Peeps, We Have a Winner!!!!!

PhotobucketThat was so much fun!!!! Thanks to everyone who participated or dropped by.

There seemed to me much concern that Queen B was not eligible to win the prize and she might not receive her fair share of coin from Beachy Mimi. Could that be because she was whining.....???

TRUST ME!! Queen B gets plenty of goodies from Beachy House. As a matter of fact, I went shopping and found these for The Queen. Well, they are up there and I don't know how to bring them down here. Oh well. AREN'T THEY CUTE!!!!! You'll have to go over there and tell her what a lucky, lucky girl she is and get me some Mom cred......

WHAT? WHAT'S THAT? Winner? Oh!!! You want to know the WINNER of the Beachy Mimi Target giveaway? Oh, okay. I see. Just a minute.......



Congratulations and enjoy your Target shopping spree!!!!

Well, Peeps, I've got another giveaway next week a to celebrate the end of May at Beachy House in Florida, which also means I'll be returning home for a time before the next vacation.
You'll have to come back to see what it is......

For now, Beachy Mimi is outta here!!


Janel said...

OH, OH, OH! I am just beyond excited!!!!

I know exactly what I will spend this on. We just built a patio and we want a fire pit to roast marshmellows!

I am so thankful for your giveaway! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Queen B is a lucky girl! :)

Kelly said...

I LOVE the new site, you are so snazzy already! :)