Greetings from the Sand

It is a study in FRUSTRATION to try to get anything posted from the Love Shack. The internet service flicks on and off...mostly off.

Still in Florida with PU and the Sibling and Wife. Wife is an excellent cook so I manage to be...elsewhere when cooking time comes. I clean up. With Sibling supervising. It's just the older brother-younger sister thing.

We are watching a 20 hour marathon Western from the '70's for our entertainment. Yeah.

G. calls everyday. I'm thinking of giving him a small chance through Valentine's Day because there is no time to cultivate another relationship between now and then..

He did try to appease me by telling me I had lips like Angelina Jolie. Hahahahahhehehehehehehhohohohohohohohhahahaha. Of course I choose to believe him!

I expect a big welcome home and big Valentine's hoopla. If he doesn't deliver...adios fungus toes!

Sorry, Evil Beachy Mimi just appeared for a moment.


Dawn said...

That's my girl... use 'em and lose 'em! Heehee haahhaa!!!

Enjoy your time in FL!

Wendi said...

Fungus toes!
You. crack. me. up.

Capri Kel said...

I thought G was banished for the cankles comment!

What were his good points again?

Kristen@nosmallthing said...

You must tell us G's redeeming qualities before we can make an educated recommendation to you regarding whether or not you keep him around.

Michele said...

He had better be really cute and really bald to get a second chance!

RR Mama said...

Oh G better come through that's all I have to say.

a Tonggu Momma said...

We've heard the Princess' opinion, but what does the Queen B say?

LittlePeopleWealth said...

Fungas toes! LOL :)

linda said...

I don't know, I'm a little concerned about G. I think the Princess may be right.

Heather said...

Angelina Jolie lips?

This guy has never been properly trained. Perhaps you could rehabilitate him. But getting the Valentine's day loot is definitely in order. He owes you.

A lot.

Have fun frolicking in the sand.

Geoffrey Lelia said...

Lips like Angeline Jolie's? Wow! I'm curious and I want to see them for myself! Hahaha! I like girls with full lips, you know. Well, why don't you give G a chance to date you. You are beautiful, and he'll definitely be pleased if you say yes to him. =)