Update on Mr. Gary PeepOne

Mr. Gary PeepOne's condition has responded to your prayers and he is a bit better.

Well enough, now, they are going to air-evac him to the OKC hospital today at noon.

That is, if they can get it done between major weather events in Chaos, Nowhere, USA, which has the craziest weather. Ever.

Please continue to pray for his health, PeepOne's stamina, their travel to OKC, and the team that will care for them.

Ya'll are the best.

Today is the 12th birthday of MY PRINCESS. Wow.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

Pictures have arrived from the wedding. They are being viewed, scanned, turned to see if they look better upside down (you know you've done it), and generally pondered upon to see if they are showable to the Peeps.

It is iffy right now.

Maybe tomorrow!!


Sheri said...

OMGoodness of course they're suitable! Bring 'em on...you're killing me! You'll be celebrating your 10th anniversary before long! :)

cndymkr / jean said...

Forget the suitable ones, I want the daring ones.

I'm still praying for Gary and everyone involved.

RR Mama said...

So glad and still praying!! And of course show us your pictures, we love you!!!

Fuschia said...

Praising God for His faithfulness!

Suitable, huh?

Happy Birthday, Princess!

Kristen said...

I am ridiculously behind! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see pics!!! You married woman! Praying for Gary also!

cndymkr / jean said...

how are things going with Gary and his family. Has there been good news??

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Praying that Gary is still doing better...