Happy New Year!!

The Post Was Removed To Protect...ME!

If you are a daily (not so much lately) of Beachy Mimi, you will notice that the post before this one has been deleted. For a reason.

It seems that G. is still in the picture so I had to erase all the evidence.

I don't have a New Year's Eve Date. Bummer.

Giveaway Winners!

Mr. Random came by and chose the winners for the two giveaways.

Tammy won the Kit Kittridge

Loving our Homeschool won the Wii game.

Congratulations ladies!

I wish I had something for everyone...

Have a great weekend.

I'm going to because I have another date with G.

BUSTED by the Dentist and a Giveaway

I got to the dentist this morning and he had READ MY BLOG. I surely was under the influence of drugs when I obviously blabbed about my ANONYMOUS BLOG.

He had a small issue about me telling you he rested his arm on my head while working. tee hee

This was the day I had to get doodied up for the photography of the teeth.

So, Dr. F...I promised you I would say this...You are a good-looking guy that I wish was bald and older and unattached. How's that?

Now...on to G. OH MY GOSH!! He is AMAZING. I had a wonderful time and hope to have a second date soon. He is not bald but clippers are readily available at any barber shop. Gorgeous blue eyes...Fantastic kisser (oops never mind)...and he held my hand. We have quite a bit in common and he had even met my dad years ago.
I'll probably do something to mess it up.

We'll just have to see what happens.

On the the Giveaways. In the two posts below this one, I am having a giveaway for a Kit Kittridge DVD and also a Rayman II Wii game. Two separate giveaways. Enter both, or just one. I'll anounce the winners in time to get it in the mail on Friday!!

Kit Kittridge DVD Giveaway

Please leave me a way to get in touch with you.

Rayman 2 Giveaway Wii Game

Please leave a way to contact you!


I am so totally intimidated by all the beautiful decorations I am seeing on other blogs. You Peeps are so creative!

Back in the day when I had a child at home, I really used to go all out on the decorating. As single Beachy Mimi? Not so much anymore.

I wanted to participate in Fuschia's cookie exchange but I'm cookie challenged, too.




I got a call tonight from a new man named G. A date will follow I think.

I'll keep you posted. It just may be a Happy New Year!

Doesn't Everyone Name The Tree?

Huh? You DON'T?

I (well, PeepOne) put up the 38th tree of my adult life this year.

There have been all kinds of trees. Very small to very large. Real to artificial. Serious to whimsical.

But, because I'm me, I decided a few years ago to do some "fun" trees. I know. Bad Mimi for not using Jesus ornaments.

I started by collecting pig ornaments. Since I adore pigs it seems like the logical thing to collect. Not farm pigs, but beautiful pig ornaments. You would be AMAZED how many different ones are out there. It certainly makes my tree unique.

This year, the piggies are in storage. I am still collecting (OCD), but I decided to go a different route.

This is what I did last year...

Pitiful I know. The holiday season was rough last year. This was just the best I could do.

Peeps, I would like to introduce you to "The Red Saloon Girl". I am positive she has already come to Jesus and is now a Christian. However, she still likes feathers and bling. Here she is:

Isn't she beautiful? She will only be with me for one year. Next year her sister Lola the "Showgirl" might appear, but Red will appear only one time. (same ornaments, different arrangement).

All my ornaments are plastic since Harry is facinated by the lights and feathers.

I found this in the kitchen floor.

The things that go on while I sleep....

Here is a close-up of the fancy bottom of her dress...

And here is a shot of her hat...

I realize that I am photographically challenged. Red is much more beautiful that the camera shows...

I have finished my shopping! Yay!!

We do the three gift thing. Since Jesus got three gifts, why should we get more?

Each person gets 1)something they need; 2)something they want; 3)a surprise

Stockings are extra and don't count. It really makes shopping for my family fun to try to come up with different ways to give underwear...I'm just sayin'.

Another Christmas tradition I do...whatever gift I spend the most coin on, I give that exact amount in a birthday Christmas offering to Jesus.

Do you have special traditions in your family? Like the pink, fluffy salad your grandma forces you to eat every year? Everybody gets socks? Underwear? Do you read the Christmas Story on Christmas Eve? Attend a Christmas Eve service? Come on, Peeps!!! Spill it!! Tell us your traditions.

I Haven't Disappeared

Hi Peeps!

I haven't disappeared into bloggy outerspace.

This is just an extremely busy week with something major every day. I don't like major things every day. I like to stay home.

