Hidey Smidey

Hello, Interpeeps! This post is being written by me, Harry, since my Human is still under my bed sucking her thumb.

First of all, I can't believe all you guys are sucked in by that ANIMAL at the Palace named Hidey. Hey, don't expect me to spell, I haven't been to school. I went to visit Hidey once and she CHASED ME. HOW RUDE. And, that tail. It is the size of a tree branch and whacks everything. She even crashed into my Human once and gave her a black eye. She's just so gauche (Hidey, not the Human)

Since I have control of the computer, I'll just tell you how it is around here.
This is MY house and the Human lives with ME. I love the computer. When Human turns it on, it says "Harry, come here." SHE thinks it says, "You've got mail." I have heard, "Harry, come here,", very plainly with my own acute hearing.

I have spots in this house that are totally mine. If Human places anything in my spot, I immediately push it to the floor.

Human collects pigs. How lame. She put this pig plate on my spot on this counter and I promptly pushed it off. That was hard work, too. It's my spot and pigs are just...animals. Ewww.

This is my favorite position. Horizontal. It rocks.

Human got me this so I could drink running water. I love running water. Expecially if I can drink it from the bathtub. It's better than a Sonic coke, although I LOVE me some ice from the Sonic. When Human turns her back, I gouge a hole in the cup to get to the ice. Heh Heh

Human sleeps with me in MY bed.

I hang pretty close to her. She gives pretty good pets when I head butt her continuously. My favorite thing nudge her when she is trying to sleep. She's so easy.

The Palace has these two characters called Katz. They are ugly and make noises that sound like...me yow. I do not speak. I think. I am superior.

Some people think I am a Katz. I am not. I'm just a short, hairy Human.

This is my sunning couch. It is totally mine.

I also have two other viewing spots in front of windows. Our neighbors are pretty boring, but some have ANIMALS that I have to keep an eye on.

I occasionally dash out the door just to get the Human up and running. I wouldn't dream of staying out there. It's HOT. She chases me like I might run away or something. She's delusional. I just like messin' wit her.

I hate it when she turns into Beachy Mimi. Off she goes and leaves me here by myself. Other Humans come in from time to time to check on me but they don't know my hiding places. I'm shy. Go away.

Speaking of delusional, remember that story about the FROG? Like I was supposed to do something with it. I DON'T DO FROGS, MICE, LIZARDS OR ANY OTHER ANIMALS. You would think Human would have a clue by now.

I live to eat, get pets, and marvel at my beauty.
I am marvelous.
Human will be back soon.

After all, she's MY pet. Sorry I can't give you a face shot. I have to be careful, this is the internet after all.



Jeni said...

Oh, Harry, you're a handsome devil! It looks like you've got your human well in hand. If you ever want the company of a gorgeous, blue-eyed, blonde "short, hairy Human," give me a call...



Drama Mama said...

Harry is livin life large- He has his on water fountain? jacuzzi and "sunning couch"????

Queen B said...

My Katz rocked Hairy's world.

Around here he's known as a Wussy Cat.

Tammy said...

Harry, looks like you got your human wrapped around your little paw! Ahhh, the good life. I'm sure you are the envy of the entire cat nation.

Give my best to BM and tell her to come back real soon, ya' hear.

Dawn said...

Harry, you've got your human well trained! We have a furry person just like you in our home, too. He rules. And we like it that way!

BM sent me a "help" message this morning. You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?

Amy said...

Harry, be nice to Hiedi! I'm impressed with your typing skills!

Mari said...

Shoot I need to be Harry! He's got the life. Wonder if wehn my kids leave their stuff all over if I could get away with pushing it to the floor and then to the trash :D Yeah that's it, I can say Harry madem e do it!

kristen@nosmallthing said...

You know, Harry, you are so clever that you almost make me want to get a cat. Almost. :)

Angie said...

I came over here after reading Queen B's "cat" post, and have spent way too much time perusing your blog. Between the two of you I'm missing my kitties way too much now. Sigh.

I must say; however, that Harry is obviously the more intelligent of the cats. After all, he wrote his OWN post.

I'll definitely be back.

Fuschia said...

Harry, Harry, Harry!
What a card you are. I guess Mimi got her wit from you?