Thank you so much

Kristen at NO SMALL THING was so sweet to pass this super, but undeserved award for being Kreativ....maybe not so much but I love awards and bling and I thank you so much.

I believe I have to answer some tell you six things that make me happy.

1. I love being at the makes me smile. However, there was an OLD man in a...thong out and about yesterday. EWWW. Smile faltered just a little.

2. I love my kids...they crack me up most of the time

3. I would love for Mr. Specific, the future bald guy love of my life, to show up
and make me VERY HAPPY.

4. Bubble baths also get a little grin from me. I've just got to be honest here... any sort of self-pampering makes me want to giggle a little bit.

5. Chocolate and Peppermint Bark at Christmas puts me in a happy mood.

6. A coke does it for me anytime, 24-7.

Pitiful isn't it? I have such a small life. If I had a 7, which I don't, I would have to say sleep, naps, power naps (15 minutes only) and....sleep...make me happy, too.

I desperately need rescuing... I'm tagging Queen B...Heh Heh

More later on my big super-duper palooza face to face meeting with Fuschia and the 5 Pinks today. Pictures and everything!


kristen@nosmallthing said...

Now, you see?! That first one cracked me up!!!

You are good BM, really good for me!

Fuschia said...

There was a magazine ad years ago for car stereos; it showed an overweight, hairy man in a Speedo, from behind. The text read, "Just because it fits, doesn't mean it looks right!"

Yesterday was great wasn't it?

Dawn said...

The beach, pampering and sleep are some of my favorite things, too. I don't get enough of any of them, though!


Angela said...

Well I've sent off the gift cards you sent. The first went to my very good friend. She divorced her abusive ex husband over a year ago but continues to spend more than she makes on lawyer bills to prevent him from hurting her or their child. It was my contribution to the lawyer fund. The second card I sent to the first friend's friend. She has terminal cancer, a husband, a baby, and 2-3 months to live. They are saving up for a trip before she dies and I figured the card would help. I can't imagine your generosity to give away $1000 in this giveaway alone. You're an example. Thank you for giving me the chance to give these cards to them.

RR Mama said...

I put up my post today about your Thanksgiving give away. And just because, I am sending a little something your way. Maybe when you get back from the beach it will be waiting! Thank you again for the cards. Now go get pampered!

Queen B said...

Great list! Except for the thong thing.

I'll play tomorrow...thanks for the props.

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

OH, I love the beach so much. I wish we got there way more than we do. Especially, since it is so close.

I almost ran away there the other day. I am even writing a post about it.

I just wanted the peace!

Great meme to learn more about you!!