Two Weeks And Counting...

...until we leave for South Africa.

When I was a little girl in Mission Friends or whatever it was called then, I always thought all missionaries went to Africa. NEVER did I think I would be going myself.

Mr. Wonderful says one bag. For three weeks. For three weeks.


I do believe I will take black and tan (khaki) and mix and match. While I am gone I won't be able to post. When I get back...

I'll be keeping a journal and taking pictures (shock) of EVERTHING. And I do mean EVERYTHING.

The Queen B has a great giveaway going on at her place. I'm scanning all the comments for options for the airplane.

I don't think I should take Jason Elam's book, because the title contains the j.i.h.a.d but this series is just great.

My pajamas and underwear can take up a whole suitcase. Especially if I take t-shirt bras (which I now love) because they are hard to pack. Can't have the girls at HIGH BEAM in a foreign country.

March in South Africa is sort of like September here. Going into Fall.

Mr. Wonderful and I just finished a road trip to see the Parental Unit in Florida.

Thirteen hours in the car. I could barely walk. Our flight is 18 hours.

I think it was a test by Mr. Wonderful to see just how much whining he might have to listen to in the later hours of the trip.

I've got news for him. I LOVE FLYING. I have Flying Infrastructure I keep on hand.
It includes earphones, pillow, blanket, eye mask, food, games, cards ,reading get the idea.

TERRIBLE TERRIBLE THOUGHT... I hope Mr. Wonderful is not including my Flying Infrastructure as part of my one suitcase.

Now I'm in a tizz so I've got to go call him and find out. This could be critical, Peeps.


Dawn said...

Your whole post made me grin from ear to ear. I was very much like you as a little girl... except that my god parents were missionaries in the Philippines... so I knew they went to Africa AND the Philippines! Ha ha!

Oh, no... you plane stuff certainly can not be counted as your one bag. He meant one CHECKED bag. I'm sure of it.

Michelle said...

You are going to have a BLAST! My SIL visited South Africa two times (a boyfriend...not even going there!!), and she said it was the most beautiful place on earth.

Personally I've never left the country...actually never flown either. So. I'm half thrilled for you and half wondering what the heck you're thinking.

"One bag" does NOT include "plane stuff"'s in the fine print!

Enjoy. Be safe. <3 you!!