PhotobucketOne of the pitfalls of wearing flip flops is the pedicure issue. I can't go with naked toes. I just can't. Therefore, I must paint my toes on a somewhat regular basis. One of the things I have started treating myself to is salon pedicure. It could be that as I get older it gets harder to bend down to the toes. Probably not, though.

When I travel, a favorite thing for me is getting my haircut somewhere. I know. Crazy isn't it.
In Dallas, there is an invisible string that just pulls me into Toni and Guy.

I will insert that I don't have a complicated haircut. Short and spiky. It's pretty hard to mess up.

I have been known to do crazy things to my hair on a trip. I came home 10 years ago from Nashville........a blonde. Platinum. Because when I do something I am obsessive. (and maybe a little compulsive). Ramon colored my hair and bleached the tarbabies out of it. It was awful but I loved the change.

Over the years I have mellowed the color to a "natural" (heh heh) sun-streaked look and it is much better.

BE PATIENT I am getting to my point.

This desire to do an OOT (out of town) cut has been a source of distress for me, also. It's the whole hairdresser thing. For years I went to unknowns because when I went OOT I wouldn't have a relationship with the hairdresser and therefore hurt their feelings.

The only problem.....after awhile you DO develop a relationship.

It has caused me to change salons on several occasions because of THE GUILT.
But not guilty enough to stop doing it.

For the last year, I have tried to change my strategy and go to someone I knew, someone just starting out that could get me in pretty much whenever I wanted. She's a doll. I love her.
I'd die before I hurt her feelings.

I told her I have this OOT quirk and she assured me she would not get her feelings hurt should I ever choose to get a cut while traveling.

THE GUILT. It kills me.

SO, the Parental Unit and I were out looking at stuff and we decided to check out some bling in a store. We had fun trying on stuff but my nails were a mess and I was so embarassed.
This might be a good time to tell you that my hair is too long, flat, limp and saltwater-weary. I am in total vacation mode with no make-up, either. I look like a SERIOUS candidate for an emergency makeover.

The store man heard me discussing mani/pedi and hair issues with Parental Unit and butted in
to suggest a salon. You know it is bad when a complete stranger suggests a salon to you. I'm just saying.....

The creeping up of OOT desire started building. I have been fighting it all day. I have an appointment as soon as I get home to see my precious hairdresser so I can't use that as an excuse. I just don't want to hurt her feelings. The longer I sit here, the flatter and limper (?) my hair gets.

That invisible string is tugging.

But, THE GUILT, it is killing me.

On the mani/pedi I don't feel that way. I go to the same woman all the time and she hugs me and worries about the fact that I have no boyfriend (seriously). When I told her I was going on vacation for a month, she said, "You go with boyfriend?" I told her no, I was going with Parental Unit. She clucked her tongue, shook her head and patted my hand (like in sympathy).

But, I don't have THE GUILT factor with her. There is basically no relationship other than nailperson/client.

I can get my fingers and toes done with no remorse.

The hair? Not so much.

I'm just going to have to tough it out. It's THE GUILT.

Am I the only one with hairdresser issues. Probably. It figures.....


Janel said...

I cannot go with naked toes either! Ah, too many colors, too little toes.

And I say, don't let guilt motivate you ever!!! Live it up if you keep feeling for an OOT!

My hair never looks good on vacation and that is because I am on vacation! I don't stress about it. Embrace the look. ;)

Pattik said...

Oh I feel your pain. It is really
hard when you really like who you go to. We must get our guilt under
And oh the toes, a must!
Great post.

THE ROOST said...

I am like you I have the relational thing down and do feel guilt when even considering someone else. I did a OOT in New York a few years ago and it cured me good. It took a year to get my hair back the same ole boring way!

cndymkr / jean said...

It's just hair. It grows back. Color it, cut it, curl it, do what ever the hell you want to it. Pink and purple are in right now. Just a hint of color on the tips. It makes a bold, but not in your face bold, statement. And remember, it can always be colored again and cut again.

Go for it. Just take alot of photos.

RR Mama said...

Go for it! And take pictures.

Laura said...

I have many a hairdresser issue-
why don't they make greeting cards that you can send when you want to change-

"no offense, I still like you as a person, but that last dye job was it... please don't scowl at me when you see me at Publix..."

I never know how to break up!!