...back again. Too many pictures to show in just one post.

We walked down a little driveway to our "room".

What, you say? That looks like a rusty wall. IT IS.

This was just the outer door. Open it to...

A totally private courtyard area. Beautiful.

Now I'll show you some views from the room.

The deck from the side.

Out the door to the deck. Spectacular.

A side view of the deck. Not too exciting.

This marvelous little invention sat on the side of the deck area. It's not a hot tub as I know a hot tub, but it IS a hot water tub. Confused?
It was fabulous, marvelous and spectcular because it was cold.

Was not expecting the cold. I only took shorts and no jacket. OOPS!

This is the view from the bathtub/shower. Awesome.
This is the view if you are sitting on the pot. Sorry. It was too pretty not to share. My bad.

I'll leave you with that thought and show more later...


ByTheSea said...

Love it... I want to go there.

Queen B said...

Absolutely beautiful!