Today was supposed to be my day to abuse, I mean, enjoy watching PeepOne decorate my house for Christmas.

The Dentist changed my plans.

I had FOUR hours in his torture chair. I was a good patient so instead of a visit to the treasure chest, they brought me a milkshake from Chick-fil-A. Ahhh!

Anyway, the work is almost complete. He (the dentist) wants to put a picture of my teeth on his blog. My reply was, "Only if you put my name, phone number and e-mail address so maybe I can get a date."

His reply, "You might want to get "doodied up" before we take the picture."

Now I am assuming "doodied up" means fixing my hair and putting on make-up.
My usual dental attire consists of no make-up, sweats and bed-head. After all, he sprays water in my face, down my neck and uses my head as an arm rest.

No problem. Beachy Mimi will show him "doodied up"!

Presently, I am IN PAIN from lots of man-handling of my lower teeth and gums. I feel a pajama day coming on.

PeepOne has dental SURGERY tomorrow. She probably won't get a milkshake either. She will also be doodied up when she goes to the dentist. She's always fixed up.

My decorating day is Friday so I'll be sure to take pictures.

Thursday, I am attending an assembly at the school where the Princess goes. I think I AM the assembly...long story...the Princess is worried that Mimi might be herself in public. Heh Heh Hahahahahah Hehehehehehe

Thursday night I am doing something I'm just dying to tell you about but if Queen B or PeepOne find out...I won't be doing it. Beachy Mimi is going OUT ON A LIMB, Peeps.

A full report will follow this event...maybe. Depends on the outcome.



Capri Kel said...

Uses your head as an armrest! LOL!

Oh DEAR, this is not helping me to make the appointment to get my crown. I am a white-knuckler at the dentist.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I haven't been to the dentist in over a year. They've finally stopped calling me. Maybe they think I've died.

Fuschia said...

First of all you have beautiful teeth; I can see why he wants you to advertise!

Doodie up sounds too close to tootie laser for comfort!

Speaking of dental pain...RedDaddy has still been having pain from his jack-hammer tooth removal experience. Yesterday he pulled a toothpick width sliver of BONE out of that socket!! I just about passed out when I saw it, and I don't pass out.

Dawn said...

Sorry for your rough day at the dentist's office. I'm one of those (strang, I guess) people who actually likes to go to the dentist. I've never had "issues" with my teeth (rarely any real work done) and love the feeling of coming out with freshly cleaned teeth. Good thing since my son is planning on going into the dental field, right?!

My, my, my... aren't you the one to create a cliff hanger here! Between the promise of decor pictures and the "out on a limb" experience story.

Oh, yes... I'll be back!


fortyb4forty said...

Feel better soon! I can't wait to hear about what you are doing Thursday night. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

I go against the grain when I say I truly enjoy the dentist.-- AS LONG AS, they use that gas on me! :)

You don't know me... because I usually lurk. However, I have to tell you... every time I see a bald man now, I think of YOU! hee hee ;)
Have a great and (painless) day.

kristen@nosmallthing said...

Oh, ow. I have not had pleasant days at the dentist lately. Someone told me it's all these babies I keep having. Could be...

Doodied up...that's a good one. I can't wait to see what you are secretly planning. I love a good secret.

Anonymous said...

I'm excited to see how you "go out on a limb." I'll be keeping in touch! Do you hire someone to decorate your home, or do you do it yourself? Either way, I'm sure it will look fabulous!!!

jessilynn said...

Doodied Do make sure you do do your best to doody up Mimi! ~smile~
Get well soon. I sure hate the dentist but I can't wait until I save up enough for dental bonding. When I was a child the dr. gave me a tetracycline cough syrup that stained my teeth gray and I hate it. Luckily I just got a job that has dental insurance so maybe help is on way.
I bet your teeth will look great. Merry Christmas!

Tammy said...

I hate the friggin' dentist. At this very moment in time, I need a small cavity filled and one crown put on a tooth I had a root canal done on.....9 months ago!

I cannot bear to go, but will.