Hello, Peeps.

Or Peep. I think I have one reader left after all this time.

I've been busy.

I'm been taking a crash class in Marriage 101 to a South African. I have learned a lot.

I have now known Mr. Wonderful for one year. Our wedding anniversary is coming up in a few weeks. Unconventional, I admit, but a year of many blessings.

Mr. Wonderful traveled the world before coming to America 12 years ago. Since we married last September, we have traveled to 5 countries. Wow.

I have learned so much about other cultures, poverty, eating habits, blessings, and dare I say it...budget travel.

I have had some of the best times of my life.

Some observations.

Most people have either a fascination about America, or they could care less.

Where Americans are not well received, Mr. Wonderful speaks Afrikaans and I keep my mouth shut. When the person can't speak Afrikaans, they all switch to English and everyone is happy. I keep my mouth shut.

People are people everywhere. Mothers love their children and worry about them. Everyone is trying to make a living. People use what they have to make homes and clothing. Everyone needs clean drinking water.

Everywhere we traveled we ran into Christians. I just love that. God just places them in your path EVERYWHERE. That is so comforting.

I am not naive enough to think we are in the majority everywhere, but we were blessed to meet and speak to many wonderful believers.

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the travels and the people I have observed.

I met disabled people, poor people, wealthy people, sick people, farmers, businesspeople, professional people (can I say people one more time) goat herders,
ostrich farmers, and ladies that carry goods on their heads to sell their homemade wares. These people were HAPPY. POSITIVE. HOPEFUL. GIVING.

I hope I have become a better person from my association with these people.

I have a message to someone who is on the periphery of my life. You will recognize yourself.
Please knock that chip off your shoulder. The world is not against you. You are not more or less spiritual than anyone else. Jump off that pedestal you put yourself on and look around.

You are not always right. LEARN TO FORGIVE AND FORGET. Choose to be happy. Most of all, forgive yourself. Mistakes in the past are IN THE PAST. Don't lose relationships with your family members, children, and friends you keep pushing away.

Quit bad-mouthing your "enemies" to anyone who will listen and give you some fake sympathy. You might have to eat those words and they are not tasty.


Love you, my peep (s). Posting pictures when I figure out how.


Dawn said...

Woohoo! I was just thinking about you this morning and contemplated emailing you or giving you a poke of FB - but you beat me to the punch!

Yep, you've still got at least one reader. Loved hearing (in general) about your travels. What a wonderful opportunity - can't wait to hear more and see your pictures.

Stop by my blog and visit again sometime.

Squeeze the Queen for me sometime - she deserves it!

Be blessed!

PS - Guess what my word verification is? ACTIVE... as in Beachy Mimi's blog is ACTIVE again! (Seriously! Isn't that funny?)

Fuschia said...

Yesterday. I started to email you, yesterday. Seriously!

So nice to hear about your travels and lessons learned. I've missed your perspective...maybe I'm just missing perspective period. Anyway, I've missed you sweet lady!!

Oh, and you have at least two readers. :)

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Here's peep #3! Been checking back frequently, hoping to see some activity...some fascinating antics, some funny tales, some intriguing perspectives...thanks for sharing!

peepone said...

Peep One here.... hip hip hooray you are back!! I have missed you bunches!! You are so deserving of your happiness!!! Keep it coming!

Tammy said...

BM!!! <----ok, that looks kinda wierd.

Anyway, YAY you are posting again. You've been missed in the blog world.