Hello Peeps!

I'm back for a small bit. I'm having trouble focusing on blogging since I've discovered ANGRY BIRDS Poor Mr. Plastic (remember Mr. W is now Mr. Plastic)

I'll have lots of photos soon.

However, I will share one with you

My precious Princess just finished a run in the starring role of Queen Louie of Jungle Book fame.

She was amazing. This is a 4 generation shot after the play


Dawn said...

I've been checking on you... glad you're back! (Put down the Angry Birds and step away from the iphone!!!)

Looking forward to an update! Be blessed!!!

Heather said...

MiMi! Is that a photo I see?


Also? The blog? Gorgeous.

Missed you.

Oh, and I am so with you on those Angry Birds....

PeepOne said...

Awww...I love all you guys! Get to blogging girl...you got lots to tell!

Blogger said...

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