Escape, At Last

Chomp, chomp, chew, chew. Hi, Peeps! Beachy Mimi here, eating my words about the Propane Convention.

I actually had lots of (wine) fun.

The people there were so nice. Not a snob in the bunch. Just a group of people getting together to get the requirements out of the way and having a good time while doing so. No obnoxious drunks, either, which is unusual for most conventions that are not Christ-related.

The PROPANE STYLE SHOW was precious. The ladies LOVED it. It didn't matter that the styles were...different. Everyone had a big smile and there was tons of joking and laughter.
And wine...but we won't go there.

The talent show was a hoot. Lots of country/western singing and playing. Very good sports.
The highlight of the evening was the appearance of a 70 year old fake Elvis. TOO FUNNY.
The guy next to me said, "I believe he's better than the real Elvis!" Huh? What?

One very funny note to the weekend. As parents, the desire to protect and help our children never leaves us...apparently. All mothers want to make things all-better for their children whatever their age.

Enter the Parental Unit.

PU and a friend thought they would be really cute to "set me up" with a guy my age they thought was "nice". Oh, brother.

Obviously, PU has not done much of this "setting up" because she didn't realize there needs to be RESEARCH DONE.

Oh yeah, the guy doesn't know anything about it either. They think they will introduce us and
TA DA. Instant attraction.

So, at this dinner, PU casually says, "Beachy, I want to introduce you to Urkel."

She and her match-making buddy begin to look for Urkel in the crowd. After a few minutes, someone tells her, "Urkel left. His 22 year old girlfriend is having a baby."

Okay. That's just wrong on so many levels.

I gave the PU the "stare".

ME: "What are you up to?"

PU: "I just wanted you to meet Urkel. He's a nice boy."

Translation. Nice boy=man that says hello to an 85 year old and holds the door open for her.

ME: "That's up for debate."

PU: "Well, I think he's nice."

ME: "Did the whole part about the baby and 22 year old girlfriend just whiz on by?"

PU: "Well, I didn't know."

ME: "Did you think of maybe...CHECKING?"

PU: "No. He's never mentioned having a girlfriend."

ME: "Please, NO MORE HELP."

Now I remember why parents don't get to pick the spouse.


Heather said...

Oh my word! That is hilarious! Glad you had a good time.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha! That is too funny!

Soliloquy said...


Oh Beachy Mimi, you make me laugh.

I think God has a really funny sense of humor. Look at what he just protected you from!!

Dawn said...

Whew. So glad you're okay... checked in several times yesterday and wondered how it was going. Looking forward to pictures.

Give away at my place today... come see why it's a special day!


The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

So funny!!!!!! Yup, be glad you're not from India. I wouldn't trust PU to arrange a marriage!

3girlsmom said...

Yep. That's just hilarious.