The Decorating Has Begun!

At the Palace that is.

PeepOne ventured to Queen B's to decorate for Christmas. I should be ashamed for posting pictures that she should probably get to post about her own house...but I don't have much to say tonight and I got here first. na na na boo boo

I'm just Beachy like that.

My Princess is getting so tall!

PeepOne did her usual amazing job on the tree. as well as a few other parts of the house. I'll save most of it for Queen B to share at a later date.
These Santa figurines are not related to anyone in our family...too skinny.

Pretty cute coffee table arrangement. PeepOne can use the most common stuff to make a beautiful arrangement.

Did I just say arrangement/arrangement? Not good. Maybe arrangement/design. More professional. Unlike these photos which are making me dizzy with their popping up just wherever. I have no control.

My house was to be next...curb the excitement...but I have to go to the "Torturer" tomorrow.

NO SILLY! NOT THE TOOTIE LASER HARLOT...the DENTIST which is almost as bad. They are similar in that they make me lay back and put on protective glasses. The Dentist has drugs and that makes it all better. Tootie Harlot. No drugs. Just pain. And the stench of my burning ovaries. Oh yeah. I told that story already. sorry. NOT!


Lauren said...


"The Tootie Laser Harlot" totally made me laugh.

Capri K said...

I am wondering just how I might get you and PeepOne over here to help a girl out?
It looks just beaut-i-mous!!

Nicole said...

I am so jealous of that slim tree! And good help like the Princess and PeepOne.

People at my house are more concerned with taking the ornaments OFF...

Tracey said...

Love the tree....good job!

Heather said...

The arrangement/design is to-die-for. Maybe if I post some pictures of my decorating, you, PeepOne, and B can take mercy on me and help a sister out...
I call it "Early American Crap."

Have fun at the Torturer. It HAS to be better than the "Tootie Laser Harlot"

(I am totally going to find a way to work that into my story..)

RR Mama said...

Queen B has some pictures up that are beautiful! I so need PeepOne to come to my house when the remodel is done. Do you think an unlimited supply of Sonic drinks would do the trick??

Fuschia said...

Tootie Laser Harlot = coffee on my laptop!!

Beth said...

I'm having a little deja vu. I'm pretty sure I just saw the same pictures somewhere else... Except for the skinny Santas. Those are really cute!

PaulaW said...

I'm hoping to make progress on mine tonight. We got a little sidetracked last night. However, the tree is up - just bare.

Tammy said...

Looks like you and PeepOne need to make a road trip to good ol' Alabama!

Of course, that would require me to get out my decorations, which I have yet to do.

On the docket for next week, when I am off. So y'all come now, yah he-ah.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

It all looks lovely! :) Way to beat her to the punch with the pictures!

Shauna said...

Love your decor - fabulous!

Mari said...

Do you and PeepOne travel? I mean a girl can use some arrangement assistance.

And Tootie Laser comment? Prielss!

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here.Thanks for being
my assistant, from THE SOFA!
Thank you to everyone for your
kind words. They are appreciated!
Maybe Mimi and I could hit
the road and come see everyone and decorate! Wouldn't that be a HOOT?
We do require lots of Sonic Coke,
so no Sonic,no traveling.

Michelle said...

The Bible says a merry heart is a good medicine--you, my dear, are good medicine for me! I needed a laugh today. Thanks for providing!

a Tonggu Momma said...

My sister does an all-Santa tree. Something tells me - from looking at those ornaments - that your family might enjoy that.

And I hate the dentist, too.

Queen B said...

I almost beat you to it. Dang.