Pass It Forward Stories

Everyone should have their giftcards by now...and hopefully you have made the decision about who to give them to. So... if you have, this would be the perfect post to leave a comment on your pass it forward experience. We all want to know!!

I passed one on to a large family. The Mom homeschools and they have lots of B O Y S, which mean hollow legs. I didn't do it anonymously because I wanted them to know that God had place THEM specificially on my heart. My prayer for them is they fill those kids up with good food for a few extra days.

Now it is your turn:


The Princess said...

Hey Mimi!!! I have had my card for a looooooooong time and I finaly gave it to someone. I gave it to a family in my church that is going to Guatemala in May. (Sorry, I didn't spell that right:)

Thank you for giving me the card to give to someone, Mimi. It made me realy happy to do it:)

Tammy said...

You are the sweetest Mimi! I can't wait to hear of others stories of paying it forward!

Happy Thanksgiving week, Mimi!

I am enjoying a week at my sister's house with THREE boys. We've got 5 little people under the age of 9 in the house! FUN!

Lisa @ Take90West said...

I had typed up my whole long story last week in your comments and then I messed up on the spam verification and lost it! I was so mad. Here I go again...!

The first giftcard I gave to my brother in law, he's currently unemployed and I wanted to do a little something to ease his burden because I'm sure being unemployed during the holidays with kids is very, very stressful. I dropped the card in the mail to him and he was shocked to recieve it. He was truly speechless and after I explained your blog and all the giving you do, he couldn't stop saying Thank You. He said, "This is two presents for my girls that I don't have to worry about buying this year." That really hit home for me, as he is raising these two girls on his own since his wife didn't want to be the mom anymore and he is solely responsible for them physically and financially. I cannot imagine worrying about trying to make sure that "Santa" visits my kids and they have a happy Christmas morning when there isn't any income coming in to blow on toys, etc. It felt really good to pass that gift card along.

The second gift card I ended up not keeping either. I was in Walmart all prepared to spend it on something frivolous like a Nintendo game for my kids and as I made a stop in the sock aisle to pick up a package of socks for my daughter, which might I say I was buying because I was too lazy to wash a load of whites that day, I saw this Mexican family with three kids and their cart full of winter coats, boots and diapers. I could here them talking back and forth checking the prices on everything and adding it all up. My Spanish is very rusty, but I caught they they were trying to figure out how much of the dad's paycheck they would have left for the week after buying these winter coats. I know. And here I was a the dang Walmart to buy a Wii game that we don't need and socks that we already have about 100 pairs of. And my kids were at home with coats from the LL Bean catalog, boots and more mittens and hat sets than I can keep track of. SO, and I was very nervous, I'm not sure why, I walked over to them and said that I had overheard them talking and I noticed that they were buying all the kids new coats and I had an extra giftcard that I'd like to give to them. At least, in my broken Spanish, I THINK that is what I said. And they looked at me like I was crazy and started talking really fast. I couldn't make out most of what they said because they were just speaking too fast for me, but I finally got it explained to them and the mom hugged me and they had all the kids thank me. I don't know why I was so nervous to approach them, because it ended up being so fun!

Paying it Forward IS fun Mimi, Thank You!

Christy said...

These stories brought tears to my eyes. Look at all the good you have done, Mimi! I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

a Tonggu Momma said...
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a Tonggu Momma said...

Beachy Mimi - I gave both of your cards to my sister on Friday. Thank you so much!!!!

My sister's husband works in the mortgage industry, so things have been very tight for them for years. My BIL has been making less than $1K a month for almost six months - for a family of six, in the D.C. area.

My sister felt so grateful - and also now concedes that maybe blogging isn't such a bad thing! LOL. She bought diapers, a new pair of shoes for her eldest (who continues to grow by leaps and bounds) and a coat for the toddler.

Thank you so, so much! It was a bright spot to my day on Friday. And a huge blessing to my sister, who - at the moment - struggles to decide which necessesities are most needed each month -- food or heat, shoes or coats.

Dawn said...

I called my sister the day I received your cards in the mail. I told her that I had won a Walmart giftcard from a blog that I read regularly. True to form, she was happy for me. Then, I went on to explain to her that the "condition" on winning the card was that I had to pass it on to someone and that I had chosen her. I literally had to say, "Hello? Are you still there?" She asked me why I would give away a prize that I had won, why I wouldn't spend it on something just for me. This is all coming from a single mom who has raised my nephew alone (not by choice) since he was a toddler - he's 17 now and just starting to take some college classes. She's worked hard - always two jobs and babysitting every opportunity she finds - to give my nephew a comfortable life. This last year has been especially hard for her as her hours have been cut and she no longer qualifies for her insurance (she has chronic asthma that requires continues med bills). She said to say, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

The second card I sent to Kristin at We Are That Family to give to her Persecuted Church family. I emailed her to get her address and her response was neat:

"That is so sweet of you! And so timely! I'm having a shower for them Monday night at my house and I know they could really use this for basics."

I had just enough time to get it mailed to her so that she had it in time to give at the shower. God has impecable timing!!!

