Can You Believe This?

THIS is what happens when you have your mail held a few days. Most of this stuff is junk. JUNK. No wonder our economy is out of money.

I hope all you Peeps had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I find the holidays pretty stressful these days but I'm working on that.

Today PeepOne is decorating the tree for Queen B. I'll send pictures later.

My decorating day is tomorrow.

Good 'ole PeepOne. She's a keeper.

And while I am on the subject of keepers....SO ARE YOU, PEEPS!

I was so touched by all your Pay It Forward stories. You may want to reread the comments with that post. Peeps have added to the comments all week and they are great.

THANK YOU! Maybe some folks will learn the real reason behind Thanksgiving. This was fun. Maybe we can do it again next year!!


Theresa said...

That's quite a bit of mail there! I'm glad you are home. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Amy said...

Looking forward to seeing the holiday pictures of PeepOne's creations. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving at the Palace.

Drama Mama said...

Thank goodness for recycling- My blue bucket is full of catalogs and junk mail!

linda said...

Beachy Mimi, you're home and I'm so glad, I've had withdrawal!!