BM's Heart Is Overflowing

If you have not seen the picture of The King and La Princesa, go. GO NOW. Check out the delight on their faces at seeing each other. I can hardly wait to get my hands on La Princesa.

I made an appointment to start getting my shots with the idea of treking to Guatemala sometime this summer. Oh my.

Thank you for all your shoe suggestions. Zappos should have most of you on retainer because they profited from your advice.

I'm on a leopard sandel kick and I found lots to choose from.

In my SIZE!!! Happy Dance inserted here.

I have talked to J. on the phone EVERYDAY and sometimes twice.

That's like...almost normal.

We have another date scheduled for the weekend and I am beside myself trying to decide what to wear. I know it doesn't really matter, because he just looks me in the eye and smiles. However, being a female, it matters to ME.

I've done my nails, tanned, got my hair colored, plucked and practiced with some new makeup. Is that pitiful or what!!

I admit it. I'm excited.

I've already proved to him I'm a dork and he didn't run away.

We were having one of our crazy conversations, and I said, "J. You are the Smack-Daddy."

Silence on the other end of the phone. A cough. A chuckle. And we hung up for the night.

I'm talking to B a little later and I told her what I'd said to J.


So much for trying to be cool.

I had to call him back and laugh at myself for calling him SMACK-DADDY.

He was very sweet and thought it was cute. Bless him.

Now and forever his name will be SMACK-DADDY. Did I tell you he has a great sense of humor?


ByTheSea said...

lol.. that is way too funny... smack daddy.. but I am sure I would do the same thing.. my children are always laughing at me.

ok... so I love leopard what did you find.

Cant wait to hear about your next date.

Tammy said...

I can't imagine your excitement about LP joining your family!!

Smack-Daddy *hitting head on wall laughing*

Have a wonderful weekend, BM.

fortyb4forty said...

Congrats on finding shoes. I may have to go and check out Zappos,too.
Smack-Daddy is too funny. I may have to try it on my hubby...hopefully my toddler won't literally try "smack daddy"...

Capri K said...

That was such a joyful post! I'm happy for you. And SmackDaddy. And La Princessa! And The Royal Family!

Dawn said...

"Smack Daddy"... love it. I think my hubby may have just gotten a new name. Ha!

I saw the pic on B's blog. How awesome that you may get down there!

Hope your weekend (and date!) goes well. Blessings!

cndymkr / jean said...

This is wonderful news! I'm so excited for you. After the skunk issue you deserve some fun and date night sounds like it should work.