Stormy Weather

Sto-my Wea-ther...the ultimate pageant song.

Were you guys ever in any pageants?

Queen B was a pageant girl in high school. Her talent was singing. She entered twice and won first and second runner-up. She didn't sing Stormy Weather, though.

One of the winners did, however, and it was loud! I think she thought if she sang loud enough with her mouth open wide enough the judges couldn't tell she couldn't sing. (sour grapes mama) It worked.

She was so loud and wide I saw her uvula. No, that is not part of the female anatomy. It's the little hangy down thing at the back of your throat. The thing you see when your mouth is open REALLY wide.

Where was I going with this? Beats me.

I think we are about to have some stormy weather here at the beach.

I'm almost ready to post pictures of the Love Shack. I know you can hardly wait!

WINNERS! You are more interested in the winners of the Starbucks giveaway that pageant stories.

Drum roll...

The winners are:

Mari at Mari's Morning Room


Congratulations girls! Thanks to everyone who entered!

I love my Peeps!

New giveaway in the morning!


Soliloquy said...

This is a mighty fine way to end the day. Might fine, I say.

I have calculated that this card will entitle me to 13.9 tall non-fat peppermint mochas.

I'll cozy up to Spin for the needed .1 for a 14th.

If I go two times a week (not including weekends when Starbucks is already on Spin) this fine little prize will take me right up to the end of the red cup season.

Thank you Mr. Random! I do so love and adore you. (You wouldn't happen to be bald and single, would you Mr. Random? I'm trying to draw a connection between Beachy Mimi and all these outrageous giveaway.)

Dawn said...

I'm so glad Soliloquy won!!!

And, I can hardly wait to see the pictures!

Blessings at the beach.

Mari said...

Oh Beachy, you and Mr Random are just such lovely people. Ia m weeping at all the windeul Caramel Apple Spice I'll be drinking :) You've *sniff* made me *sniff* a happy happy woman!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Can't wait to see pictures! I hope the storms move through fast.

Capri K said...

Can't wait to see the Love Shack pictures! Have fun on your crockpot-less break!

RR Mama said...

Yeah to the winners! I really think Soliloquy could use this after the tree episode an all.

Lindsay said...

Congrats winners :-)! Can't wait to see the love shack and the picture of the queen in the pageant(dont you like how I just threw that in there ;-) hehe)!

The Inept Aspirant said...

Not a female body part! Ha! You could have been on Seinfeld. Love my Beachy Mimi!

cndymkr / jean said...

I just thought I would let you know what I am using with the Walmart giftcard I son will be getting micro fleece sheets! Can you imagine how soft and warm those babies are going to feel? I may not be able to wait for Christmas. Thank you again for being so generous.