What A Date!!

Oh Peeps!!

It was great. It restores my faith in men. A gentleman.


I told him what list makers Queen B and The Princess are, so he brought them a handful of pens and a stack on note paper. They will be thrilled.

I tried to do the toe test on J but he would not cooperate. I guess that will have to come at a later time. One can't push these things.

He is very organized and neat and I think he takes longer to get ready than I do, so I can probably skip the toes and be okay.

His truck!! OMgosh.

It is so clean! Every surface is protected by some type of matching cloth. I wouldn't ever dream of eating or drinking in this inner sanctum.

My Princess has already been in one production this year (at school) and this weekend she will be in another.

There is a wonderful theatre here called Arts Live Theatre.

They produce plays and other types of theatre for children in the community.

This is Mother's Day preparation week. I finally thought of the perfect gift for PU, but I can't tell you because she has started reading this blog.

J's birthday is next week. I will actually have a few weeks where I will not be a Cougar. What do you do for a guy you will have had three dates and 99 phone conversations with? A funny card will probably do it. HMMMM

Well, Peeps, I have nothing. I made a lucious strawberry pie yesterday. That and my date have pretty much dominated the weekend.

The King will be leaving LaPrincesa tomorrow and I so dread that for both. How do you tell a 5 year old you will be coming back in a few weeks? Heartbreaking.

Please, keep them in your prayers. You might throw in an extra for the J Situation.

Actually, there isn't a situation yet but there might be later on!!!!


PaulsW said...

Hmmmm ... do you think PU has started reading the blog so she can keep up with your romantic escapades? (I totally keep my blog secret from my whole family!!)

cndymkr / jean said...

I am doing a little chair dance for you! How exciting that J is such a catch. Enjoy it and don't let his toes come between you.

Tammy said...

I think 99 phone calls might just qualify as a situation! :-)

I am SO praying for the Palace and La Princesa.