An Update

Still in captivity.

Today we had a luncheon and they gave away free tote bags. Beachy Mimi LOVES free tote bags.

Tonight we had a little reception in the ballroom. Oh, Peeps. There was a guy there with a Belt Buckle the size of a dinner plate. It had to be a rodeo champtionship buckle and he was right to be proud. But if he bent over? I'm just sayin...he would cut off his manly parts or give himself a liver transplant. I REALLY wanted a picture but I couldn't just aim at the belt. Just use your imagination on that one.

Thursday is the fashion palooza with the propane models. I WILL take photos of that.

Thursday night is the open mike talent show. Heh Heh.

Beachy Mimi and a little champagne...I might just enter.

Reports later.


Headless Mom said...

I got your note today. That was so sweet! It really made me smile.

Hope you enjoy (?) your trip. Sound like you'll at least get some great blog stories out of it!

I've got 3 more giveaways up this week that will be open until next Monday so come on over if you get a chance!

Capri K said...

Hope the free giftbag makes up for the forced captivty. A little bit.

Just remember, it's all blog fodder! It changes your whole view on life!

Joan said...

Have fun and take notes & pics. :-)

Wendi said...

I am glad something good came out of this captivity.
And really?
A buckle the size of a dinner plate?
He is asking for attention.
Just walk up to him, point your camera, and shoot.
He. will. be. flattered.
And your readers will get a good laugh.
See... win, win.
Can't wait to hear more about your time in captivity.

Tammy said...

I cannot wait for the photos...I just can't.

Dawn said...

Just curious, did the owner of the belt buckle have a Texas twang? Our first year here in Texas, I was amazed at the buckles I saw. At first, I was just sure that each proud owner had to be a rodeo champ. You know, a *REAL* cowboy. After five years I've learned that rarely has said buckle owner ever even ridden a horse much less entered a rodeo.

Can't wait to see the pictures!

Fuschia said...

A tote bag. Love 'em. Have far, far too many of them...I've made far too many of them!
Wish I was there for the open hear you, not to participate (just to be clear)! I guess pictures will have to do...make sure someone takes some of our Mimi ;)

Queen B said...

I'm relentlessly working to find someone to tie you to your chair tonight...

THE ROOST said...

Pictures we must have pictures....:)

3girlsmom said...

Oooo, I'm a sucker for a free tote bag. And the stuff at the checkout counter in WalMart.

Also, if you participate, I want video. Period.

Tracey said...

I got the gift certificate in the mail today!!! THANKS!! THIS WEEKEND IS TAX FREE WEEKEND IN NM! YAH!