Anyway, I'll be updating occasionally as stuff happens.

PeepOne finished my tree this weekend. It's awesome. As soon as the battery finishes charging I'll post a picture.

Think red saloon girl. tee hee

Later, Peeps.

A Better Day

I forgot to mention that when the dentist was attempting to remove a temporary cap, his pulling tool slipped and he socked me in the lip. Yes he did.

It goes well with the blister from the waxing.

In the stages of grief about my new size...I am finally out of denial and into acceptance for a time.

Today was a better day. I got a couple of new size things to tide me over until the size reduction plan goes into full mode.

More tomorrow.

Love ya, Peeps!

Woe Woe Woe and Boo Hoo


If I weren't high on dental drugs I probably wouldn't tell all this...hang on. This could get long and painful (as in boring).

I did not sleep because of the THROBBING MOUTH. Even with the drugs. They just kept me awake. When Beachy Mimi does not get sleep...she is Miserable. When BM is Miserable...things don't flow smoothly in this house.

Since I had No Sleep, I called the Parental Unit at the crack of dawn to see if she wanted to go eat breakfast at IHOP and run errands. PU LOVES IHOP. LOVES.

PU's Sunday School class (they call themselves "The Pairs and Spares") eat there together at least once a month with the preacher. He pretends to listen to their suggestions. But that is a whole other story. This is all about Me.

I got up, showered, fixed my hair and put on Makeup. Yes, I truly did. It has been so long since I have worn Makeup...I had a Baseline at my jaw. Tacky.

I go to the closet. I got some jeans out, the same size I always wear, and they WOULDN'T ZIP OR BUTTON. I pulled. I tugged. I lay on the bed and sucked in as hard as I could. Nope. Nada. No Zippo.

I was So Upset I refused to take them off ( I totally blame the drugs). So I got a big fat RUBBER BAND and ran it around the button, through the button hole and looped it back around the button for closure. Am I Classy? What was I thinking? Have I just lost it? A RUBBER BAND at the button hole? I was just so pi**** uh upset they wouldn't fit.

So like a hillbilly I WORE THEM THAT WAY ALL DAY. What was I trying to prove? That I am a stubborn idiot?

So, I pull on a sweater to cover up my handiwork and proceed to go to IHOP to eat breakfast. That really makes sense. I'm sure everyone could see my unzipped, rubber band STRAINING pants. I disgust myself.

PU and I ran many many errands and finally decided to get our "nose and tails" done
as the Princess used to call it (nails and toes).

Oh, I forgot to mention that I wore my new black Uggs today and that was another reason I didn't want to change out of my black jeans. Does it really matter if the jeans are black or regular blue jeans? I think not.


So, the nail place is a challenge on my best day. The girls are So Sweet...but Nosy. Very Nosy.

I walk in and Mary (nail tech) says, "You pants not zipped." Yep. She's right.
I hop in the chair and take off the New Black Uggs and my feet and ankles are BLACK.
As in dyed black from the shoes. Mary screams. I cuss. She scrubbs my feet until the water turns black. PU is snickering in the corner.

We eventually move to the nail desk where I start getting the third degree on my "boyfriend" that I don't have. Mary asks (again), "You live with Mama?" I remind her (again) that I live alone and have no boyfriend. She pats my hand in sympathy. I kinda cuss a little more in my head.

Mary proceeds to scold me about the state of my cuticles. What did she expect from a person with unzipped pants and black feet? She says I must dip them in hot wax.

Then she starts in about my eyebrows. They ALWAYS want to do something to my thicker (than theirs) eyebrows. I divert her to my upper lip instead. I disgust myself (again) that I have to get my lip waxed.

A total of THREE nail techs come over to discuss where to put the little cloth over the wax and just how hard they are supposed to yank it off. In Vietnamese. Rapidly. Loudly. I started to yank it myself since I have experience with the WAXING HARLOT. I'm an old pro. The girls decide who will yank and how hard and then it is over.

PU continues snickering at the nail drying table.

Next, Mary leads me to the hand wax dipper (OTHER FOR FOOT. NO USE!) and tells me to dip 3 times. Well...there is the biggest dead waxy horsefly (not housefly...HORSEFLY) already present in the wax.

I point to the fly. Mary shakes her head and says, "you dip".

I say, "There's a fly in the wax."

Mary says, "He dead. You dip."

I guess she thought that a person with rubber band fastened pants and black feet shouldn't be so picky. I decided she was right and I dipped. I may or may not have cussed a little under my breath as I did it.