I was so inspired by you and these two give aways that I took the Amazon gift card that I won from you several months ago and used it to purchase a nativity that I knew my sister wanted but would never buy for herself. It was more than I would normally spend on a "frivolous" gift for her but was right in the "budget" with the gift card. And, I knew she'd never get it herself and figured she deserved something "just because she wanted it" for Christmas, too.

Thank you so much... this has been so fun!!!


ann said...

Got my cards on Sat.Thank you,Beachy Mimi.

Gave them both to the single mom with 3 kids.
One of her sons teacher had already got everything they would need for Thanksgiving Dinner.
So the mom said that she would use the cards for the kids Chirstmas Gifts.
I said her what could she get for 33.00 each not much.
I wanted her to have enough each kid so I gave her 2 more $50.00 cards and told her 1 was for her to spend on herself only and the other for 1 of the kids.
She cried and said that I did not have to do that for her. I told that I want to help her and kids. She said that nobody knows how afraid she was at there was not going to be anything under the tree this year.But now the will be something with biggest smile on her face.

Other Mother said...

I may have commented earlier with my plans - but will repeat it here with the other stories. I was considering what to do with my card, and thought of a friend across the country who could really use it. I let her know it was coming, and she debated about it, then said she would buy flowers for the church with it, since their small church didn't have extra money for flowers. I decided then to give her one card for the church, and the other for her own needs. She was speechless.

Thanks, BM, for passing it forward. My family is adopting your idea, and giving gift cards to strangers this year, then sharing the stories when we gather for Christmas. This will be so much fun!

Mindy said...

Beachy Mimi, I was able to give the giftcard to an elderly deacon in our church.

He is a retired pastor and has recently put his wife in the nursing home. I visited her a couple of weeks ago in the nursing home and she talked about how much she missed him with tears in her eyes. She said, they have been having "crying spells" on the phone because this is the first time in their marriage that they have been apart.

We recently found out that Bro. Hallum has been selling his personal belonings to help make ends meet. He has been having to travel back and forth 70 miles round trip just to see her, which was putting a strain on his fixed income.

I sent my husband to deliver the giftcard because I was not able to find Bro. Hallum after church yesterday.
To my husbands suprise when he got to his house Mrs. Mary was there. Bro. Hallum has been praying that she would be able to come home for Thanksgiving and God heard and answered his prayer. When my husband explained to them that he was giving them this giftcard to use in whatever way they needed, they couldn't thank him enough. John said that they were so very appreciative and just kept thanking him. John tried to explain to them that someone wanted to be a blessing and share with them what God had given them. I know he has no idea what a blog is, but he did understand that there is someone out there that wanted to make his Thanksgiving a little more blessed.

Thanks Beachy Mimi, for letting me be a blessing to someone else. Just one more thing to thank HIM for this year.
Matthew 25:40

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here. All these stories
just thrills my heart.
Beachy, you are the most generous
person I know. I also know the
blessings you are recieving.
You truely are amazing!

Loving Our Homeschool said...

FINALLY. I couldn't get on here all day.

I gave my card to my brother and sister-in-law. They have four children, the oldest of whom they just adopted out of foster care. He's been with them for a year. The family has been living apart since August. My brother in Iowa where the new job is located and my SIL and four kids (ages 11, 11, 6, & 5) in Michigan. Money has always been extremely tight for them, but it was especially during this time of transition. They FINALLY sold their house and moved out to Iowa just this past weekend. My SIL was very appreciative of the gift card. There are some household items that they need that she said the card will help out with a bunch.

I so very much appreciate your generosity, Beachy Mimi! Not only for them but for myself as well.

Many blessings to you,

Tammy said...

So glad I came back to read all these blessings. Awesome.

Queen B said...

Amazing stories. I pray that you have received multiplied blessings from your generosity!!!

Susan said...

I am giving my card to my in-laws who have hit some really hard times in the last few months. They have helped us out so much in the past and it is such an honor to be able to give them this little token of appreciation. (I wanted to give it to them in person, so they will be getting it on Wednesday.)
Thank you again for such a wonderful giveaway.

Gordostyle said...

Wow! I absolutely LOVE what you have done with this whole idea! And I LOVE what each person has done with their gift cards. Truly amazing!

GOD BLESS YOU (with a bald man of course -- hee-hee!)

Seriously - may you have a blessed holiday season!


Fuschia said...

I must echo PeepOne...Mimi you are the most generous person I know!

I gave the first card to a sinmgle mom with a mentally ill son (he's 10). They have so little, not even a car. She walks everywhere! She was so excited and kept saying, "You don't have to do this! Thank you so much!" Her son has been troubled lately and I know this will ease some of the tension for her.

I had another family planned for the second card, but after praying, I just didn't feel a peace about it. I felt guilty holding on to the card (because we will be out of town for Thanksgiving), but I knew I wanted it to be right. Last night RedDaddy came home from work and began to tell me about a lady who works for him and her husband. He said she told him they were going to be alone and they were feeling depressed.

