To Sleep Or Not

Sharing sleeping space with another human (or cat) is an adjustment. Not to give TMI but it really is.

Everyone has different sleeping habits.

Beachy Mimi is known for extreme sleeping.

Alot and often. The End.

Mr. Wonderful, however, is an early bird. As in 4 o'clock a.m.

After one day of trying to be a good wife and get up with him, I gave up.

4 o'clock a.m. doesn't exist for me, unless I am getting to go on a trip. Then I am so excited I'm not asleep anyway.

So, after two months, we have a system. Mr. Wonderful gets up, makes his coffee, showers, gets ready for work, brings me a coke and gives me a goodbye kiss.

I continue to sleep and when he calls me later in the morning to check on me I pretend to be up and dressed.

Stop that. It works for me.

I guess I still have some guilt over this, because in my stuporous state I try to have a conversation, like--"goodbye and have a good day". It's a battle, but I'm a soldier so I try.

Mr. Wonderful finds this lame attempt at conversation amusing.

Like this morning. He kissed me goodbye and I mumbled, "I'll take fries and a large coke."


Kayren, Pink Daisy Girl said...

I had to laugh because it's almost exactly like that at our house. Hubby gets up at 4:45 and leaves about 5:30, at which time he kisses me goodbye and tells me he loves me. He also likes to squish my curls on my head (talk about TMI, right?). Sometimes I don't even wake up anymore and then I call him later just to make sure he told me goodbye. And sometimes I say really weird things too. I haven't ordered any fast food from him yet though!

Joan said...

Wait, you mean they have one of those (4 o'clocks) in the morning, too!

Sounds like you have a system that works for you.


Dawn said...

Hey, the fact that you even try to mumble something in his direction should earn you many kudos!!! I'm the morning person in my house so our funny conversations usually occur when hubby comes to bed hours after I'm asleep and tries to engage me on topics such as politics or finances. i.e., "What was that charge I saw on the credit card?" I usually start some mumbling, rambling half explanation that makes perfect sense to me - but apparently completely crazy to him.

Whatever works!!!

ByTheSea said...

LOL.. too funny..

Tammy said...

What a great system. I am the early bird in our house, but only because my job requires it!

Sounds like Mr. W is INDEED wonderful! So happy for you!

Fuschia said...

This sounds just like our former routine. Now that RedDaddy goes in around 8:30, I actually get up at 7:30 and give him a real send off. It's kind of nice, though I so miss sleeping until "whenever o'clock" and, like you pretending to be dressed.

So glad to hear he finds your Mimi-ness amusing!!

mimi2seven said...

I've lost your email address and want to ask you a question.....I need Peep 1's address. So, would you please send me an email so I can get your address.....but don't expect me to answer at 4:00!!!

RR Mama said...

Don't feel bad, I would totally do the same thing. As a matter of fact I have! When Hubs had to be up at the field house in the wee hours of Sat. morning I would always rattle off something strange when he would try and wake me to tell me good-bye.