The Bald Guy

I was minding my own Beachy Mimi business this morning...PeepOne and PU were downstairs doing who knows what.

I hopped in the shower and as I dried off and was partially dressed...I walked out of the bathroom (the one with the clear glass door) to find a bald guy in my bedroom.

1. Oh God! Thank you! There is a bald guy in my bedroom!

2. Oh God! There is a bald guy in my bedroom.

3. He was not looking at my eyes.

I might add at this point that the bald guy got a good look at THE GIRLS in all their nudie glory.


Oh God! I am so glad you have the rest of your clothes on.


His poor retinas will be forever seared with the vision of my GIRLS.

How did he get past PeepOne and PU? Good question. I asked it myself.

Long story short...he was the exterminator. No one saw him go up the stairs.

Afterwards, I asked him if I could take his picture and he said okay. I told him he would be on the internet.

He said, "Oh wow! Will I be on Spacebook?" (I don't think there is a Spacebook. I think it is MySpace or Facebook).

I replied "NO...I have a blog and you won't ever see your picture."

He said, "Wow, can I write about this on my Spacebook page?"

I said, "Sure, go for it."

He said, "Can I embellish it?

Go for it, Sonny. Somehow I think this might end up in Penthouse letters.

This is how I ended my day of trauma...

Did I mention he was VERY young?


Dawn said...

You failed to mention how loudly you screamed. Or, were you just that breathless???

Sorry, I'm still laughing! The most delightful stories happen in your life.

I hope you got a massage at the spa. You probably needed one after all of that.

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

You have got to be kidding me...only you, girl. And what I love the most is that you were able to sit there and carry on a conversation with him afterwards...I would have run screaming to find a place to hide. :)

Wonder what the "Spacebook" version is going to sound like.

kristen@nosmallthing said...

That is hilarious! I can't stop laughing about that. Only you... only you.

So did you cover up the girls before or after you had the conversation and took his picture?

And you said "afterwards, I asked him if I could take his picture..." Afterwards what? Are you leaving out some hot details?!

Ha ha...I know you're a good girl. Glad you got to visit the spa. the closest I'll get to that is sticking my feet in the luke warm tub water when washing the kids hair! Enjoy!

Lindsay said...

hahahahhahaha o my! I love that he wanted to tell the story on spacebook!

Joan said...

Too bad we don't have his SPACEbook page so we can read his embellished story of your girls! You’re life is just too much fun!

Capri K said...

All righty then, Mrs. Robinson!

Wow, to be imortalized on "Spacebook", you are some kind of special!

Tammy said...

Darn it, now I gotta get all that coffee I just spewed out of my rug.

Well worth it. I swear you and QB have the best stuff happen to you and I am a bit jealous.

I need a day at the spa myself.

a Tonggu Momma said...

I am so, so glad that I am no longer alone. Granted, I had my bra and panties on, but that was it; plus, he was someone whom I still see on a fairly regular basis. And he was only 18. Did I mention that I am so glad I am no longer alone in this?

Karen said...

Your first response had me laughing out loud! You are TOO FUNNY!

Heather said...

He is kinda hot.I think he is going to be fine being he is posting on his "Spacebook." You should be flattered!

Gordostyle said...

Flippin' hilarious!!!! That will have me chuckling throughout the entire day! Thanks for that - I needed it!


Michele said...

You are hilarious! I would have been mortified!!! Thanks for the great laugh!

Alicia said...

LOLOLOL!!!!! Oh, Mimi! I didn't know you were a cougar!! You go, girl!!! He is handsome! In all his blurry wonder!!!

RR Mama said...

O M G !!!!! Way to funny. I think you might need to find out his "Spacebook" page to check out the story. Sorry it happened but if something like that had to happen to someone I'm glad it was you. You totally pulled it off.

cndymkr / jean said...

I think I just died a little. Thoughts one and two were the same I would have had and that just cracks me up. Only you.

Fuschia said...

I was almost done laughing and then I read capri K's comment: "Mrs. Robinson"...hahahaha!!
I want all the details on Monday...oh, wait my kids are going to be present ;)

PeepONE said...

PeepOne here. PU and I may
or may not have realized the
Bald Man went up stairs. HEH HEH!!

Mari said...

I can barely type for laughing.

"Oh God! Thank you! There is a bald guy in my bedroom!"

You are a riot!

Anonymous said...

Dee from Tennessee

Law mercy!

Love the "Mrs. Robinson" if we just cue up the music from The Graduate. There are very very few movies I will rewatch. The Graduate is one of them...and now I will think of you!

Queen B said...


jennifer said...

I LOVED this story!

And I dig bald guys too, just not in my bedroom when my girls are in nudie glory!

jennifer said...

Oh! And the fact that you got a pic of Bald Guy?

YOU are a TRUE blogger.