Christian women we can talk about things and ask questions about things and learn things that are not vulgar but, hey, we may need to know some of this stuff. Who else am I going to ask?
My Bible Study group sure doesn't talk about THE GIRLS and HIGH BEAMS, tootie grooming, and various other subjects we have yet to cover. But we can cover those in tasteful, informative ways.

5. That, of course, may be a negative for some of you, so just keep on going down the road. I do not ever wish to offend anyone. I love to give. That is why I do my giveaways. I don't expect anything in return or any big recognition for it. It's just what I do. Deal with it.

6. There are not supposed to be a six but it did say I could break the rules. I need someplace to dump all my random thoughts and questions. I do spend time reading blogs, but it has just replaced reading romance novels that weren't that good for me anyway. I do not plan. Stop that. Stop laughing. It just goes out the brain, down the arms and out the fingers. I have not doubt you already knew that.

In summary...I blog for enjoyment, relationships, humor, encouragement, wise council, advice, stealing ideas from you, giveaway opportunities, payback and anatomical surveys.

So...The five of you I have tagged are:

Grace Comes by Hearing
Cool and Hip I am NOT
For the Love of Sam
No Whining Allowed
No Small Thing

Go get it, Peeps!!


Thanks to everyone who left a comment to enter the contest and for your good wishes to me for the DENTIST. DENTIST and I are going to be very chummy for the next several weeks as the whole process turns out to be more than anticipated. Goody.

But so much for that. You, Peeps, just want to know the winners of the Amazon e-cards!

Mr. Random dropped by tonight and chose the following numbers (winners):

Dawn at Dawn Writes
faithful chick
pastormac's ann
Alicia My life as a mother, wife and woman
the (almost) amazing mammarino Homeschool Circus
Tracey at Grace Comes by Hearing

Please e-mail me with the e-mail address I can give to Amazon. Congratulations!!

We're On A Roll Now!

As you are reading this, Peeps, I am in the dentist chair being tortured for four hours.

I'm not happy.

However, thinking about my Peeps and a new giveaway DOES make me happy, so I'll go to my happy place and tell you about the next giveaway.

This palooza will be e-certificates from The certificates are for $75 and at least 5 maybe more...

Be sure to enter even if you have already won something. I have no control over Mr. Random.

Have a super, dentist free day!

Contest ends Tuesday night at 6 PM CDT and the winner will be announced Wed. morning.

Love me some Peeps!!

Binner Binnerbobinner banana yana bo binner me my mo Winner. WINNER

My new boy-toy, Mr. Random, has chosen again. You lucky girls!! I need the e-mail addresses of all 6 winners of the $60 Sephora Palooza Giveaway, so Sephora can send them to your e-mail address.

You might even come back here and tell me what you got with your winnings.

Lisa of Take 90 West
Amy at By His Grace

Congratulations! Peeps. They next giveaway will be something readily available to most Peeps with a 'puter. Heh Heh Starts in a moment.

Flooza Palooza

Do you Peeps get it yet that I LOVE birthday month? I am having a ball with the giveaways.

Mr. Random has no favorites so feel free to enter contests every time.

This next giveaway is from Sephora and it is an e-giftcard. In other words, your e-card must be used on the Sephora website and not in the store.

Beachy Mimi is giving away 4 gift cards worth $60 from the Sephora website.

I'll announce a winner Sunday night!!

Mr. Random's Sonic Winners

I love Mr. Random because there is no way I could choose amoung my Peeps for winners.

My **secretary** hohohahaheheharhar picked up too many Sonic cards so there are double winners tonight!

Don't dispair. The birthday is not until the 25th and there will be more palooza before then. Thanks you for playing with me, Peeps.

Today's Winners of $20 Sonic gift cards:

Loving Our Homeschool
Daily Wanderings, Lifetime Wonderings
3 Girls Mom
Bayou Bells and Their Beau
Because Wendi Said So!!!
Allen Family Circus
Just This Side of Crazy
Cool and Hip I AM Not

Whew! Congratulations and Happy Drinking!

The next palooza will be e-gift cards from Sephora. Information soon!!

More Palooza

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Oh, Hi Peeps! It's just my inner rocker busting out in song. I REALLY wish I could sing.

Time for more birthday palooza giveaway!

I'm loving my birthday month already and having lots of fun. I like to pass it on.

Five, 5, yes 5 of you Peeps can win a Sonic Gift Card worth $20 in honor of my love for Sonic cokes.

Just leave me a way to contact you in the comments. I won't even make you work for it by answering a question. That'll come later!!

I'll close this giveaway Thursday, 6PM , CDT, and announce the winners soon after.

And if it IS your birthday month...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, NOW.

It's Dangerous To Be Bored

Beachy Mimi is rarely bored. I have always felt I was reasonably intelligent enough to entertain myself at any give time.

Well, last week, notsomuch.

I was at a loss. I've NEVER been bored.

A bored Beachy Mimi is a Beachy Mimi out-of-control.

At my regular waxing appointment ( I love waxing) I was reading the tootie waxing page again with utter facinatiion.

The conversation went like this:

BM: So, tell me about this tootie waxing.
Torturer: I wouldn't get waxed, I would get LASERED.
BM: Huh? Tootie Lasered?
Torturer: Yes. It's great. I've done it 11 times. (Note to self: Remember to question why 11 times)
BM: Does it HURT?
Torturer: The lasers are much better than they used to be. (notice to self--torturer dodging question)
BM: Could I try a little spot?
Torturer: Sure. Let's do a patch of Upper Tootie.
BM: I'm game. Let's do it.
Torturer: Put these glasses on and lay back.
BM: O U C H!!
BM: You didn't tell me it would be mor.phine.ic pain!!
Torturer: That is a tender area.

Beachy Mimi left waxing salon will well groomed eyebrows and fried ovaries. It works but I cannot imagine getting central or south central tootie done.

Well, you think that would have cured my boredom and desire for excitement. It didn't.

My next option was getting a tat, body piercing, calling up an old boyfriend or making a random purchase.

The tat: figured it would change areas on my aging body and a tat on the lower back might end up between my shoulders

The body piercing: same thing

Calling up old boyfriend: don't have one to call

Random purchase: it seemed like the lesser of four evils

So, as a Happy Birthday to Me, I bought a car. Actually, I just traded one car for another car but it is new to me.
Now you would think Beachy Mimi, in her bored state, would choose a wild red or sexy blue color. Nope. Nada. White.


I should have just gotten a gray car, let my hair go gray and quit waxing my chin hairs.

Don't judge. I got nervous. This was only my second time to do this by myself.

Now I'll be driving around in my boring white car doing boring things like combing my hair and not spiking it.


Maybe I'll get some pink extensions.

Another giveaway tomorrow!!

Love Ya, Peeps!!

Mr. Random's Picks

Mr. Random Picker came by and chose the random winners for the Walmart $20 gift card giveaway.

The 5 winners are:

Mari at Mari's Morning Room
The Fritz Facts
RR Mama

Congratulations everyone!

The Palooza is Here!

Hey there, my Peeps.

Beachy Mimi has had a long vacation/laziness time and is ready to get back to work.

So... as September is my HAPPY BIRTHDAY MONTH... you get to celebrate with me.

There will be giveaways and stuff here all month because I don't want to celebrate alone.

For the first giveaway, 5 yes FIVE of my Peeps will win a $20.00 Walmart giftcard.

All you have to do is leave a comment and a way to contact you and Tuesday evening,

3pm CST, the contest closes and winners will be chosen and announced.

Then on Wednesday...more goodies to give away. Yay!

Happy Labor Day, Happy Giveaway and pray for Gustav people.