An Absolutely Beautiful Day

Oh, Peeps! It is a gorgeous day here on the coast. The sun is shining, people are out walking on the beach and everyone is SMILING. It's just amazing.

Sibling and SIL went home yesterday so I'M OFF THE COUCH! Not that I minded being there, but it is SO nice to have a bed for a few nights.

PU and I are going to Target, love, love, love, and to the grocery story and who knows what else.

I hope there is something making you smile today....please leave me a comment and tell me.


Queen B said...

One word: Generator.

Angie said...

I'm laughing at Queen B's comment. :)

My one word would be: videochats. I am in isolation from my babies and my hubs for 3 weeks b/c of radioactive treatments for my cancer, and I get to see them every day... now if only I could feel them through the screen. Oh look, they just invited me to chat now. Deep, happy, sigh

Heather said...

mail in my inbox.


Jenny said...

Finally catching up on was a busy week!

Enjoy the beautiful day!

Meg in Tally said...

It was great catching up on my Beachy blog reading.

Give G another don't have a lot of sense sometimes...maybe he'll redeem himself. Maybe he's worth rehabbing.

So sad that folks are still iced in, here in N. Fla I had my a/c on only a few days ago and was wishing for some cold weather. Today its a bit nippy but beautiful sunshine.

Enjoy the beach, Beachy!

Dawn said...
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Dawn said...

To make you smile... hmmm...

How does 9 nineth grade boys sleeping on the floor of my family room for two nights sound to you?

It's a discipleship weekend at our church and they are doing a service project for a single mom in our community. I left the "job site" to come home and get dinner started for the man-boys - they're gonna be STARVING by the time they finish this evening.

Hope that made you smile... it makes ME smile!!!

Jeni said...

I'm smiling because I got my hair cut & brows waxed. I feel like a new woman! :-)

Oh, and I'm having a baby boy. That makes me smile, too! :-)

Capri K said...

Going to Outback tonight! YUM!

a Tonggu Momma said...

My Mandarin teacher's face when I tried to say "xuesheng." BwaaaaHaHaHa!

Ann said...

See my 3 year old grandson riding the 4 wheeler with my husband and begging to ride more when they stop. Watching the love flow between them makes my heart swell with JOY.
A big pot of soup and cornbread for lunch.

Not thinking about more tests husband will have on Monday for prostate cancer.

Trusting in my GOD and knowing that HE is in control of it all.

Kathy said...

What's making me smile today? The warm sunshine, beautiful white sand and fresh seafood here on the Emerald Coast.

Especially when contrasted with what we saw in southern Missouri on our way down yesterday; that just broke my heart.

Tammy said...

Took my kids to see Hotel for Dogs. It was too cute.

linda said...

Things that make me smile:

*Queen B's generator
*God's love
*my 2 year old curly headed granddaughter
*my 85 year old daddy

Oh my, there are so many more.

tam said...

I am looking at my bald man that I am married to and my heart still skips a beat and I break into a smile. Thank you God.

Joy said...

Gosh we went to Portland today and it was nice out so it must have been nice at my beach also. What made me smile today... the super nice people at HomeGoods today.