An Old Tradition

Yesterday, the Parental Unit (PU) and I went to a craft type store to purchase...funeral flowers.

Who died, you ask?

Well, no one lately.

In small southern towns, and in small country churches, there is a long held tradition to take fresh/fake flowers to the cemetery and thus, "decorate" the gravesite. Interestingly enough, this tradition is called DECORATION.

I think this yearly occurance started "Once upon a time..", it is so old. Back in the day, people would go to the cemetery on Saturday, weed and clean it , and then bring fresh flowers or whatever as a remembrance to a loved one's headstone.

This also included dinner on the grounds and lots and lots of visiting with neighbors. No one had phones back then and it was a real social occasion to go to Decoration and see folks.

To really make a splash, different churches had their Decoration Day on a different Sunday so people could travel to ALL the different locations as to not miss anyone.

This was such a Big Deal to my grandparents and my dad. For my generation...not so much.

PU and I usually sneak in when no one is around and put a bouquet on her parents' and my dad's spot. I am so sorry to admit I am too cheap to do up all the relatives because I am related to 75.8% of the souls that once dwelled in those corpses.

I want to scream and say, "People, they aren't here!" But, out of respect I do my little thing and slink out.

Country church pastors despise decoration because it takes the entire month of May and into June and people MISS CHURCH to travel to whatever location. I have been berated in many a sermon about Decoration and that it is most likely a tool of satan.

Hello? Pastor? I'm sitting right here. I'm not the one traveling.

Frustration is a tough emotion for some to handle.

The Sibling actually goes to many of these events, but he is more social than I am.
And, more of a traditionalist.

It will be up to others like-minded to keep this going in the future.

For my future? The Queen B? I'll never get a flower. I'm just sayin'.

Another old tradition, Mother's Day, is probably here to stay. That's good. Mom's get most of the yuck jobs and it is great to take one part of a day to tell her you love her and appreciate her.

Are you doing something special for your mother?


Queen B said...

Is that a hint?

Beckie said...

In small northern towns in old country churches the same thing happens. Except it isn't call Decoration. It's called respect and tradition. It isn't bad and Pastors need to get over themselves. So I will be decorating several of my families graves this year as well. I like looking in and seeing the cheerfulness and the rememberance.

a Tonggu Momma said...

Nope. We do nothing special. My momma and I both despise what we call "the Hallmark prove you love me holidays." I'm just saying...

Fuschia said...

What? Being her only child isn't enough? I'm special.


Though I will say my mom's not one for mush and gush, so a card and lunch will probably do it.

Now MY kids better shower ME with pink gifts!

RR Mama said...

My mother in law does this! I think it's so weird to go for every holiday and I do mean every one and put out fake flowers and then take the old ones and store them for the next time, provided they aren't to shabby. I hate to tell her she probably won't get them but three times a year!

Angie said...

I just found your blog, and I really like it. Great post.

That's so funny that you say "Parental unit" - that's what I call my parents.

I'm doing what I always do for Mother's Day, making my mother breakfast in bed.

cndymkr / jean said...

Umm, what exactly to funeral flowers look like?

Here my parents go to the cemetery at Christmas and Easter and put either greenery or a Palm Cross on the graves. I know it is their idea of respect and remembrance but I've made it clear...I won't be doing it. I'd rather show my feelings now, rather than after they are dead. But my Mom says she'll haunt me if I don't show up!

PaulaW said...

Mom and Dad always say on "their days" (and birthdays etc) "Dont get me anything, except just come over and bring me a hug." So I oblige. :-)

My Mom's Mom was REAL big into the whole "deoration / homecoming" days at the church. I dont think I've ever been. Or ever will go.