I know Nothing

And that's a fact.

I had a great birthday dinner with the Queen and the family and a later date with G.

It's all goood. G. is two years older than Moi. We're just having fun right now.

I am not doing New Year Resolutions this year. I never keep them, anyway, so why put myself through the agony of thinking them up and then the depression of knowing good and well I won't even attempt to do them.

Makes sense to me.

Getting ready to to to Florida with PU for a couple of weeks. MUST be back by Valentine's Day...and G. better pony up with a fun, romantic date.

Did I tell you I checked out G.'s toes? I have this thing about men's toes. They must be clean and groomed.

So, after we left the restaurant Saturday night....
BM: "G. I have something important to ask you."
G.: "O....K......
BM: "I need to see your toes."
G.: "Excuse me?"
BM: "I need to see your toes."
G.: "My...toes?" hahahahahahahah harharhahar tee heee
BM: "Strip off the socks, buddy"
G.: Removes socks from feet and holds them up for inspection.
BM: Inspects toenails carefully.
G: Still laughing uncontrollably
BM: "Well, you pass"
G: "And if I hadn't?" hahahahahahaha
BM: "You would now be talking to yourself." Bwahahahahahahahaah
G.: "Of all the things...and you want to see my TOES?" teeheeteeheeteehee
BM: "Toenails tell me Alot. ALOT.

Current score: Kissing G. Passing with flying, soaring colors
Toes G. Very nice, pleasantly surprised

I'll keep you updated on the next test.


Lindsay said...

ooo yay on passing the toe inspection! Have fun in the sun!

Alicia said...

Mimi! You little freak. Didn't know you had a toe fetish. :)

a Tonggu Momma said...

I'm scared to know the subject matter of the next test...

fortyb4forty said...

I am so glad he passed the toe test. Personally I cannot stand to look at toes...anyone over 5 had better keep their toes hidden from me.

Joan said...

Keep us posted on future inspections, k?

Let us know when you check out his drawers! (I'm talking kitchen, what was you thinkin?)

Joy said...

lol... that is the funniest... love coming here.

Tammy said...

Let me just get this out of the way for QB

"Oh, Mother, puh-leeze"

(was that almost like she would say that??)

I just had this exact conversation with my 9 yr old son about his nasty tree-climbing toe nails..."son, girls do not like nasty toe nails!"

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

Toes, huh? Toes can tell a lot.

Glad he passed. What part are you going to check out next? :)

Sorry, I had to ask.

Susan said...

LOL! I can't believe you made him show you his toes.

PeepOne said...

Yep,well groomed toes are a must!
I am so excited for your new
journey. You go girl!!!!!

Capri Kel said...

Toes are important. Fingernails, more so.

RR Mama said...

Have Mimi! Glad G passed with flying colors.

The Inept Aspirant said...

Thick, yellow toenails are a no go in my book, also, although I'm usually more discreet in the inspection process. I also can't stand dirty teeth or long fingernails!

Dawn said...

Hey, every girl has her measuring sticks... glad he's passing yours!


Mari said...

Bless your heart! You are just the funniest thing Mimi!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You entertain me like nobody else, girl. Who else would think of this stuff? He sounds like he has a GREAT sense of humor, too - glad he passed inspection!

Fuschia said...

Glad to see you still have standards. And your priorities in the right order; kissing first, toes next ;)