The Beachy family is not well acquainted with condo/ownership rules and meetings, as was proven this weekend at the yearly owner meeting at the Florida condo.

First Clue--ALL the owners from the first floor were present. And vocal. And testy. Did I mention vocal?

Second Clue--All the first floor owners sat in a heap on one side of the room...opposite the owners of the second floor.

From this point on we'll refer to them as the "ones".

The owners of the second floor condos have a second bedroom. Obviously a point of envy from the "ones". We'll call these second floor owners the "twos".

Understand that many of these people NEVER come to stay at the condo, they are strictly rental units to them. This yearly owners meeting is about their only time to show up at the condo.

Point of Contention--The "ones" apparently think they are the have-nots and are out to be sure the "twos" don't get ANY concessions on any discussion.

Discussion is actually a nice term. Argument is more like it.

Long story, short version. Some of the "twos" wanted to add little air conditioning units to the upstairs bedrooms. It gets HOT in summer.

The "ones" opposed this because they want their units to rent (apparently harder to rent a one bedroom unit)first.

They had several points of argument...the noise pollution from the new air unit for all the "ones" (remember, they never stay there), leakage from air unit from the "two" condos to the "ones". This happened about 4 years ago for an unrelated reason and the two condo units involved are still fussing about it.

This situation went downhill fast and was facinating to watch...if not embarassing for the adults involved. They did not appear to BE embarassed. I was embarrassed for them.

The subject then changed to renovations and additions some people have (sneakily according to the "ones") made to their units. Facination...updated bathrooms. Obsession...bunk-beds under the stairs. When the "ones" found out a fellow "one" had discovered a way to add bunk beds and his unit was rented CONTINUOUSLY...they all DEMANDED to see said bunk beds and began mentally planning the upgrade to their own units. They decended on this poor man in a FLOCK...flapping and screeching and wanting to know who, what, when, how, and how much. These people have no boundries.

It made me glad I'm from Chaos, Nowhere, USA. In a house. With Mr. Wonderful. No "ones" or "twos". And, a good air conditioner.


Fuschia said...

Reminds me of a conversation overheard regarding travel-trailer rental spaces. Hubby's family owned one of those RV parks where most people just stop for a night or two...but some folks stay all winter, or year. The big fuss was over how much water certain residents used on their "lawns".

Interestingly, I noticed the other day that the new owners have paved the whole stinking piece of ground!
That ought to shut 'em up ;)

cndymkr / jean said...

Amen to the full use of air conditioners!