Five More Days...

... Until the big day. Beachy Mimi is flying to Las Vegas with Mr. Wonderful to get married in a little wedding chapel on the Strip.

The Ultimate In Tackiness!!

The Elvis was already booked, so we had to settle for a normal person. Bummer.

Pictures later.

Bless PeepOne's heart. She took great pity on my very unorganized life the last few years and CLEANED OUT MY CLOSETS. Oh YES SHE REALLY DID. Is that a friend or what!!

My wedding duds are very simple. Long browny gold silk skirt and tank with a killer jacket. Very suitable for a fifty-something but still cute and elegant.

We get off the plane at 4 and get married at 8. You talk about a rush.

We purchased the Lesser Extreme Tacky Package vs. the More Extremely Tacky Package.

Do you think I should carry a bouquet?

I'm kinda thinking not since I won't be making a Dramatic Entrance. Oh, I am all about Dramatic Entrances, but it doesn't come in the 30 minute Limited Tacky.

The Chapel furnishes music and I can only imagine what will be playing. If it is "You Light Up My Life", I will run down the Strip screaming.

I'm thinking more "At Last", or, "Suddenly", or "What the Hell are You Thinking?".

I'll just have to be flexible on the music, as most other things regarding the ceremony.

Busy week ahead.

In honor of the Wedding of the Week and also Beachy Mimi's birthday, I'm offering a few giveaways from my favorite store....TARGET!

Just leave your name, how to contact you and some wedding advice. Contest will end Wednesday evening at 6 pm cdst, and the winners will be randomly selected and announced on Thursday morning.


Angela said...

I'm so excited for you! Target rules but marrying your sweetie is infinitely better. Have a great week!

cndymkr / jean said...

Carry the bouquet. Don't forget something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. Oh and take lots of pictures!

michellenotdawn said...

AWESOME! I second the 'traditional' - old, new, borrowed and blue.
Have a wonderful time!

Mama Belle said...

Wait! Where have I been or better yet where have you been? I can't wait to see pictures. Yes, carry the bouquet ... maybe just a single flower with a ribbon.

Wedding tip? Just enjoy yourself and don't rush it. Take in every second.

Jen said...

Mimi, I honestly don't need anything Target right now --

but I did want to encourage you to carry some posies -- your favourites if possible -- because this is a wonderful time and you should be surrounded with wonderful things as well.

I love that song "At Last" -- I hope you can have it!

The best, best, best blessings --

Nicole said...

i definitely think you should carry some kind of flowers...otherwise what will you do with your hands?

At your side? too military-ish

Flailing around? too crazy lady-ish

In your jacket pockets? Um, NO.

A simple bouquet or flower is great. Savor every wedding moment, but remember: the best is yet to come in a life together:)

Oh, and TAKE PICTURES!! :)

Joan said...

Again, Congrats!

My advice would be this:

The wedding is only a day - your marriage is forever!
Spend some time planning your marriage, too.

Second - have fun & don't take it too seriously.

Blessings and Happy Wedding Day!

Lydia said...

Congrats!!! I'm so exciting for you and even more intrigued to hear the details once you get back!
Take a TON of pictures...never too many.
Carry the bouquet--but make sure it's a small one.
Make sure you have something pretty (and sexy) for the the wedding night! ;-)

Dawn said...

Yes... carry flowers. Take lots of pictures.

Advice? Always treat each other how you *should* be treated... not how you *feel* like treating the other.

I'm so happy for you, Mimi! Can't wait to hear all about the trip.

Love and blessings!

Lacey Carney said...

Take lots of pics and I would say yes to the flowers! Let him take a pic of you randomly throwing them in a random place with LOTS of random people! How fun is that! And i need to know the shoes???? What are you wearing? I still say a wedge! Beautiful, more sturdy, plus gives you some more inches:) Wish I was going as the photographer:))

Lots of LOVE

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

How about a posy tucked behind your ear (really big, for maximum tackiness)?

And don't forget hot red lipstick!

fortyb4forty said...

Definitely carry flowers, it just seems "right". Take lots of pictures-for memories of course but most importantly for posting on the blog...please!!!
Enjoy, don't let the "busyness" overwhelm you but enjoy every moment and remember the wedding is just the beginning of the important part-marrying the one you love. Blessings!

Other Mother said...

Congratulations! I agree with the "carry some flowers" group, and think throwing them to a random crowd would be great fun!

Mindy said...

How exciting!!! My only tip is make sure to invite Jesus into your marriage....then everything else will fall into place. Best Wishes!

Jeni said...

What?!?! I was on vacation and totally missed your big announcement! Congrats!! Wedding advice - don't spend a lot of money, but have fun & get pictures!

Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

Definitely carry a bouquet. It's your wedding so if you want to, go for it. But more importantly, I think you'll need it so you'll have something to do with your hands. If I'm in front of a group I'm usually not standing still and my hands are bobbing around while I talk. You won't really be doing that too much, so what will you do with your hands? It's so weird to figure out where to put them when you're standing still and don't have anything to hold but need them to be still...clasped together in front, back, at the side, holding Mr. Wonderful's hands?

Congratulations! I'm so glad you don't have to do the dating scene anymore and that you've found a wonderful man.

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Congratulations!!! Unbelievable.

Carry the flowers. Period. And don't leave your purse anywhere where some idiot can steal it and drain your bank accounts.

Yes, it happened to me. But I'm not bitter...not at all.


Wade's World said...


As for advice, I'm all about something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

And I really do think you need a small bouquet.

And try to remember to take it all in. I don't remember ANYTHING from my wedding, and no kidding, I had to watch my wedding video to refresh my memory.

But above all else, keep God first and enjoy your new life together!

"G" said...

Congratulations! Wedding attire sounds perfect... Carry flowers.. something simple.. It will give you something to do with your hands as you walk down the aisle.. :)~ said...

Congratulations!!!! I say go for all the tacky you can get in Vegas :) I hope your day is wonderful and I can't wait to see pictures!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh yes -- go with the flowers. They just say 'wedding' and the previous commenter is correct -- gives you something for your hands to do.

Advice? Pray together. Every day. Put God before Mr. Wonderful. He puts God before Beachy Mimi. That way you have two people loving God, serving each other and that's a pretty darn good foundation for a marriage.

Post pictures!! Can't wait to see them!

britta said...

Only advice i have is: enjoy every minute and have the time of your life! congrats!

bkokc00 at

Anonymous said...

I don't know that I have any wedding advice, other than, when you know it's right, you know it's right. So, there's no point delaying it! But I believe you have my Hubby and I beat. We met at the end of March and were married on Sept 23rd! Wednesday will be 14 yrs for us! I wish you a very happy day and a happy ever after! :)

triplett dot heather at gmail dot com

Dawn said...

Be Happy! Keep enjoying! Oh, and Congratulations! It should continue to get even better. :)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful wedding day. You deserve it. Thanks for all the laughs. I can't wait to see pictures. God bless.
Karina at

Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you.
Flowers for sure.
Advice never for get:
Put God 1st in your lives.
Love everyday like it's your last day together, who knows it may just be!!
Never stop respecting the man that he is.
Love the man for who he is.
Not who you want him to be, after all we all have warts.

Do not let anyone tell you it's to soon to marry him, You know if it will work better than anyone else.

My husband and I date 2 weeks and got married to 2 mo. after we meet.
Celebrating our 35th Anniversary on Sept.28.


Tammy said...

Wait, you mean to tell me you are getting married in Vegas and there is NO webcam for the BM masses to watch the ceremony?!

I'm going to go with carry flowers. Perhaps a single Calla Lily with a ribbon.

Marriage all your shopping at Target! ;-) And say "I love you" everyday.

linda said...

Yes flowers. What does Queen B think? Remember marriage is a threesome. God, you, hubby. prlin at suddenlink dot net

lstrevels said...

For sure carry flowers pretty ones

RR Mama said...

Really excited for you. And yes carry a single flower or a small bouquet. You know I love Target!! But I have to ask....Is Queen B down for the count. I haven't heard one thing from her about this and usually you say something about her actions or she says something about yours. Unless this is one of those things where you both won't talk! Much happiness!!

mimi2seven said...

I haven't checked your blog in a! Things have moved really fast, huh. I've lost your email address, so if you get a chance, email me at mine. I can't wait to hear more details about this guy. What an interesting turn of events!

3cookieday said...

Congrats again! Hmmmm...advice...enjoy every minute. I think people have already said that, but it's true. I wish you the best!

Ashley said...

WOW, this is great news! So happy for you. My wedding advice is simple, pack the new "KY his and hers gels" in your suitcase. They totally rock, if you know what I mean.
p.s. You can buy them at target. ;)

ashley at yahoo dot com

JenniferB said...

Okay -- marriage advice alert! ;) Be yourself and remember that you like him FOR HIM -- and cut each other some slack! Have a great wedding and a supremely blessed life together!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Definitely carry some flowers, and definitely get a videotape/DVD of the ceremony! I know I'm married, but I don't remember of a lot of the ceremony. Thank goodness for video! :) And as for wedded life, I suggest reading The Five Love Languages.

~ Andrea abrace224(at)yahoo(dot)com

Fuschia said...

Carry the bouquet!!

Never go to bed angry!!

Shauna said...

OMG - I just LOVE that you are getting married. In Vegas. Love it.
My only advice is that you will need to get the blog redesigned when you get back to say "That is MRS. Beachy Mimi to you"