*light bulb* I told him to invite them over Sunday after Thanksgiving (we will be home Sat) and I'll cook a ham and all the fixin's. We are also going to have my mom and whoever else we can think of who might have been left out of family gatherings. So the recipient of the second card will be a hodge-podge of lonely people all gathered in the Land of Pink!

We can't wait!! Thank you Mimi, without that gift card WE could not have financed a holiday meal for several others...I'll set you a place ;)

RR Mama said...

Hi Mimi! Thanks for the cards. I gave mine to a family at Hubs' school. Amazing how God works, Hubs asked the school counselor if there was anyone we could give the cards to and she said that a family of four had been placed in front of her a few days ago. So we gave her the cards. The kids have never had really great holiday's in the past from what we were told. I told Hubs to tell the counselor that we want the family to know who gave the cards just that they had need and it was filled. So now this family will have a great Thanksgiving or a great Christmas. Either way I don't care. I just want them to have a wonderful memory. Thanks for your generous spirit! You are awesome. Have a great holiday with your family.

PaulaW said...

a nice pay-it-forward story in the news today.

linda said...

Beachy Mimi, I'll say it one more time: YOU ROCK. There will be stars in your crown.

momof2 said...

Wow! I loved reading these stories. Thank you so much for doing this, Beachy MiMi. It is amazing how much joy giving can bring to ALL who are involved:-) Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Jenny said...

I was traveling and did not get to post about the "Pass it Forard" as quickly as I wanted to, but it is up on my blog now!

Thank you again for giving me the card to give away. What a neat idea!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicole said...

I'm sorry this is so late, Beachy Mimi, but we have had some major life events unfold lately and I haven't gotten to it!

Anyway, I prayed about who to give the cards to (just couldn't justify keeping one) and God placed a family I am just getting to know on my heart.

The husband changed careers and went into teaching this year, mostly as a ministry even though it does pay a little (I'm sure you remember;)

I had decided to give them to her, knowing things were tight and wanting to encourage their obedience in hard things.

Well, the day I was going to give it to her, she shared in our Bible study small group that their power was about to be turned off.

I had no idea things were that serious. I know this gave her peace of mind that they could get groceries for a few more weeks.

It also encouraged me to keep giving to them and our family is going to take care of them this Christmas.

I know I never would've thought of that if you hadn't started the ball rolling with the Pass It Forward Project.

Thank you, Beachy Mimi. Giving those gift cards away was the best gift ever!!!

Heather said...

Ok. I sorta gave my card away secretly. My original family, Big Daddy vetoed them. So, we picked a woman that he works for him. She helps him on every Weenie Wagon, makes TONS of baked goods for donations, the store or whatever. Her husband left her and went back to England and her son is in jail. Her mom died this year. She knows we did it though, and thanked profusely.


Anonymous said...

I told my mom to meet me at Walmart beause I had something for her. When I gave it to her, she actually cried. She recently lost her job and didn't know what she would do about Thanksgiving dinner. She loves to cook and would have been heartbroken had she not been able to cook for us. Thanks you, Mimi, for helping the Lord bless her!

I am thankful for you!

The (Almost) Amazing Mammarino said...

Hi Mimi!

I'm sorry it took me so long; it took awhile to get together with the person I was giving them to. Feel free to cut and paste this into a regular post if you want to so people will actually get to read it.

And now - prepare to be blessed! I changed my mind a dozen times while trying to decide who to bless with the cards. I finally chose to give both cards to a homeschooling family with 8 children whose sole source of income is from a couple of mom and pop pizza stores they started in a rural area. Not only has business been extremely slow for many months due to the economy (and before that, the price of gas), but also their expenses have gone way up because the price of their pizza ingredients has doubled. I realized how much they were hurting when the wife told me that each child was to get a single homemade gift for Christmas this year. For instance, one child enjoys science, so she plans to go through some books of science experiments and create some ready-to-use experiment kits for him using items she already has around the house. I really admire her ingenuity and that she isn't wringing her hands worrying about not being able to buy each child the latest trendy toy. Still, I can see the strain of trying to make ends meet. They live extremely frugally and work hard to provide a loving environment for their children.

I enclosed the gift cards in a "thinking of you" card and wrote a nice note about what a great mom she is and how much I admire her. I handed it to her with instructions not to open it until later. She later thanked me profusely, and here's where the blessing comes in. She planned to use them:
- NOT for groceries;
- NOT for other necessities;
- NOT for store-bought gifts for their children; but -

- she chose to spend them on other needy families! She told me that the thing which hurt her the most this year was not being able to help other needy families. She belongs to a group called MOMYS (Mothers of Many Young Siblings, a group of families who each have 4 or more children under the age of 8) and every year there are several families in her group that are struggling. In the past, she has adopted several families from the MOMYS list, but this year she was unable to adopt any. This made her especially sad because the list of needy families was extremely long this year. But now, thanks to your generosity, dear Mimi, she will be blessing FOUR of those families!

It gets even better! When she emailed me to thank me, she accidentally sent the email to everyone in our homeschool group. Because of this, though, more people became aware of the problem that there were so many MOMYS families needing help. So some of THEM adopted a few of the needy families!

This is true "paying it forward" in action! Thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of this blessing, Mimi!