A Fun Weekend

We had a fabulous weekend, Peeps!

Saturday, Mr. Wonderful cooked a couple pots of soup and Beachy Mimi made a chocolate gooey cake.


All our children Peeps and my grandchild Peep came over to eat and play games.

We all squished around the table and got to know each other a little better.

Queen B brought some FABULOUS cupcakes from Bliss Cupcake Cafe blisscupcakecafe.com, on Center Street in Fayetteville. If you are in the area.


We played

Battle of the Sexes and of course the females won.

Question? Who knew a 2x4 was not really that size? Sounds like a male thing.

Also, the pitchers mound is 60'6" from Home Plate? Why now 60' or 61'? Only a guy would make things so difficult.

The men got questions like, "where do you wear a barrette?" duh...

We still beat them. Not that I'm gloating or anything...heh heh

Update on packing**** I know that no one cares, but the packing is comsuming what few brain cells I have left after getting my daily Olympic Fix.

Mr. Wonderful has decided that I should take the medium suitcase and he the large one so I will not overpack and we will have room to bring home loot.

When he suggested this option, I got dizzy and may or may not have fallen in a heap in the floor.

In my quest to take as little as possible, I gathered up all my pj's that were mostly black (for washing purposes) and put them aside to stick in (his) the suitcase. Now I can't find them. Anywhere. That is so frustrating.

Anyway, I told Mr. Wonderful since I had to take the smaller suitcase, he would have to pack my bras and bathing suit in HIS suitcase. It's the cups. They take up too much room. I got some t-shirt bras (wonderful purchase) but they don't fold up like my regulars.

Don't you think that is only fair?

I have bigger infrastructure requirements than a guy. He just has underwear...I have TWO pieces of underwear to deal with.

Guys can subsist on so little. He is taking shorts and t-shirts. I can't meet new people in shorts and a t-shirt. What about dinner? What about cute? What about
SHOES? He is taking flip flops.

I gotta go search for the pj's...Love ya, Peeps.


Fuschia said...

Darn those pesky cups! ;-)

cndymkr / jean said...

I feel your pain. The cups do me in every time. And really, how can he expect you to meet new people without the proper foot wear and matching outfits?

Dawn said...

Hmmm... you don't think threw them away so you wouldn't pack all of them???

Surely Mr. Wonderful wouldn't be that sneaky.

Sounds like a trip of a lifetime! Be blessed!

Dawn said...

I guess the "Dawn's" think a like. I was thinking the pj's are hidden and not to be found. ;) It's hard being a girl sometimes huh?

Tammy said...

LOL! I'm thinking he disposed of the PJ's...since you sorta gave him the option. Have a wonderful trip.

RR Mama said...

ooohhhh cupcakes! I love cupcakes!! Have a wonderful trip and I expect some pictures when you get back!

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