To Blog, Or Not To Blog

That seems to be my mindset lately.

I need to set the pot on the stove and get cooking, or put it up in the cabinet.

I'll probably cook.

Just because I love my Peeps.

Old G. called me yesterday ( I wouldn't have answered his call, but I had taken him off my call list WEEKS ago and didn't recognize the number)


BM: Hello?

G: Hey, this is G.

BM: G?

G: Yeah. Hey, have you been calling one of my old girlfriends and messing with her?

BM: WHAT? I don't even know your ex-girlfriends

BM: Goodbye

G: Talk to you later. (BM: don't hold your breath, G.)

Okay...are we in Junior High again? G. is old news. Very old. I've had three dates since G.

Enough of that.

If you have been following The Palace, you also know we are going to be blessed with another La Princesa. One Princess was such a gift, two will just bless my socks off!

Speaking of The Princess...I visited the building site of the new Palace, and The Princess casually asked, "Beachy Mimi, have you ever been on a 4 wheeler?"

I've seen that evil look in Queen B's eyes many times through the years.

"Why no, Princess, I've never been on a 4 wheeler."


A bucking bronco would have been an easier ride. Up. Down. Fast. Left. Right.

A loud cackling sound could be heard through the trees and we were ducking limbs, cow patties, and other things I won't even mention (like big, gaping holes in the ground).

I never thought The Princess would abuse her Mimi in such a way...with such enjoyment, too.

I finally told her, "If I go off this thing Sister, YOU will be going with me to cushion my fall."

Of course I would NEVER do that...maybe (insert cackling, evil laugh here)


Joan said...

Glad you're back!

Four wheelin' sounds like fun.


tam said...

I have missed you. What is the deal with G? Yuck! Count your blessings on that one. Glad you are back.

RR Mama said...

Missed ya! Oh yes you should get on a 4 wheeler! You will have never had so much fun!

Dawn said...

Glad you're back - I've missed you!

G, G, G... What were you thinking? (Not thinking?) How old are you? Seriously. Good ridence!!!

What? No 4 wheeler pictures?


Tammy said...

Oh Mimi....I'm so glad you stopped back in. Sometimes I have the same thoughts about my blog, but I always come back. It's such an outlet.

I am so excited about La Princesa and I hope you stick around to bless our socks off too. :-)

PeepOne said...

PeepOne here. You must blog.
You have to much to share not to.
You are missed when you do not.
OK? please?

Fuschia said...

Junior High, indeed. What's up with that?

Add four-wheeling to my bucket list :)

Glad you're back...missed you bunches!!

Alicia said...

So glad you're back!

Love me some 4-wheeler riding!!!! I could do that alld ay.