Decoration Hanky-Panky

Well, Peeps, I told you about taking PU and purchasing our flowers for Decoration.

We took our stuff and did our little thing and left our flowers at the graves at this little country cemetery in our old hometown.

THE NEXT DAY a friend calls PU to tell her that someone has STOLEN the flowers that PU got to go on Daddy's headstone. STOLEN???

They didn't take mine or any other flowers. Only the spray she placed on the marker.

You gots to be pretty low to steal from a grave. I'm just sayin'.

A relative walked the whole cemetery to see if the flowers had blown away in a mysterious gust of wind that passed over that one grave. Nope. Nowhere.

Next, they scanned the other graves to see if someone had...borrowed flowers for their loved one. Nope. Nowhere.

It has now become the Great Cemetery Mystery 2009.

PeepOne and I are thinking about cruising through the city cemetery to see if the flowers just happen to be on a certain person's parents' headstone. It is very unique so it will be pretty easy to spot.

I'm sorry Peeps. That is just Strange Behavior. (Taking the flowers. Not cruising through the cemetery to spot them on another headstone. We are perfectly normal. Heh Heh)

We won't re-take the purloined property, because we are KLASSY FOLKS.

I might just have to write about it on some bathroom walls or a blog or something...


Queen B said...

Can I submit a list of possible suspects?


Tammy said...

Oh, please let QB give you a list. And how about some photos of said decoration arrangement if and when found?!

Lowest of the low did this!

RR Mama said...

That is the lowest of lows. And please do sumit a list to the Queen B, I would love to see who is on it, and that's just sick on my part!

Beckie said...

We had this happen two years ago. they were stolen off my F-I-L's grave who was the pastor of our church an my cousin who passed at the age of 26 the year before. I was not a happy camper. However we have absolutely no idea who did it and I did check around to see if I could find them. I guess I'm not so Klassy as you. I would have taken them back and probably left a not as well if I could have found them.

Dawn said...

Apparently, I am the sickest of your commenters, because...

I want to see the list. (Photos of the suspects would be a bonus!)

I want to see photos of the flowers should they be found. (Photos of the offending headstone would be a bonus!)

And, if the offender is identified, they SHOULD be featured in a special edition of Beachy Mimi's famous blog. (To be made even more famous by all your readers who will also blog about it and provide links back to your site!)


Truly, you can't get much lower than stealing flowers from a grave.

Beckie said...

OOOOOHHHH Dawn. I like it.

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here. Someone has gone
and messed with the wrong people.
I don't like it when someone
messes with PU. We WILL find

cndymkr / jean said...

Well someone is going straight to hell. How could anyone steal from a grave? The nerve!