We finally finished and left. PU was totally entertained the whole time. As we are getting in the car, I look up and ALL the nail techs are at the window watching us get in the car and all are talking at the same time. I guess it was a slow day.

I'm home now. Tomorrow I have to go present something to the Headmaster at the Princess' school.

None of my pants will fit over my too large self. The rubber band trick will not pass muster with her. It's already an embarassment that I'm even going to BE there.

The only sweater that fits has horizontal stripes. What was I thinking? Flat GIRLS can wear horizontal stripes, but NOT ginormous GIRLS.

I have to go shopping in the morning because I sat here all summer wearing knit and elastic and didn't realize MY CLOTHES DON'T FIT ME NOW. I am Seriously P**** Upset.

There are not many things worse than having to shop for a larger size.

This also creates a problem for my Thursday night event. But more on that later.

Did I mention that they left the wax on my lip so long it blistered? Yes. It Did.

I actually look worse than Oliver.

I may or may not still be cussing just a little bit.


Today was supposed to be my day to abuse, I mean, enjoy watching PeepOne decorate my house for Christmas.

The Dentist changed my plans.

I had FOUR hours in his torture chair. I was a good patient so instead of a visit to the treasure chest, they brought me a milkshake from Chick-fil-A. Ahhh!

Anyway, the work is almost complete. He (the dentist) wants to put a picture of my teeth on his blog. My reply was, "Only if you put my name, phone number and e-mail address so maybe I can get a date."

His reply, "You might want to get "doodied up" before we take the picture."

Now I am assuming "doodied up" means fixing my hair and putting on make-up.
My usual dental attire consists of no make-up, sweats and bed-head. After all, he sprays water in my face, down my neck and uses my head as an arm rest.

No problem. Beachy Mimi will show him "doodied up"!

Presently, I am IN PAIN from lots of man-handling of my lower teeth and gums. I feel a pajama day coming on.

PeepOne has dental SURGERY tomorrow. She probably won't get a milkshake either. She will also be doodied up when she goes to the dentist. She's always fixed up.

My decorating day is Friday so I'll be sure to take pictures.

Thursday, I am attending an assembly at the school where the Princess goes. I think I AM the assembly...long story...the Princess is worried that Mimi might be herself in public. Heh Heh Hahahahahah Hehehehehehe

Thursday night I am doing something I'm just dying to tell you about but if Queen B or PeepOne find out...I won't be doing it. Beachy Mimi is going OUT ON A LIMB, Peeps.

A full report will follow this event...maybe. Depends on the outcome.


The Decorating Has Begun!

At the Palace that is.

PeepOne ventured to Queen B's to decorate for Christmas. I should be ashamed for posting pictures that she should probably get to post about her own house...but I don't have much to say tonight and I got here first. na na na boo boo

I'm just Beachy like that.

My Princess is getting so tall!

PeepOne did her usual amazing job on the tree. as well as a few other parts of the house. I'll save most of it for Queen B to share at a later date.
These Santa figurines are not related to anyone in our family...too skinny.

Pretty cute coffee table arrangement. PeepOne can use the most common stuff to make a beautiful arrangement.

Did I just say arrangement/arrangement? Not good. Maybe arrangement/design. More professional. Unlike these photos which are making me dizzy with their popping up just wherever. I have no control.

My house was to be next...curb the excitement...but I have to go to the "Torturer" tomorrow.

NO SILLY! NOT THE TOOTIE LASER HARLOT...the DENTIST which is almost as bad. They are similar in that they make me lay back and put on protective glasses. The Dentist has drugs and that makes it all better. Tootie Harlot. No drugs. Just pain. And the stench of my burning ovaries. Oh yeah. I told that story already. sorry. NOT!

Can You Believe This?

THIS is what happens when you have your mail held a few days. Most of this stuff is junk. JUNK. No wonder our economy is out of money.

I hope all you Peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I find the holidays pretty stressful these days but I'm working on that.

Today PeepOne is decorating the tree for Queen B. I'll send pictures later.

My decorating day is tomorrow.

Good 'ole PeepOne. She's a keeper.

And while I am on the subject of keepers....SO ARE YOU, PEEPS!

I was so touched by all your Pay It Forward stories. You may want to reread the comments with that post. Peeps have added to the comments all week and they are great.

THANK YOU! Maybe some folks will learn the real reason behind Thanksgiving. This was fun. Maybe we can do it again next year!!